Link Click – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Urban Warfare

Link Click Season 2 Episode 7 backtracks us to planning before Tian Xi enters the police station, strategizing how she’d get out with police and cameras everywhere. But is she taking Xiaoshi or just using him as a shield?

With the police outside Lu Guang’s hospital room door, he’s taken from the room by the window. Captain Xiao wonders if there are other people with similar abilities, just as over CCTV he spots Officer Wang walking out with Xiaoshi and Tian Xi.

Xiao runs off into the back alley, finding Wang who can’t remember leaving the station. Luckily the listening device on Xiaoshi has tracking. Not long after, Qiao Ling follows too, even though Wang warns her against it, just as the officer is surrounded by Qian Jin’s men.

The device is found on Xiaoshi, he crushing it himself in his trance-like state. While Xiao fights one minion, Wang battles several others. Xiao wins his combat but Qian Jin shows up in time to bash Wang to death for having seen his guys. When Xiao finds her all he can think of is how he lost Chen Bin on his watch too.

Just as Tian Xi is leading Xiaoshi toward a get-away boat, with Qiao Ling running to catch up – it’s Lu Guang who races in with a speedboat, smashing into the getaway boat and then jumping and landing on Xiaoshi, effectively awakening him from his daze. Saved by the boat.

The Episode Review

Whoa. Once again Link Click brings it with high suspense and surprising twists. Why isn’t all TV this good? More pieces of the mystery coming together just as we’re asking more new questions.

So, Lu Guang wasn’t taken but escaped to save Xiaoshi. How did he even know he needed saving? Well, it’s Xiaoshi, who has a habit of getting into scrapes. With anyone potentially being taken over bodily at any time, acting on one’s own seems like the way to go. At least that’s what Lu Guang’s figured out as he pops up at just the right time. In a speedboat.

I believe, on our behalf, Qiao Ling will ask all the right questions so we can figure out how it all happened. Let’s stay tuned for the explainer sure to come in Episode 8. Go, Lu Guang!

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You can look forward to a full season review when this show ends!

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