Link Click – Season 2 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Can’t Live Without a Good Brother

Link Click Season 2 Episode 12 opens with Tian Chen’s memory of his mother enquiring about counseling. They see a new doctor, who Tian Chen worries is a fraud. Explaining the situation, his mother notes that Xixi lost her ability to speak only six months previously.

Flash to the train tracks where Qian Jin’s minion shouts after him, waving a gun. As they fight for the weapon, Tian Xi is shot. Qian Jin believes they’ve all turned against him aiming his gun toward the group, but Xiaoshi steps in and is taken down by gunfire.

Lu Guang launches himself at Qian Jin and Xiaoshi is able to pick himself up to help him. The fight continues, the two against the fully functioning Qian Jin, while Qiao Ling and Tian Chen try to help a bleeding Tian Xi. As Qian Jin knocks them both out, Captain Xiao enters the battle. Now that the police are here, Tian Xi pushes Tian Chen to run away.

Before Tian Xi dies, a glow passes from her to Qiao Ling, flooding her with Tian Xi’s memories, including those of all the people on whom she’s used her powers. One significant memory includes Tian Xi as a child asking her mother not to leave her violent father, which eventually results in their mother’s death. She’s assaulted by visions of all the deaths involving the twins including their own father and Chen Bin. With that wave, Qiao Ling passes out.

From the airport, Min Liu’s brother, relieved to be rid of his sibling, tells his mother he needs to see a friend on the way home. He meets Tian Chen in the park to retrieve Min Liu’s phone and asks if Tian Chen has decided. He notes that destiny is made up of countless parallel lines.

Meanwhile, at the Time Photo Studio, Qiao Ling prepares a welcome home party for the guys. She wonders why Tian Xi’s memories flooded her, including Lu Guang’s memory – what looks to be a scene of Xiaoshi’s death. She sets the thought aside as the guys bound in from the hospital, immediately returning to their normal banter. Joining the party, Captain Xiao announces he’ll lead a new department focused on paranormal criminal activity.

Back at the park bench, Min Liu’s brother continues to encourage his friend to join him. Tian Chen responds by leaving his phone behind as he won’t be needing it anymore.

As Xiaoshi celebrates, Lu Guang thinks to himself of how he broke the directive he’s always scolding Xiaoshi about. He’s gone against the cardinal rule, changing the past to prevent Xiaoshi’s death.

The Episode Review

This isn’t over. The Link Click Team has once again finished the season but left us with more story to tell. And this time, with Xiaoshi’s life potentially in the balance, the cliffhanger has leveled up. Now that Lu Guang has broken the rules of nature, what will happen to the team next? How was he even able to do it? One thing we’ve learned from Link Click is that every action has a consequence. And what Lu Guang has done is pretty significant. 

Putting that aside for a moment, we’ve learned a lot in episode 12 of Link Click season 2. Tian Xi’s mute diagnosis is psychological, as she was asked to keep her mother’s secret. Tian Chen’s mania is likely caused by killing his father and seeing his mother’s memories of her abusive past. And Tian Chen’s mystery friend from the past seems to be Min Liu’s brother. But what is he asking him to do next?

Qiao Ling still has to discover why she’s received Tian Xi’s memories and what that means. But it looked like Tian Xi passed her powers to Qiao Ling. Does that mean she’s now connected to Tian Chen? Or can be a more active participant alongside Lu Guang and Xiaoshi in their work? If something comes for Xiaoshi in retribution, will she be able to help or even take his place?

Additionally, we don’t know for certain if Tian Xi has died – it seems like it – and Tian Chen must believe so if he’s abandoned his phone – a symbol of his old life and priority. Once again, we’re left wondering what all this means. And if and when there will be a Season 3. Great job, Link Click, you’ve left us on the edge again.

What do you think will happen if there’s a Season 3? They can’t leave us hanging forever, can they? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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