Link Click – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Night Raid

Link Click Episode 2 follows Qian Jin to a house with his minion in tow. He greets a woman who says she’s 8 months pregnant. As she invites ‘Captain Qian’ in, we glimpse a few photos. Qian Jin, once a police officer and Bin Chen’s senior, is now a lawyer who just happens to stop by to greet them. Mrs Chen calls Chen while he’s in the car with Xiaoshi.

Qian Jin attempts to collect information and though she doesn’t know much, it’s confirmed Chen works with Captain Xiao. While Qian Jin chats with Mrs Chen, her husband sends Xiaoshi to change from his bloody clothes. Qian Jin’s sidekick manages to grab a photo while she’s distracted. It’s handed over to someone in a hoodie, who’s given the go-ahead.

At the hospital, Captain Xiao goes on to explain the extensive plan to keep Lu Guang safe while everyone believes he’s dead. That’s why they’re in a new, unopened and highly CCTV’ed, wing of the hospital.

Xiaoshi confides that he managed to discover some information during his altercation. That the other guy also uses photos to move around. And he’d said he wants to ‘take’ his ability, something they didn’t realize could be taken. Since the three of them rarely post photos online, they’re not sure how he got into Qiao Ling.

Captain Xiao asks Lu Guang to check Min Liu’s phone. Bin Chen hands it over but wait – Xiaoshi recognizes that it’s Bin Chen’s phone, who’s now disappeared. Captain Xiao races out to find him while Xiaoshi tries to identify the point where Chen might have been taken over.

As Mrs Chen looks at scans of their baby, wondering about a missing photo, Bin Chen falls from the building. The Captain tries to revive him while the team checks the CCTV. Xiaoshi and Qiao Ling race to check out a suspect coming from the roof.

Captain Xiao is knocked out and a group step past his body. Meanwhile, Lu Guang directs the other two by phone, using his vision to anticipate the intruder’s next move. They find Qian Jin’s guy who fights them both. He is finally knocked down by Qiao Ling as his own reinforcements arrive. Thugs come at the two while Lu Guang receives a visit from the hooded one. And here comes that tune, signalling another cliff-hanger.

The Episode Review

We’ve only just begun, only at Link Click Episode 2, and already things are not looking good for the team. Bin Chen is possibly dead, Captain Xiao is knocked out, Xiaoshi and Qiao Ling are surrounded and Lu Guang is defenceless and confronted by the hooded person.

But what we’ve learned in this episode is substantial. Qian Jin both a lawyer and a former police officer additionally looks to be a well-dressed gangster. He directs the person who takes over people through photos. And while he seems to be everywhere, he’s actually just working his contacts to gain the openings needed. He’s not above using ‘friends’ to progress his schemes and his plans appear to be bankrolled by Min Liu’s father.

Apart from the dangerous happenings, they’ve spent some time over the last two episodes harkening to defence lessons. Xiaoshi and Qiao Ling are handily using those skills quite a bit. When Qiao Ling tells Xiaoshi to trust her, it’s uncertain whether she means to protect herself or to protect Lu Guang. In any case, they’ve only got themselves and need to work together. Let’s hope they get another chance at that.

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