Little Voice – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Love Hurts

As these episodes are released weekly on AppleTV, do be aware of spoilers within each recap!

Episode 4 of Little Voice begins back home as Bess sets up the room to allow Louie to practice his new job at the theatre. She watches on proudly as he starts performing before taking her instruments and preparing for her big break in the studio.

Samuel and Bess both sit together and start jamming while the studio executive, Jeremy, gives them advice. Bess ignores all the advice given by the professional though and thankfully it turns out to be the right move; Jeremy is clearly impressed by her abilities.

When her Father arrives to sing in the studio, it’s immediately clear where Bess gets her indecisiveness and frustration from. This spills over in the worst way too when her Father and Beth fall out and he leaves.

Later that day Bess heads to the nursing home to do her usual singing routine. This time though she runs into a silent wheelchair-bound woman called Daisy, staring blankly out the window.

After sitting with her for a while, Bess visits Prisha who finds her parents excitedly setting up food and a possible date for her. Unfortunately at this point it’s clear Prisha is still too afraid to open up and tell Mama G the truth about her sexuality.

Louie unfortunately messes up his big opportunity and gets himself fired after telling acting unprofessionally and bad mouthing various patrons. Bess comforts him in the wake of this and takes him home. Pushing everyone in her life away, Bess sits in her garage and starts crying as Samuel sends her a message.

With little progression and the attention instead turning to the supporting characters, Little Voice gives a voice to both Prisha and Louie for their respective stories. That’s probably for the best to be honest as there really isn’t a lot of conflict in this one to chew through, unless you count Bess and her Father in the studio.

There’s also the consistent problem here that sees Bess throw away any advice given to her and if I’m honest, the original version of the song performed in the studio probably does sound better. As we approach the halfway point of the series though, Little Voice has really failed to really stand out next to other dramas of its kind which is a real shame because there’s definitely potential here.

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