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Link Click Season 2 Episode 11 backs us up to the formulation of Xiaoshi’s plan to save Lu Guang. If he goes into a dive beforehand (via CCTV), he can clap himself out as soon as the trade is made. But Tian Chen and Qian Jin aren’t pushovers. They know what Xiaoshi can do and formulate their own multi-part counter-plan, including a tracker in Xiaoshi’s costume and that sudden explosion.

As soon as they jump from the car after the explosion, Qian Jin’s guy captures Xiaoshi and Tian Xi, taking them into a nearby subway station. It’s a surprise to Tian Chen but less so to Qian Jin. While Qian Jin is ready to shoot her, both Tian Chen and Xiaoshi take a protective stance.

While he has the moment, Xiaoshi asks the burning question – which of the twins brought the photo to Lu Guang’s hospital room? Both siblings deny it while Qian Jin’s man recalls how he gave Liu Min’s cell phone to whichever of the two was there.

Qian Jin uses the confusion to push his agenda until Tian Chen admits he was aiming to change the past. But the ruse is blown when Qian Jin’s minion recalls having told Qian Jin about giving the phone to Tian Chen. As the guy continues to work out that Qian Jin never trusted Tian Chen, Qian Jin shuts him up with a bullet.

As they turn on each other, Qian Jin reminds him that he took in and raised the twins, calling the whole thing a betrayal. He then demands Xiaoshi go back and fix everything from the beginning, starting with his deceased wife, where it all went wrong.

Outside, Xiao wakes to find the theatre in flames. He helps Lu Guang and Qiao Ling bring an injured theatre worker out. Turns out it was more a distraction than something designed to harm. Lu Guang figures out where they are and the team splits to cover two potential paths.

Meanwhile, still on the tracks, Tian Chen drops a bomb that Qian Jin’s wife never cheated on him. Before he killed the actor – her supposed lover – he saw his memories, which were completely chaste. Qian Jin doesn’t believe any of it and as he waves his gun around, his injured minion rises and tasers him.

But apparently, he’s wearing body armor so neither taser nor gun penetrate. He chases Qian Jin down the tracks while Xiaoshi and Tian Chen trade punches. Tian Chen knows the past hasn’t changed because he and his sister are still living in hell. As the fighting continues, Lu Guang jumps in to assist but Tian Chen easily grabs him, threatening Xiaoshi once again.

Tian Xi stops everything signing to Tian Chen that she wants to go home – a sign he taught her back then. But as everyone turns to her, she’s shot from behind. And with that, we’re pulled back into The Tides.

The Episode Review

And once again we’re plunged into a week of waiting to see what happens next. And if Link Clink Season 2 follows a similar pattern to Season 1, next week will be the finale.

Another richly packed episode driving us to a cliffhanger with so much revealed. To think Qian Jin is so far gone that he fabricated the lie that ruined his own happiness. Well, it happens, right? Believing your own truth that may or may not be what really happened. In any case, a gut wrench for everyone as the whole foofaraw now seems… pointless. With lots of blood on several people’s hands.

After the fairytale about the foxes in Episode 9, it’s not surprising that Tian Xi is the one person who can get through to Tian Chen – his twin and last surviving family member, she’s his anchor. It’s a shame Qian Jin doesn’t have one of those.

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