Link Click – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Link Click Episode 4 returns us to the basketball court with Lu Guang impressing the dangers of changing the past and explaining nodes of time. He recalls Chen Xiao labelling that day his most regretful, losing the game among the reasons.

But Xiaoshi and team win, so the past has been overwritten. Xiaoshi panics when he can’t hear Lu Guang. Then Lu Guang is back, wondering why Xiaoshi is freaking out. Although he’s changed the time node, somehow the result has not changed.

Meanwhile, the team is ecstatic thinking the gym will be saved. Xiaoshi protects them from hearing the truth, that the win won’t make a difference and it will still be closed. Taking Captain Lu Hongbin home on the back of his bike is the perfect opportunity to say the lines provided by Chen Xiao. We don’t hear what he says, but it makes Captain smile. Part 1 done.

They then run into Hongbin’s sister, the second person to whom he’s meant to relay a message. She is Chen Xiao’s first love but she doesn’t know him well enough to recognize him without his glasses.

Hongbin takes a photo of Xiaoshi with Chen’s love and later asks her to walk Xiaoshi out. It’s a chance to deliver the message, but once again we don’t get to hear it. They part with a pinky promise.

Afterwards at home, Xiaoshi gets scolded by Chen Xiao’s mom for playing basketball, for arriving late, and for being irresponsible. At dinner, we get a taste of her worries as she talks about never knowing when his father will show up.

Lu Guang prods Xiaoshi to start the argument with Chen Xiao’s mom so they can get on with the mission. She continues to rage on about his news photographer of a father and then moves on to complaints about Chen Xiao’s ambitions, and how he’s just like his father.

Somehow, Xiaoshi manages to deliver the message while turning the conversation playful. Watching the clock, Lu Guang urges Xiaoshi to finish up and get back through the photo. Chen Xiao’s mother notes it’s his father’s birthday.

And suddenly, Xiaoshi remembers what happened on that date in his own life – his parents’ disappearance. With a jolt, he realizes what precipitated it and in a panic, he leaps on his bike. Lu Guang reminds him that he can’t save anyone, destinies can’t be changed. Trying to change it could alter the lives they have now. And here comes that tune.

The Episode Review

This instalment brings us more urgency and closer to understanding the danger of playing around with timelines. That moment when Xiaoshi panics that he can’t hear Lu Guang harkens exactly what Lu Guang has been playing on repeat. Changing the timeline could impact the present. But even that little dose of reality can’t keep the impassioned Xiaoshi in check.

And even less so when his own memories again butt in on his mission, prompting him to attempt to interfere with the past. Luckily, he has the ever-calm Lu Guang guiding him. But at that moment, with the stakes high, even Lu Guang loses his cool a little. However, he manages to talk Xiaoshi off the ledge, reminding him once again of the power of his position and what that responsibility means.

Episode 4 not only brings us back to episode 3 but strings onward to episode 5. And leads us through another job that intertwines with Xiaoshi’s personal history. It feels a little mean that they’ve left us with this cliff-hanger. Lucky, for us we can keep on clicking through to the next one.

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