Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Guide: “Chapter 11” Walkthrough

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Guide: Chapter 11

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Devil in Disguise

The Construction Zone

Eris (Boss Fight)


Devil in Disguise

Chapter 11 begins over on Nele Island with Bryce facetiming the other leaders of the country about their new energy initiative. After, Dwight feeds back how he’s helped secure Lani but Bryce isn’t particularly happy about it. He warns that if he messes up again, he’ll meet the same fate as the new recruits over on the island. And just to emphasize that point, two men are tied up on poles with the cultist kids forced to empty their gun chambers into them.

Meanwhile, Yamai knocks some sense into Ichiban, encouraging him to get up and fight back rather than wallowing in self-pity.

Go and speak to your party out in the theater, including Yamai, when you gain control of Ichiban. After, interact with the door and Tomi will throw another spanner in the works. He doubts whether Chitose is actually loyal and given she keeps wandering off on her own, it doesn’t look good.

Yamai has also been keeping tabs on her and she swiped a pistol on the way out. Ichiban suggests she’s going after Lani and Palekana alone, and is actually on their side. He refuses to believe otherwise.

From the theater, head back down Night Square and speak to the tattoo shop lady.

Given what’s transpired, she’s not particularly happy with the group and there’s not much she’ll say. Instead, head over to the Daidojo Warehouse.

When you show up, police are hovering around the area. Hanawa’s goons will show too and explain that Hanawa’s death is not on Ichiban’s head and simply a miscalculation from their superiors. They want to share their findings, but need a safe house to hash it out. And what better place than Kiryu’s hotel room.

Head over to the hotel and you’ll find the Daidojo guys waiting inside. Apparently Palekana has negotiated a backroom deal with the Japanese government regarding the radioactive waste. Ebina of the Seiryu Clan is directly in the middle of this and helped broker this deal. The Daidjojo used Akane and Lani as bait to try and bring the main men behind this out of hiding.

The wildcard here though is Eiji Mitamura. He was terminated from his job 5 years back after a hit and run incident.

Eiji’s pubic reputation took a battering, although he didn’t serve time behind bars. He believes the Arakawa family were behind this set-up of a hit and run, meaning his motivation is solely that of revenge. And out of all the groups he ended up part of, it’s Bleach Japan where he ended up in, flourishing as he worked his way up. It would seem that Eiji teaming up with Ebina, given how much he hates the Yakuza, is directly linked to the idea of the Second Dissolution being a success.

The key to everything though is Lani. If they can get her and install her as the leader of Palekana, everything else will crumble. This also reinforces why she’s so important.

Chitose will message with a picture of a club, sending the group out on their next mission. It’s off District Five and called Club Guilty. Apparently Eiji is inside at a VIP table. Show up and go forward to interact with the front door.

Naturally, there are some goons outside, so take these guys out and collect 13000 Experience, 11700 Job Experience, +1 Bond and $7500.

When you enter the club, go down the stairs and push open the double doors. There are more gang members here, but as they’re grouped up, using a move with a high splash damage radius, like Battery Storm, is a great idea here. Either way, defeat them and grab 15000 Experience, 13500 Job Experience, +1 Bond and $9450.

Chitose will show up in disguise and hold Eiji at gunpoint during the next cutscene, demanding answers about Lani. She admits she’s snuck a GPS tracker into his bag way back at the warehouse, hence why she knew where he was.

Lani, as it turns out, is still alive but she’s tied up in Eiji’s old wheelchair. Another fight will soon break out so be sure to use Shock damage, given some of these gang members are weak to it. These guys also have a tendency to increase the Attack power of their comrades, so it’s worth targeting the buffed enemies first to avoid too much damage.

Once they’re defeated, you’ll gain 16000 Experience, 14400 Job Experience, +1 Bond and $9600.

Eiji will eventually give Lani back but unfortunately it’s all a ruse. With a tear gas bomb set off, Lani is captured once more and Chitose is knocked unconscious. Ichiban will stumble outside in enough time to see Eiji leave with Lani.


The Construction Zone

With Lani gone and presumably over on Nele Island, some time later the gang will regroup and toast to being a strong party and finishing this. Not only that but Chitose will open up and reveal everything about the Tatara channel.

When you gain control of Ichiban, head on down to Yamai in the Night Square. It’s recommended that you be about Level 35 or higher right now so if you’re not, head off and grind some levels before returning.


Dwight is on the phone with Eiji and together, they’ll watch as a whole bunch of goons happen to be outside the Theater desperate to get in. Defeat the goons outside and you’ll gain 17500 Experience, 15750 Job Experience, +1 Bond and $10500.

Despite making it inside, even more soldiers will show up but these guys are holding barrels so be sure to take them out first.

With the fight over, it’s time to explore the construction zone. From your starting position, head forward and take a right. Open the briefcase and grab 1x Modified Liquid Nitrogen Spray. Turn back and head along the linear path, being sure to grab 1x Steel on the ground as the pathway curls round.

There’s also 1x Safe Key just behind the group of enemies and opposite the stairs leading up. Unfortunately, there’s a familiar boss fight here too…

Boss Fight – 2x Excavator

Remember the Excavator fights in Like A Dragon? Well, we’ve got the same thing here but instead, we’ve got two to take out. Both are weak to electricity so be sure to use Electric whenever you can to whittle down their health quickly. Battery Storm in particular is excellent to use here.

As for moves to watch out for, both Excavators will use Earthquake and standard melee strikes too. They deal heavy damage so your best bet is to use as many hard-hitting moves as possible and focus on just one Excavator at a time. Ichiban’s Giga Swing will hit both Excavators at once, but the rest of the Electric moves you will have unlocked thus far are likely to be reserved exclusively for hitting one enemy at a time, which is worth bearing in mind.

There’s not much in the way of strategy with this one but just keep hitting with electric moves and they should go down.

As a reward, you’ll gain 75000 Experience, 67500 Job Experience, +10 Bond and $60,000.


Be sure to rest up after this and also open the briefcase just to the left of Tomi, which holds 1x Toughness Z inside.

When you’re ready, speak to Adachi and after bursting into the theater, take out the new wave of goons that show up. This is an interesting fight as it occurs on two fronts. Tomi and Adachi will be fighting a bunch of gangsters while Chitose and Ichiban take out a guy called Koide. Although this is technically a boss fight, it’s not particularly difficult, so there’s not much point in writing out a guide for it. Just keep hitting him with your best moves and enjoy how the fight flits between two layers depending on who you’re controlling at the time.

As a reward, you’ll gain 30000 Experience, 27000 Job Experience, +10 Bond and $13500.

After, head through the familiar Theater area until you reach the dance floor we fought Yamai at. After a brief bit of antagonism from Eiki we’ll have more goons to fight.



Boss Fight – Eris

This fight is relatively straightforward until about the midway point. Take out the goons first and then focus on Eris. Partway through fighting, the arena will have poison gas spread throughout, meaning you’ll need to get this fight done quickly to try and stave off the effects of poison as best you can.

Use Chitose as the healer with her moves, while using the others to hit with melee strikes.

Eris will throw grenades your way and also use his gun too. Beyond that, the fight isn’t too much of an issue and you should get through this in one piece. Completing this you’ll gain 100250 Experience, 90225 Job Experience, +10 Bond and $75000.

Once this is over, Yamai will show up with Akane. And finally, after all this time, we’ll have the long-awaited reunion between the pair down on the beach. After handing over the pendant, it’s time to move into the final chapters of the game.

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