Lisey’s Story – Season 1 Episode 8 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

Lisey’s Story

Episode 8 of Lisey’s Story begins this finale back in the attic with Darla and Amanda wondering just where Lisey has gone. The only thing thy can do is wait, but the sisters are worried about what this might mean for her.

Back in Boo’Ya Moon, Lisey whispers for the Long Boy to follow her. As it appears out the trees, Jim Dooley catches up and sees this monstrous beast for himself. He and Lisey wrestle for power, with Jim biting Lisey. Her screams are eventually drowned out by her injecting him and thwarting the threat for now.

The Long Boy, made up of numerous tortured souls, looks down at Jim and eventually kills him; the tortured souls chew away at his flesh as he screams in pain.

With Jim defeated, Lisey heads down to the pool and patches up her injuries. In doing so, she heads back to our world. With Lisey all healed up thanks to the pool, she meets back up with Darla and Amanda. Together, they concoct an alibi to cover their tracks for that night.

Down by the pool, Jim Dooley’s body is returned…somehow and that causes Lisey to bundle up the body and dump it in her trunk. As she takes off, uttering a whispered “sorry” to the deceased policeman en-route, Lisey throws Jim’s severed body off the bridge into the river below.

Back at the cabin, Lisey rings the officers and brings them out to check on the dead body of Officer Beckman. News of this breaks, along with Dooley still on the run. After this, Lisey attends court and says her piece, giving testament to the fact she was checking storm damage to the house and found the officer in doing so.

Outside the court house though, Officer Craig stops her and questions the validity of her statements. Craig asks about Dooley and dances around what really happened to him. Lisey is convinced no one will find him, as the two exchange knowing glances about what she’s done. Whether Craig is savvy enough to suss out Lisey though is another matter.

After all this drama, Lisey reflects back on her prize that she’s won at the end of the bool hunt. Although Lisey initially believes her prize is learning how to be alone, there’s more to it than that.

Lisey finally lets go of Scott’s papers and hands them over, getting rid of her ex husband’s presence. Next though, Lisey heads over to see Amanda, asking about the shrouded ones.

They’re spirits of the deceased, as it turns out. Most go on to whatever lies beyond but some hold onto their past. The ones that do are those souls sitting around the pool. This explains why Scott was there, as he was waiting.

After leaving a message for both Darla and Amanda, Lisey takes off and heads back to Boo’Ya Moon once more. This time she finds the end of the bool hunt, including a bottle of cola and the manuscript for Lisey’s Story. So it is real after all!

Within this story, it details more of Scott’s abuse in the past. After Paul’s death, his father went completely off the rails. At one point he even makes Scott eat mouldy bread. This cycle of abuse and hallucinations continue for another week until one fateful morning. After a close encounter with a city-bound man looking for Scott’s father, Scott ends up on a bool hunt, with one clue reading “Kill me. Put me with Paul please, Scott.”

Well, Scott gladly obliges. He kills his own father and drags him across to the well, dumping him inside courtesy of a tractor. Eventually Scott left the farm and his father was never found. Scott is then taken in for adoption.

Lisey has been his anchor all this time, keeping Scott tethered in this world for so long. He left the bool hunt to save Amanda and to remind her of what they had together so she can move on and look past what’s happened.

While in Boo’Ya Moon, Lisey confronts the Long Boy and asks to see him one more time. She offers the shovel up as an offering and walks down to the pool to say her goodbyes. Only, Scott’s not there. He’s down in the water, with a veil over him. His story has now been told, and he ends with a quick retort of “babyluv” before submerging in the water.

After watching the Hollyhocks sail one more time, Lisey says goodbye to Boo’Ya Moon and heads back to her reality. She’s finally moved past grieving for Scott and is ready to embrace her future.

The Episode Review

So Lisey’s Story bows out with a conclusive chapter that wraps up most of the big plot points with a slight bit of contrivance when it comes to Jim Dooley. So what happened to his body? I guess we’re led to believe that if he does show up then it’ll be chalked up to a wild animal attack. Personally, it would have been nice to see a bit more finality with that plot point.

Instead, this whole Jim Dooley situation is resolved in record time to pave way for Lisey’s Story and the hidden manuscript. Understanding what really happened in Scott’s past and what happened to his Father is certainly welcome, and now makes clear why he set up a bool hunt in the first place.

This show hasn’t always had the smoothest rides, and to be honest the whole series could have been condensed down to 5 or 6 episodes and felt a lot tighter and more compact.

The ending is definitely satisfying though and the characters all get a decent send off by the end too which is good. While it seems unlikely that the show will return for a second season, it shouldn’t matter too much given the ending we receive here.

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