Link Click – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Two Funerals

Link Click Season 2 Episode 3 brings us back to the hospital where Xiaoshi and Qiao Ling are surrounded by thugs, while in his room, Lu Guang is confronted by a hooded person. Things aren’t looking great for Xiaoshi and Qiao Ling, but three masked people show up to even the odds. The gang laugh at the oldies until they start feeling the punches.

Backtrack to the friend of Qiao Ling who faked Lu Guang’s ID to get him into the hospital secretly. The older woman thanks her father for cutting his hair and shaving to look more like Lu Guang. As they’re chatting, a drunk sidles in, making unnecessary comments but the pair stop the older guy from having it out with him. When the drunk takes his seat he finds a fully bent chair arm handle.

The three try to contact Qiao Ling and recall seeing some rough-looking guys around. They grab some masks, noting the need to keep their faces out of it for Lu Guang’s sake. And soon, they turn up at the rumble, quickly showing the ruffians who’s boss.

In jail, the gangsters all have the same story about a flash of light and not knowing what hit them. Xiaoshi tells Lu Guang by phone how the God of War saved them. They discuss a revised plan, ensuring they’re able to identify if someone else gets taken over. Xiaoshi even worries about Lu Guang as a potential candidate, as Lu Guang recalls the person coming to his door.

Xiaoshi thinks Lu Guang doesn’t seem himself but gets distracted as Captain Xiao updates them on Bin Chen. He says he’ll take responsibility for Bin Chen and accept voluntary demotion after the case is solved. In the interrogation room, the chief gangster – Qian Jin’s guy – accuses Bin Chen of accepting bribes and Captain Xiao nearly loses it. Meanwhile, officers search Bin Chen’s house, finding hidden cash.

At the funeral, Captain Xiao ponders that Liu Min and Bin Chen’s deaths must be related as Liu Min’s family accuse the police. Xiaoshi’s upset thinking about Bin Chen, and even more so when his widow appears dressed for a wedding.

In Lu Guang’s hospital room, he relates the service and asks for aid in helping them. He then dives into the day of the photo on Bin Chen’s phone, creating a lovely memory for his wife to treasure now.

Afterwards, Lu Guang recalls the person who came to his room and left him with a photo of a woman and child. The back has an inscription written in crayon. And then The Tides are rushing in.

The Episode Review

Now it all makes sense. That odd episode 5.5 I rambled on about in Season 1? The one that didn’t really fit in – it’s the warrior family who’s been training Qiao Ling and Xiaoshi in self-defence, presumably for helping them with their family discrepancy. And now they’ve come to rescue them – including the unbeatable father – as they all protect the injured Lu Guang. Damn – well played, Haoliners Animation League.

Episode 3 is filled with regret as the noose tightens around Captain Xiao. He’s still got support from upstairs, but it won’t last long with Liu Min’s family threatening to go live with complaints and Qian Jin’s gang causing trouble. And now Xiaoshi and Qiao Ling have also been noticed, particularly when Xiaoshi tried to take a swing at Liu Min’s father. That won’t go away quickly.

Even more worrying is the fact that Lu Guang seems to have held back the photo that the hoodie guy shared with him. They’re all in this together, but Lu Guang seems to be stubbornly taking that one for the team, even in his hospitalized state. It sounds like something Xiaoshi would do.

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