Link Click – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Lost Signal

Link Click Episode 8 has Lu Guang grabbing the photo from Captain Xiao who immediately grasps that he’s hiding things from Xiaoshi. However, he keeps his observations to himself and explains the case. It’s a seasoned killer without obvious motive or connections among the victims. Xiaoshi immediately raises his hand; they have to stop the killer. But Lu Guang says that unfortunately, they’re not able to help this time.

Xiaoshi continues to question Lu Guang about the case. Instead, he reminds Xiaoshi that he’d wanted to take a break. Qiao Ling interrupts with a guest, Xu Shanshan. She and Xiaoshi immediately break into an argument. But this time, she’s in the Studio as a customer. Qiao Ling spins a tale of unrequited love born from friendship. Shanshan has been waiting for Dong Yi to make a move, but he’s kept it in the friend zone for the last six years.

Then one drunken evening, he spoke – but argh! – she doesn’t recall a thing. And she can’t bring herself to ask, fearing his response. Lu Guang confirms they can help. Shanshan asks how they’re able to get information from a photo, but Qiao Ling admits she doesn’t know. While Shanshan wonders if they can trust Xiaoshi to not do anything questionable, Qiao Ling notes they can count on Lu Guang.

Inside the photo Xiaoshi is already testing Lu Guang’s patience, acting up just a little in Shanshan’s body. He soon recognises Dong Yi’s arrival as he feels Shanshan’s heartbeat speed up.

Dong Yi admits he decided on further study because he’d gotten used to their university lifestyle together. As they arrive at the moment of Dong Yi’s confession, Xiaoshi (who’s had a few drinks) spots someone who looks suspiciously like the CCTV photo of the murderer. In his distraction, he misses Dong Yi’s words.

As the suspect heads towards one of their classmates, Xiaoshi springs into action and the man runs off with Xiaoshi in pursuit. He chases into an alley with the plan of taking a photo. Lu Guang helps him prepare for an attack.

He pretends to get sick but ends up making himself throw up. The would-be attacker covers his own mouth with a handkerchief and falls to the ground. As Xiaoshi is again approached, he flips the person to the ground. But it’s Dong Yi checking on Shanshan. And the other guy is another classmate, one who’d asked Shanshan out earlier.

Qiao Ling turns up for a report and even though Xiaoshi got distracted, Lu Guang was able to note Dong Yi’s words. He’d resisted confessing because his parents expected him to move home upon graduation. But after 6 years, he’s decided it would be too painful to leave. He’d asked Shanshan to meet.

But she hasn’t shown up. In the group chat, Shanshan says everything has gone smoothly but when Qiao Ling calls for details, someone else answers the phone. With a deep creepy laugh, the mystery voice says he will indeed show up.

The Episode Review

Oh damn. Now the murderer is even closer to home. And Xiaoshi may have led him to Shanshan. Lu Guang has a lot to manage here, being the only person fully in-the-know. Can they save Shanshan without endangering Xiaoshi? Is she even still alive? It looks like it will be tough to keep the news about Emma out of it. How will that impact Xiaoshi and his ability to help Shanshan?

Link Click continues to drive the tension with one mystery melding into the next and Xiaoshi’s reactiveness forcing them forward without time to decide whether it’s the right thing. Luckily, now they have a connection to Captain Xiao. At the same time, he may end up blowing Lu Guang’s carefully constructed keep-Xiaoshi-safe-from-himself campaign. But at this point, can anyone keep Xiaoshi safe? One way or another, things are about to get real.

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