Link Click – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Them in the Photo

Link Click Season 2 Episode 4 brings us to Min Liu’s house where they haven’t managed to steal Min Liu’s phone – but know that the police don’t have it either. However, it looks like the hooded person may have it.

Captain Xiao discusses the case with Lu Guang and the gang. He’d met with Bin Chen’s wife and confirms that Qian Jin and his minion were there. She thinks he may have planted the money that was found.

The team wonder if Qian Jin can control people, but Captain Xiao thinks not. They were trainees together but moved to different divisions afterwards. He recalls covering a case where Qian Jin’s pregnant wife was killed. When the acquitted killer committed suicide, Qian Jin was accused, so he resigned from the police.

Captain Xiao asks about the hooded person who came to Lu Guang’s room and he shares the photo he received that day. Lu Guang has tried to look into the photo but his injury is preventing a continuous read. Xiaoshi offers to dive and see what’s happening – Captain Xiao is stunned to hear how diving works.

As a group, they convince Lu Guang to try using the photo to both get more clues and prevent tragedy in the future. And with that they clap, sending Xiaoshi into the photo.

He immediately makes a mistake, speaking as the mute child Xixi. When her mother tries to get her to say more, he cries to distract her instead. While they wait for Xiaoshi and Lu Guang to do their work, Xiao and Qiao Ling think about how she was taken over – she must have a photo somewhere, perhaps on Shanshan’s phone.

Captain Xiao finds out that the person who received a photo from Shanshan’s phone is the now-deceased Liu Lan. But as he’s receiving that report, the hoodie guy shows up at the police station with information about all the cases. And hoodie will only speak to Cheng Xiaoshi.

The Episode Review

Hold on – that’s not the usual ending song. But it’s fun. There are some musings on the web-sphere that it’s called Look at What the Light Did Now by Little Wings, but on a side-by-side listen, it doesn’t really sound the same (perhaps a ploy to bump clicks) – anyone else have any ideas?

This episode is a little less compelling than the previous three, as it’s taking time to set up another piece of the story. Yet now that Captain Xiao and Qiao Ling are truly in the know, so are we. We now see exactly what happens during a dive and how Lu Guang and Xiaoshi communicate. I’d imagined it was all in their heads, rather than aloud, as Lu Guang watches the photo. Now we know.

But as we get up-to-speed on the mechanics, the guys are hard at work. Even with a conversation about diving and the butterfly effect, Xiaoshi can’t help but think about Emma and all that happened previously – how he played a part in the past that created the Emma-less present. Now that he’s ‘working’ again, will it send him back into a tailspin about his choices, his mistakes, his identity?

On the other side of the story, might the pink-haired girl in the photo be the hoodie guy? That seems like a distinct possibility as the person hasn’t spoken a word – and seems to have some pink hair tucked in there. But it could be the mute sister or the sought-after brother or even the mother (though admittedly less likely). Lots of ideas here as the guys dive into another mystery within a mystery. In Link Click, anything can happen. 

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