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Link Click Season 2 Episode 10 backtracks to the police station where Captain Xiao studies the footage of Xiaoshi, Officer Wang and Tian Chen leaving the station. Meanwhile, Qiao Ling pages through Tian Xi’s drawings, asking her about the image that looks like Lu Guang’s spirit leaving his body. Both Captain Xiao and Qiao Ling discover new information and as she rushes to Xiao, she finds Xiaoshi there too.

Shoved out of the photo by Tian Chen and landing at the station, Xiaoshi explains it’s his impetuous real-self who rushed in to save Lu Guang, forcing him to make the move he was trying to avoid, unlike the first time. The one that has now left Lu Guang at Tian Chen’s mercy.

With this evidence plus the facts Qiao Ling collected, they realize that Tian Chen works his powers through touch and that his sister has powers as well. He can possess others through photos while she can see what someone else is doing via a photo, even seeing their memories. They partner just like Lu Guang and Xiaoshi.

Even though Qian Jin has Lu Guang, it’s Xiaoshi he’s after. He wants the guy who can go back and change the past. Through flashbacks we see how the twins have used their powers to date, getting rid of evidence and killing anyone standing in the way, all to aid Qian Jin. He threatens Tian Chen that if his sister betrays them, he won’t have mercy – betrayal is most hated.

But Tian Xi is already cooperating with Qiao Ling and she can see Lu Guang is in pain. As Qian Jin and Tian Chen plot on their end, Xiaoshi, Captain Xiao and Qiao Ling work their own angle.

As commanded, with Lu Guang hostage, Xiaoshi and Qiao Ling enter the theatre. Meanwhile Tian Xi stays with Xiao, keeping tabs on the guys through a photo. Tian Chen swaps Lu Guang for Xiaoshi, who whispers that he’s got a plan.

But quick as lightening, Xiaoshi is removed through a trap door and into Tian Chen’s clutches. Yet per his plan, he manages to self-dive his way back to Captain Xiao. As Lu Guang and Qiao Ling approach the theatre exit to make their escape, there’s an explosion inside. Captain Xiao and Xiaoshi jump out to see what’s happening, only for Qian Jin’s minion to capture Xiaoshi at gunpoint.

The Episode Review

Boom! This isn’t over yet. As the players make moves and counter moves, the ace changes hands again and again. But it’s worth noting that Xiaoshi is not as in charge as he thinks he is. He has a habit of underestimating situations, doesn’t he? And Lu Guang isn’t in great shape with his ever-bleeding injury. 

Could that explosion be meant as a weapon or a distraction? Perhaps it’s just another way to get in Xiaoshi’s head. What Tian Chen doesn’t know is that Tian Xi is there too, able to see what’s happening with Lu Guang at the very least. She can probably see what’s happening with her brother as well, if she’s willing to divulge and able to communicate it. 

Whether he realizes it yet or not, Xiaoshi – going up against himself – must now have an inkling of what Lu Guang goes through every day, every mission.  Trying to anticipate his own reckless enthusiasm and willingness to bound into danger, he can’t even keep up with himself. And he’s already lived it once. It’s also fair to note that Qiao Ling called it – the future will be what it will be, no matter what they try to avoid or change.

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