Lille Venn – Whatever, Together | Album Review

Track Listing

Whatever, Together
I Blew My Friends Off
What Would I Do?
Mourning Sickness
Sleepover Song
Not Dead
I Hate You, I Miss You


This is an EP of sheer vulnerability, and Lille Venn is a singer/songwriter showing that she’s hurt from the obstacles that life has thrown at her. She doesn’t beg for forgiveness from anyone, but she does show her emotions fully. Lyrically the musician describes the pitfalls with dark days when there’s no power left in her mind, and no strength in her bones.

Venn knows how to write lyrics that resonate on a higher scale, and she has the ability to profoundly tell us her story through them. They’re intelligently put, wrapped in rage, and always poetic and meaningful. Some people may be put off my them though, but to many they’re decisive and memorable.

Rage and love intertwine on this release, though love gets battered at moments, and hope gets buried beneath the empty wine bottles. Musically, the acoustics and melodies propel, and they cut into the fabric of this record’s core

‘Whatever, Together’ starts the record off. It’s an acoustically driven opening, and the lyrics are poignant. The electric guitars pulsate and add diversity. Similarly, ‘What Would I Do’ begins with another acoustic chime. Venn sings with authority, and she’s looking for love to pick her up. It’s a stab at rock, with poppy elements, and it works pretty well.

‘Sleepover Song’ conveys fear through its lyrics. Venn again sings freely, and on the edge. This is a poppy affair, and it’s infectious. ‘I Hate You, I Miss You’ again show off the acoustic sounds well, and Venn is on form here. Her voice doesn’t crack, it’s truly angelic, and that’s something typified by the entire LP.

Lille Venn has produced a record that properly tells her story, and it’s poignantly infused. Whatever, Together is well worth a listen.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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