Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Guide: “Chapter 4” Walkthrough

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Guide: Chapter 4

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In The Ghetto

Substory 20

Substory 26

Substory 37

District Five

Fighting Through The Factory

Dwight Mendez (Boss Fight)


In The Ghetto

Chapter 4 cuts us back to 2020, in an Interim Storage Facility for Radioactive Waste. Kiryu is here working and unfortunately a forklift driver has a heart attack. The drums spilled and released a whole bunch of chemicals, and although Kiryu was there on-hand, this certainly won’t have helped his cancer diagnosis. Kiryu was there working to protect those he loved by leaving the underworld behind and atoning for his sins. He actually volunteered and the Daidojo helped him get in. This lack of time explains why he dodged fighting Yamai over at Akane’s place.

Ichiban does his best to try and get some fighting out of Kiryu but it’s too late. He’s seen a doctor and if the Dragon of Dogma can’t beat cancer then it shows how ruthless this disease is. Ichiban notices the look in his eyes, which mirrors that of Arakawa, and knows it’s futile.

In the morning, Kasuga thanks Kiryu for revealing the truth and together, they formulate a plan. Before heading to the shopping center, the bartender will show up and encourage you to go to the garage.

Head over to Julie’s Gearworks, which is a bright pink shop and hard to miss.



Substory 20

Julie takes a look at the bat and is confident she can mod the weapon. Here, we get a brief tutorial on how to craft weapons. Remember all those random items we’ve been gaining as rewards at the end of battles? Well, they can be used here to craft a number of different items of gear, with materials like lava stones, rainbow stones and more helping to kit out your weapons.

Go ahead and select the Hero bat and Julie will craft the new and improved bat. After testing it out with the Troublesome customer who shows up at the front door, Julie will agree to help you in the future.

Spending money and materials at Gearworks will help either craft new weapons or upgrade and customize existing ones, with all sorts of enhancements like status effects, elemental damage and increase melee damage too.



On the way out the Garage, you’ll find a strange guy with a Street Surfer. This will let you ride around the streets a lot faster by tapping the down directional button. While riding, you can even press RT (R2) to auto-cruise. Choose “take it for a spin” and after a brief ride, beat up the goons. Oka will explain that the Street Surfer can be recharged at special points across the map.

After another amusing little cutscene, you’ll also gain 1x Street Surfer Battery Pack a. This will increase the charge capacity of the Street Surfer, which also shows that it can be kitted out and upgraded too!

Ride the Surfer over to Anaconda Shopping Center and load up on supplies. There are a number of different activities here, including the Sujimon Sensei requesting you to show up at the PC shop. There’s also another Substory here too, and given it’s right next to us, what the heck, let’s do it.



Substory 26

The aim of this Substory is to tackle the Anaconda Escape. You’ll need to complete missions along the way and reach your goal before the enemies reach you. There’s 6 minutes to complete this, and the mission include laptops which have quizzes, and containers with codes on. It’s also worth noting that as soon as you interact with a laptop, your enemies will lose interest if you and walk away, so use this to your advantage!

When the game starts, head for the first laptop on the right. This is the first quiz.

“True or false? Treasure Select Pawn is located on the second floor of the Anaconda Shopping Center.” The answer is “True.”

Now, head down the hallway and head for the giant open room. Once you enter the next opening, the second quiz will be to your left, and there will be a red container to your right.

Go for the quiz first and the answer to this is Head to the quiz first and the answer is “A Hat Shop”. This will also get you the password for the red container, which is 8931.

Now, go foe the red chest which gives you 3 points. Enter the password “8931” and you’ll also get 1x Divine Water too.

Next, head all the way for the blue chest, which happens to hold Ahi Poke Bowl and 2 more points. On the way though, be sure to grab the Blue Key, which is indicated by the blue dot on your mini-map (pictured above).

Open the chest with the key you found near the benches, and get the Ahi Poke Bowl as well as 2 more points.

When the timer reaches 0, you’ll get a choice of different rewards. If you run out of time, you’ll get 1x Silver Plate. If you get between 0-5 points, you’ll get 1x Silver Plate and 1x Smoke Bomb, Finally, if you get all 6 points then you’ll get 2x Silver Plates and 1x Safe Key.


With the Substory done, take your time to stock up on everything you may need for the fight ahead at District Five. Check out the stores, including the clothing stores, the food court and then circle around to the PC shop.



Substory 37

Here, our Morikasa will introduce us to the Sujimon tournament and, in particular, Sujimon fights. This turn-based battling is just like in the Pokémon games, naturally, and the opening tutorial will guide you through all the ins and outs on how this works.

