Link Click – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Li Tian Xi

Link Click Season 2 Episode 6 reveals Tian Chen’s conversation with his new friend. One who tells him there are two kinds of people, asking which one he wants to be. Flash to the fight between their parents and Tian Chen jumps into the path of his father’s swinging hammer, saving his mother but getting knocked bloody in the process.

The parents continue to fight, father Li Fan showing remorse for a mere second then ripping his wife from her son, beating her again. Xiaoshi as Xixi saves the photo under Lu Guang’s instruction, as they’ll need it in the future/present. Li Fan then tries to grab the photo from Xixi but her mother intervenes ensuring a further thrashing.

Tian Chen distracts his sister, reminding her of the bedtime stories their Mom used to tell them about a happy family. Still bleeding from his head, he manages to cover her eyes. As the assault continues, their neighbor calls the police. But by now, Liu Lan has the hammer. Just as she’s about to strike, Xiaoshi appears back in Lu Guang’s hospital room in a wobbly state.

There was a moment where the guys had lost contact, but Xiaoshi doesn’t know what changed. He didn’t clap to return and for a glimmer seemed to be in Liu Lan’s body. While Xiaoshi ponders the experience, Captain Xiao is after the details of the case. They go over what they know. Liu Lan and her husband Li Fan died at home on the same day, reported by the neighbor.

Li Fan’s killed by a hammer strike to the head while she dies from a stab wound to the abdomen, both children present during the violence. Xiaoshi’s perspective shows Liu Lan abused without fighting back. Asking after the children, it seems the two disappeared afterwards. Captain Xiao reports there’s someone with all the facts waiting at the police station who will only speak to Xiaoshi.

At the police station, they’ve still not identified the waiting informant. Xiaoshi heads into the room with a small listening device as she’d requested the others removed. Tian Xi checks Xiaoshi, not finding the police-provided mic. Xiaoshi believes she’s the one who’s been able to dive into others while she plays up, noting she only feels safe while masked.

As Tian Xi coaxes Xiaoshi to take her to the restroom, Captain Xiao realizes that their captive is way too smart and the timing of the case fits with Qian Jin’s leaving the police force. As everyone is focused on Tian Xi, Lu Guang disappears from his hospital room. Qiao Ling checks the restroom but Tian Xi, Xiaoshi and the Officer Wang are gone. From the street, Xiaoshi runs away with Tian Xi.

The Episode Review

Another impactful episode as we dance around the identity of Tian Xi. But Xiaoshi is right, we don’t know for sure if it’s Xixi or whether her body is controlled by someone else. As Qian Jin counts down the time on his watch, both Lu Guang and Xiaoshi are on their way to heaven-knows-where. Do they even have control over their own bodies? We’ll have to wait and see.

We’re at the halfway point and while we’re putting more pieces together, we’re also receiving as many new and mysterious clues. But Qian Jin is a part of this – he’s fairly nonchalant as his plan seems to be coming together. If he has both Lu Guang and Xiaoshi, what can he do? Perhaps find out what happened to his wife and maybe even try to prevent her death? But that would mess with the laws of time.

Love to hear your guesses. What do you think is coming for the guys next?

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