Little Voice – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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As these episodes are released weekly on AppleTV, do be aware of spoilers within each recap!

Episode 3 of Little Voice begins with Bess and Benny walking together and discussing an upcoming opportunity that could see her catapult to the big-time. This comes in the form of 3 hours of studio time but only gives Bess 24 hours to write and perform a song. When she sees Prisha kissing her girlfriend, Bess is immediately distracted given two random guys walk past and throw a glass at her.

While Prisha recovers in hospital, Bess arrives to give Louie some encouragement while he has an interview at the theatre. Unfortunately things don’t go to plan and Louie starts ranting about the woes of theatre seats. This inevitably leads to him staying at Bess’ house for the night as we see flashes of the past show their sibling bond through the years.

Prisha speaks to Ananya about attitudes toward same sex relationships and worries that her own parents won’t be so accepting of her. While they talk, Prisha’s Mum phones Bess and tells her Prisha needs to be more open to finding someone and encourages her to put in a good word.

After Benny tries to get through to Bess and encourage her to write, our protagonist leaves work and runs into Ethan who waits for her outside and asks her if they can be friends. Agreeing to them starting over, they shake hands and talk together on the way home.

In the morning, Prisha discusses her relationship with Bess. As they talk, Bess tries in vain to convince Prisha to admit the truth to her parents but she refuses, walking away and telling her they’re from a different world and wouldn’t understand.

The sub-plot involving Prisha and her lesbian relationship is arguably the strongest part of this drama. There’s some good material here about coming out to your family and hopefully Little Voice will explore that in more detail moving forward. The song titles correlating to the theme of each episode is quite a nice touch too but aside from that, there just isn’t a whole lot of substance to this music drama. Hopefully that’ll improve moving forward but for now, Little Voice still feels like it’s trying to find the right notes.

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