After the fight, Sensei will admit he used to be the Suji League champion. He wants to better the competition and relinquish it from the grip of greed- and that’s where Ichiban comes in. He needs to win the league and free it from the tyrannical grip of those in charge.

When you gain control of Ichiban again, choose a Sujimon. Basically you’ll end up fighting one of these goons to snag as part of your team. A cute little minigame will ensue, requiring you to smash the X (A) button and then this will unlock wild Sujimon out in the world too. There are also other trainers around town, plus then you’ll have to take out the Discreet Four. Hm, this is sounding very familiar isn’t it? Careful or Nintendo will sue you!


With these substories done, the game will open up somewhat – at least for a little while. Entering District Five is the first point of no return. Once you show up, you won’t be able to return to the city or save for a while. In fact, the game prompts all of this and also recommends you be at least Level 13. If you’re not, you may need to grind a bit to reach that level.


District Five

When you’re ready, head over to the gates and choose “Wait for Roman“. When the gates open, District Five is very different from what one may have imagined. Plenty of people sit with guns, and the slum is home to plenty of people with no intention of leaving. In exchange for handing their passports over to the Barracudas, these guys and gals have a safe place to live. Well, safe enough anyway.

Chitose is definitely memorable face and a fight broke out when she showed up over who got to sleep with her first. However, it seems she’s over in the rough part of District Five, West Block.

When you gain control of Ichiban, head forward and go and talk to the guy exercising and the man outside the tent. Both will eventually encourage you to speak to Jose. Jose is the one with a big tent at the back of this area (pictured below).

Interact with the tent and Jose will pop out. A fight will naturally start but it’s a pretty straightforward one in truth. After, Jose will admit that Chitose has wound up in the Underside, and Roman will reluctantly lead you over there, where things are about to get hairy…


The Underside

Down in the sewers we go… but it paves way for a trip back into Anaconda Shopping Center. Huh? Well, it turns out the Center is actually being run by the Barracudas. They specialize in selling knock-off brand merchandise and they’re as good as the real deal, meaning they’re making an absolute mint. The buyers are in on this and make a fat profit but the poor customers are none the wiser. There’s actually a factory that pumps this stuff out 24/7 but the workers there are run through the ringer for terrible pay.

As Roman takes them into the warehouse, he meets an unfortunate end and then the Barracuda attack. There’s a fair number of them too and they’re a decent level, so be sure to try and take out as many as you can, and practice your Perfect Guards too as that will come in very handy here.

If you’re not sufficiently levelled, this can be very difficult to get through in one piece. However, keep timing your moves so you hit more than one target whenever you can. Heal up constantly too to prevent KOs and use Kiryu as a tank when you’re running low, especially as he has the most amount of HP.

Eventually you’ll come out of this in one piece, and gain 480 Experience, 432 Job Experience +1 Bond and $80.

This is only the first wave though ,and as more goons show up, you’ll have to fight again. If any of your crew were KOed in the first fight, then the chances are they’ll be healed up to 1 HP for this follow-up. If you’re struggling, be sure to use Pound Mates to level things up a bit but thankfully, there’s only 4 guards this time around to fight.

Once they’re down, you’ll gain 240 Experience, 216 Job Experience, +1 Bond and $38.13.


Fighting Through The Factory

Make your way through the warehouse, defeating goons as you do. There is a slight detour up and around the stairwells, leading way to a safe here that requires 1x Safe Key to open. Inside is 1x Running Shoes and there’s a few briefcases dotted around too.

Once all that’s done, work your way fighting the waves of goons until you reach a short cutscene. Kiryu is struggling to stay on his feet and even worse, the alarms start wailing. However when you hide in the warehouse, a familiar face will show up.

While hiding out, Chitose will show up and reveal herself. The Barracudas are actually after her and Akane too. Before hearing her story, make use of this Save Room. Rest up at the Cooler, Save at the Phone and be sure to grab 1x Water and 1x Banana. When you’re ready, speak to Chitose and select “Let’s hear it“.

Now, it turns out Chitose actually did him a favour. She drugged him to keep Ichiban out of trouble. She would have been screwed if he called the cops on her for trespassing and robbery, given Chitose went in Akane’s house to pick up her payslip. Akane was long-gone by the time Ichiban showed up so this was the best thing she could think of to do.

Chitose is here in District Five was because of her family name – the Fujinomiyas. She’s the eldest daughter of that reputable family and she arrived here to disappear from her folks, whom she’s scared of. She used Ichiban’s passport to get her entry inside because she was so desperate.

