Like Flowers in Sand – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

There’s Something About Oh Du-Sik

True to its adopted storytelling style, episode 2 of Like Flowers in Sand begins with Kim Baek-Du’s voiceover introducing us to the mysterious Oh Du-sik. He narrates how Du-sik is the daughter of a renowned ssireum, leader of the neighbourhood kids, and fearless as we watch a young Du-sik pick up a live snake and scare the other kids. He narrates how Du-sik had a fiery temper as we see her beating a boy on-screen – “All boys in town had been beaten by Du-sik at least once”. Moreover, she was the best of the best in ssireum as we see Du-shik losing to her in a warm beachy seaside landscape.

The narrative shifts to pick up where the first episode left off, quite literally as Baek-Du stares back at the screen, lying on the ground exclaiming at a supposed Du-shik in front of him. The woman in white seems a little stunned at Baek-du’s friendly scolding about not reaching out sooner. The shifts to the Mi-ran and Jin-su’s conversation about Du-sik being a woman in the cafe.

Just like the viewers, Mi-ran assumed that Du-sik was a man due to her masculine name. We find that except for three people including Baek-du, nobody knows what really happened in its entirety but it’s something unpleasant. Meanwhile, the woman in white finally declares that she is not Oh Du-sik, leaving Baek-do awkwardly confused. 

The next morning, Baek-du’s police officer friend Cho Seok-Hui is still adamant about the reservoir accident being suspicious while he and his teammates search for a runaway dog named Snowball. Meanwhile, Baek-du’s father is one of the three people who know the truth about Du-sik, sees the woman in white, sighs as if he changed his mind and returns. He goes over to join the former players’ hangout spot where they discuss the ongoing developments in the ssireum world.

 Baek-Du visits the police station to confirm the identity of the woman he met. He asks Seok-ho to do a background check on her where Seok-ho asserts that since Du-sik was ugly, the woman cannot be her, commenting “Du-sik is uglier in daylight” before leaving Baek-du as confused as ever. Meanwhile, we have the woman muttering, “Go” under her breath as Baek-du peeps at her from behind.

The scene changes with Baek-du’s former team having a barbeque and discussing how Dong-Seok left the team right after the tournament to join a different team. They comment how they haven’t seen the coach around as well. Meanwhile, Baek, still preoccupied with confirming the woman’s identity, meets Jin-su who seems like he has something to say regarding the match but decides against it and leaves. Mi-ran waves at Baek-du leaving him to term her as a weirdo while she gazes at Baek-du leaving, seeming interested.

Elsewhere, the neighbourhood aunties are busy gossiping when the newcomer lady approaches them and asks them for directions for the neighbourhood meeting. Baek-do comes back home to find his brothers preparing a meal for the neighbourhood meeting. On being questioned, they proclaim that they can easily recognise Du-sik as she is “ugly” while contrarily commenting on how pretty the woman residing in Du-sik’s old house is, much to Baek-du’s disappointment.

At night, all the neighbourhood ladies arrive at Baek-du’s house. As they are eating, following Baek-du’s intense gaze, one of them asks the newcomer’s name. She replies feebly, “Oh Yu-gyeong”. She answers the follow-up questions and tells the group that she is in town due to work as a civil servant. Baek-du’s mother finally puts a stop to more intrusive questions.

Jin-su’s mother speculates that the victim was pushed by someone to his death in the reservoir and they have a hearty laugh upon finding that she gained her information from Seok-hui. It is revealed that the victim was Baek-du’s last customer when Baek-du was busy counting the get-together collection money. The detectives working on the reservoir case speculate that it could have been a murder from the autopsy report.

Yu-gyeong confronts Baek-do who is following her and reiterates that she is not Oh Du-sik but Baek-du says that he “feels” that she is Du-sik. She questions if he doesn’t have to be at practice to which Baek-du replies that he has retired. There is a complete shift in her persona as she relays that if she was Du-sik hypothetically speaking, she would be highly disappointed. Yu-gyeong is clearly and visibly annoyed after hearing about Baek-du’s retirement and comes to her senses when Baek-du says that she sounds like Du-sik. 

Tae-Baek visits the governor on rumours of disbandment of the ssireum team. Meanwhile, Baek-du picks up his things from the training centre, trying to avoid meeting the players. While on his way back, he sees Oh Yu-gyeong meeting the team as the new general manager. On being questioned about her instatement, she hurls an athlete twice her size on the ground making Baek-du, who is watching them from afar, comment baffled, “Seriously? And you say you are not Du-sik?”

Further, Coach Sang-chul has been away and cannot be reached. Meanwhile, Sang-chul is in his car, seemingly terrified in a deserted place. The scene shifts and Yu-gyeong is in the office looking through player profiles commenting on what happened to the ssireum prodigy Kim Baek-du when Baek-du and his father enter the training centre. Tae-baek insists on assessing Baek-du’s skills upon the governor’s insulting remarks about Baek-du.

In a tearful confession, he relays his feeling of complete hopelessness and dejection. Tae-baek leaves him teary-eyed while Yu-gyeong secretly watches the two. She later leaves Baek-do lying on the floor asking for some time alone. She returns, and at the same time, an unknown man enters the training centre. This time, speaking in the regional dialect, it’s evident that she is Du-sik. The episode ends when she is about to accept this fact but stops midway when the unknown man enters the ground and calls her “honey”, much to the astonishment of Baek-du.  

The Episode Review

Suspicions are heightened in this episode as in one of the scenes, we find the police investigating connections to a match-fixing criminal organisation. Connecting the dots with how suspiciously Coach Park Sang-Chul and Lim Dong-seok acted during the tournament, it seems possible that the coach might be part of the organisation. He seems to be on the run from someone or something. 

Meanwhile, Du-sik is definitely back in town for a reason. We wonder if this has something to do with the ongoing investigation since she called herself a civil servant. Moreover, the man who called her honey seems suspicious. It seemed like he purposely prevented her from confirming her real identity. All in all, something is brewing in the shadows echoing “something wicked this way comes”!

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