Link Click – Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Three Stories

Link Click Season 2 Episode 9 hides us back in the hospital room with Xiaoshi in a dive as Lu Guang. Just as he’s about to be discovered, the officer is pulled away to do something else. And with that, Xiaoshi makes his escape, running like Lu Guang certainly would not have been able to do.

Part 1 – Inevitable Tragedy

Sliding back into the past, Qian Jin’s wife Lisa is a classic stage actress and he’s been supporting her dream. Chen Bin, his then junior, suggests perhaps going home earlier more often to spend time with his wife. But it seems he’s discovered that she’s having an affair. ‘What’s the point of working so hard?’ he ponders. Then he hears a piece of information that completely sends him over the edge.

Part 2 – Fortuitous Comedy

Qian Jin shows up at the crime scene of Tian Xi and Tian Chen’s parents and spots the neighbor, Mr Deng – the witness. Qian Jin consoles Xixi while Tian Chen claims he killed both his parents. He and Qian Jin have a hearty laugh over it, sounding a little crazy. Flashback to Tian Chen’s friend and mentor who explains the difference between a hunter and a beast – the beast only kills when it’s hungry.

A few years later, Min Liu invites Qian Jin and Tian Chen to talk business, noting that Tian Chen looks familiar. He requests they get rid of his digital anti-fans, starting with the most fervent. Qian Jin leaves it up to Tian Chen to decide if he’ll do it but when given the photo of his target, he laughs maniacally. Min Liu wonders if that means he’ll take the job.

Part 3 – Sibling’s Fairy Tale

We then get a tale of foxes who watch their jealous father kill their mother, turning the Tian Chen-like fox into a beast. A hunter teaches him to hone his skill as his sister watches in tears.

In the present Xiaoshi runs toward the dock as Tian Xi runs away from the police station and Qiao Ling. And we finally hear the information that crushed Qian Jin – his wife was pregnant when she died.

Flash to Liu Min’s house where the target he’s given Tian Chen is Mr Deng, the guy who started the rumors that made his dad attack his mother in jealousy.

Finale – Inevitable Destiny

Running, Xiaoshi (still as Lu Guang) knocks Tian Chen away from Xiaoshi of the past. Having passed the real Tian Xi on the road, he fights Tian Chen in costume. Xiaoshi considers, this time, following a different path. He hesitates instead of getting on the boat.

The Episode Review

Told in three interconnecting vignettes, another spell-binding episode as Link Click season 2 slides us back into the past, giving us so much fodder, but still saving a few pieces yet to be revealed. As ever, they’ve kept us guessing on this one including with how many episodes we’ll be gifted this season.

Even with so much cloudy information one thing is clear, what Xiaoshi and team are fighting is definitely in the ‘driven crazy’ sphere. There is all that unhinged laughter in three short stories that link most of our characters together. But we still don’t know for sure who Tian Chen’s childhood idol was. Could it have been Min Liu? Maybe they’re both too far gone to logically click those pieces together. 

Back in the present, who thinks Xiaoshi will find a way to win the day and save Lu Guang? Then again, remember Season 1? It’s how we ended up here. Looks like Xiaoshi’s already putting together a plan, even as he walks toward Lu Guang’s doom. But he hasn’t made a final move yet, keeping us ever on the edge of the knife blade. And here’s a little episode 10 trailer to tickle us further.

As a side thought, who’s loving the drama-ramping music this episode – Flash, by Gorilla Attack? The music continues to pace the drama driving us toward that ever-building vortex.

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