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Link Click Season 2 Episode 1 provides a quick recap of Season 1 leaving us where we left off – with Lu Guang slumped in a pool of blood and Xiaoshi facing a Qiao Ling who’s not herself. The person in Qiao Ling’s body agrees to negotiate with Xiaoshi to help save Lu Guang, but only if he reveals the secrets of his abilities. Xiaoshi attempts to withhold certain facts but that person catches on quickly and claims Qiao Ling can tell when he’s lying.

As punishment, the person attempts to have Qiao Ling stab herself, but they end up in a fight for the knife. The police asked to bring the guys back to consult enter to find Xiaoshi with a bloody knife in his hand and an unresponsive Lu Guang. They act fast, with Lu Guang rushed to the hospital and Xiaoshi to jail. He can only explain what happened to Captain Xiao, as everything he says seems incriminating.

At the hospital, we hear a flat line. Captain Xiao and Officer Bin Chen discuss the situation with Min Liu and the number of odd occurrences. At the Liu residence, his father doesn’t want to hear anything about his stupid son until he’s dead. He calls Qian Jin to handle things using money if possible.

Incarcerated, Xiaoshi asks after Lu Guang only to hear that the rescue failed and he’s died. Devastated, Xiaoshi is plunged into memories of Lu Guang. With a photo, he could dive to fix things and save his friend.

As Captain Xiao’s assistant Bin Chen picks him up, asking if he’s been told the truth. Driving, Bin Chen asks him to answer the phone for him and Xiaoshi overhears a conversation with his wife. Looking at the phone, with a photo in front of him, he remembers Lu Guang telling him he cannot change the past so he sets it aside.

At the hospital, Xiaoshi prepares for the worst but is stunned to see an alive Lu Guang. It’s Captain Xiao who says he spread the rumour of Lu Guang’s demise to protect him. In fact, it’s Min Liu who’s died.

He explains that Min Liu killed himself by strangulation and couldn’t be revived at the hospital. Xiaoshi is relieved for Lu Guang but Qiao Ling notes with guilt that she remembers stabbing him. Based on all the odd circumstances, they think that the same person may have made Min Liu kill himself.

Qian Jin reports that Min Liu has died but his father is only concerned with making sure his belongings are collected, particularly his phone. But since he’s a murder suspect, it has already been confiscated. The Captain asks Lu Guang to look at Min Liu’s phone for clues, but he’s actually given Bin Chen’s phone – who’s now disappeared.

Xiao runs out to find him and Xiaoshi offers help, but changes his mind, not wanting to leave Lu Guang and Qiao Ling alone. Captain Xiao is outside looking for Bin Chen who suddenly falls from the top of the building. And here comes the new ending song, The Tides.

The Episode Review

Masters of misdirection, most of the clips we’ve seen in the trailer are part of the first episode, but not exactly as we were led to believe – thank heavens. Lu Guang is still kicking and back on the case from his hospital bed. But the overthinking Xiaoshi is already worried about leaving him alone with Qiao Ling – and possibly with anyone. Who can blame him for not wanting to go back to that dark place of losing his best friend?

How torn he must have been between taking the opportunity to dive via Bin Chen’s phone to change things and complying with Lu Guang’s rules – the same lines he’s been skirting throughout Season 1.  Well done Xiaoshi, you could have really messed up the timeline all over again.

But that little trick with Bin Chen – how long was the guy in his body? Was he trying to tempt Xiaoshi into action so he could observe first-hand? Or did he enter Chen in the hospital specifically to clean up loose ends? And how does he happen to know what’s happening everywhere all the time?

So much to figure out. If you’ve got some ideas, please do add them to the comments below.

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