Tomizawa is, naturally, a lot more sceptical over this whole story. However, Chitose continues (which you can trigger by selecting “Yeah, I’ve got questions.” Chitose, when she showed up, was taken straight to the boss who wanted to see her. He didn’t make a move on her or anything but she ended up bored, forced into staying in her room. Well, Chitose found Akane’s file in the trash and decided to start snooping around the factory, believing her to being held there.

Ichiban wants to see the boss before leaving, so follow Chitose down the corridor and interact with the door to trigger another fight.

This time, Chitose will join in and although there’s only 3 goons to beat, it’s a great opportunity to use her move-set. Chitose works well as a melee striker, but she does have some unique abilities too which are handy to use in battle.

The next section after the fight will see you avoiding lasers to navigate across the warehouse floor. Be sure to drop by on the right though and pick up 1x Toughness Light from the briefcase and 1x Electric Fragments a little further on. In the next room, before climbing up the stairs, take a left and be sure to grab 1x Restorative Bolus.

Just beyond this, you’ll have a laser that will charge up toward you down a narrow corridor. You want to run down and take shelter on either side in the little alcoves as the laser passes.

At the end of the corridor, take a left and curl back on yourself. You’ll find a passage that leads all the way back to a safe you can open with a Safe Key. Open it up and grab 1x Cyber Choker. Be sure to watch out for the laser beams al the way along here though!

Now, continue along the path and be sure to time your moves as the laser-beams will move around and also blink in and out. Pick up 1x Astringent Gauze midway through the room on the storage boxes. After defeating the goons in the next room, you’ll have a chance to save and rest up. Be sure to open the briefcase too, which holds 1x Grasscutter.

The Hotel

When you emerge back outside in the Shopping Centre, defeat the next wave of goons. You should be fully rested so despite there being two waves, it shouldn’t be too difficult to beat these guys.

Back inside at Crystal Aloha Resort Hotel, the fighting will continue. A lot of these fights are quite straightforward, but be sure to make the most of weapons in the surrounding area and grouping up the attacks just like we have been up until this time.

Now, the next section of the Hotel is pretty linear and there are guards all the way along. Be sure to take out each wave but there’s a catch – you’ll be poisoned in some of the rooms. This will force you to make the fights go quicker and to get through this area quickly. Be sure to explore thoroughly though as the ground is littered with various trinkets, including plenty of healing items and food.

One briefcase to make note of though is hidden behind the partition wall near the exit. Be sure to open this as it holds 1x Value Pack Insoles.

Outside this poisoned room, be sure to open the safe with a key to grab 1x Running Cap. Finally, approach the elevator door and select “Take the elevator“. In doing so, you’ll meet Dwight Mendez, the man in charge of the Barracudas.

Unfortunately, it turns out Chitose is actually working with Dwight and has been all this time. However, she changed her mind at the elevator and decided that actually, she’s better off with him. Dwight shrugs off her betrayal and decides to use her as a bargaining chip with her family. He also admits that he used Tomizawa as his fall guy too, explaining the guy’s tragic past and run-in with the cops. There’s lots of bad blood here.



Boss Fight – Dwight Mendez

It’s now time for a big boss in Dwight Mendez. He’s got several Barracudas that fight alongside him and it’s preferable to take those guys out first. Each of them hold barrels that can deal a good amount of damage, but they’re weak to Chitose’s melee strikes so use that to your advantage.

Take out each of these goons first and then turn your attention to Dwight. He’ll use a Bleeding Attack called Bonecutter and a really horrible move called Mutilator which will deal a lot of damage in a two-strike swipe. He’ll also use Death Glare too, which will cast Fear on members of the party.

Dwight is weak to water though, so be sure to use Tomizawa’s Scrubdown attack to do extra damage.

At 50% health, there will be a QTE to trigger, so be sure to mash the X (Square) button to deal a bit of extra damage. When the fight resumes, Dwight will have more power and he’ll hit with more frequency. Be sure to use Scrubdown, given he’s weak to water, and keep your distance too. You do not want your characters grouped up near Dwight when he hits Mutilator or Bonecrusher.

During this phase, use Kiryu (who has the most health) as the tank character, hanging back and healing up the others with items so they don’t KO. Eventually you’ll defeat him.

As a reward, you’ll gain 1098 Experience, 990 Job Experience, 10+ Bond and $40.29.


With Dwight beaten and bruised, he’ll admit that Akane isn’t there and they haven’t been able to find her either. They were offered 10 million from an anonymous source so it was a deal hard to resist. After getting what they need, Tomizawa approaches with a blade and Dwight admits that he’s to fault for everything that happened to him.

Dwight begs for forgiveness… and eventually Tomizawa settles on not killing him and instead striking a bargain to wipe all intel he has on Chitose. He even snaps a picture of Dwight too, who, in his fear, ends up wetting his pants.

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