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Link Click Season 2 Episode 8 backs us up to the moment Tian Xi and Xiaoshi reach the dock, with Qiao Ling racing to him on foot and Lu Guang by boat. Lu Guang is able to break the spell on Xiaoshi but Tian Xi takes him instead, leaving Xiaoshi and Qiao Ling on shore. Back in the old town, Captain Xiao carries Officer Wang back to the station as police are rushing out to help him. While Tian Xi meets Qian Jin with a bound Lu Guang.

At the hospital, the team doesn’t know who took Lu Guang but by CCTV, Xiao can see he sneaked away himself – a planned escape. Xiao is at least able to put together that Qian Jin is involved in the whole thing.

The team finds clues on the phone Lu Guang left behind, likely meant to tip off Xiaoshi and bring him back to that moment. However, Xiaoshi believes he planned all along to replace him as a captive. While at their hideout, all Qian Jin can think about is getting Xiaoshi so he can rewrite everything.

Some kids find Tian Xi in an abandoned building so everyone rushes to the interrogation room. But this Tian Xi isn’t the same. Our little criminal turns out to have been her brother, Tian Chen. And he’s still got plans up his pink sleeve.

Stuck for ideas, Qiao Ling convinces Xiaoshi to enter the photo Lu Guang left behind, as he can’t stop the present by standing still – but he can find clues. Just like they’ve always said – he should not change the past or the future.

Qiao Ling tries her luck at getting information from Tian Xi, telling her a story about her childhood ‘brother,’ a young Xiaoshi. Meanwhile, Xiaoshi dives into Lu Guang’s photo to try and save the day. But this time he’s not able to get away as Lu Guang did. Something’s changed. Could it be whatever Tian Chen said next to Lu Guang?

The Episode Review

As ever, Lu Guang is quietly protecting Xiaoshi, putting himself in danger to take the hit for his friend. Qiao Ling seems certain that Xiaoshi can make a difference without changing anything. Could she be in on Lu Guang’s plan to save Xiaoshi? It’s a distinct possibility, considering how she thinks of him as her little brother.

Even with all these villains running around, the biggest job seems to be saving Xiaoshi from himself. Is that what’s happening here? Are they trapping him to protect him? Not shocked that Qian Jin is in this to rewrite something, likely his wife’s killing or her murderer getting away – or all of it. He did say everything. But if Tian Chen also has powers, why can’t he fix it?

And it has also suddenly dawned on me that the older kid who befriended and advised a young Tian Chen – maybe not really a kid at all – could have been Qian Jin. Perhaps he purposefully helped Tian Chen when his parents were found dead, as according to Xiao, he happened to be on that case. Perhaps he even maneuvered himself onto the case. Hmmm… Still doesn’t tell us how they got a hold of those Xiaoshi-like powers… any guesses?

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