Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Guide: “Chapter 10” Walkthrough

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Guide: Chapter 10

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Don’t Be Cruel

Sawashiro (Boss Fight)


Don’t Be Cruel

Chapter 10 if Infinite Wealth starts with the gang reeling over Eiji’s betrayal. On the phone to Kiryu over in Tokyo, the two groups realize just how much the odds are stacked against them. Everyone is after the gang now and this is not going to be easy. Furthermore, Tatara is revealed to be Chitose herself. Given she was forced to blackmail them, she was the one running around Vlogging all this time. This also explains how she was able to get so close and know all the ins and outs of the operations.

Eiji has been keeping tabs on Ichiban ever since the plane and kept a close eye on them to make sure they never strayed too far. He always intended to use Ichiban to lure Akane out of hiding, but Chitose was the spanner in the works here. Ichiban is convinced that Sawashiro is genuine though, so it’s time to skip over to Kiryu’s perspective and go see the former captain. Before that though, we’re going to need some back-up.

Head over to Survive when you control Kiryu and a couple of familiar faces will be sitting at the bar! For those who need cluing in, this is Joongi-han and Zhao, two of the late-game characters from Like A Dragon.

After discussing your next move, approach Seonhee and select “Phone Sawashiro“. He’s at the Seiryu Clan warehouse and Zhao will jump aboard as another member of the party.

Before you arrive at the docks, head on over to the abandoned building and interact with the door outside. An officer called Utamara is one of Seonhee’s men and is waiting inside for them.

When you gain control of Kiryu, you’ll be in the underground. This is just like the Mementos-esque levels from earlier in the game we could explore through the substories. Anyway, the theory here is largely the same and its purpose here is to level up sufficiently for the next bunch of chapters that follow.

Beat up as many enemies as you see fit and progress through the procedurally generated dungeon. Use your mini-map in the bottom right of the screen if you get stuck and proceed through the floors. Or exit out and continue through to the next part of the game, it’s completely up to you.

This is a good place to level up your characters though so we’d advise you to take your time to explore, as the dungeon includes all sorts of interesting goodies and collectibles to level up. When you either exit the warehouse or get KOed, you’ll be back at the entrance again.

When you’re done training, head over to the station and get a ticket over to the Seiryu Clan warehouse. Defeat the goons outside, netting 2900 Experience, 26100 Job Experience, +1 Bond and 1.5 million yen when you do, and head on inside. After a brief cutscene, we’ll have another boss fight on our hands.


Boss Fight – Sawashiro

We’ve got a big fight on our hands, and it’s time to take out Sawashiro and his goons. By now you should be sufficiently levelled, so be sure to take out the clan members first. If you have Dragon’s Resurgence, use this against Sawashiro regardless of what stage of the fight you’re in. As for the goons though, they’re weak to water so use Nanba’s Essence of Big-ass Bird to turn the tables quickly.

Sawashiro will have several attacks, including Castigation which will hit all characters multiple times, so be mindful of that! He’ll also have a few other melee strikes too so make sure Nanba is being used as both offense and as a healer to keep everyone’s health high.

This shouldn’t cause too many problems in the grand scheme of things, but just make sure everybody maintains a good level of HP.

Defeating Sawashiro will net you 55100 Experience, 49590 Job Experience, +15 Bond and 2.8 million yen.


With Sawashiro down, he’ll admit he can’t speak freely here and he needs to leave. Kiryu will throw Sawashiro into the water (on his command) and then head over to Kasuga’s apartment to speak to Sawashiro in private.

Once there, the former Captain will admit that he’s had his doubts over everything that’s been going on. To put it simply the Second Dissolution is just a ruse designed to bring in recruits for the Seiryu Clan.

Sawashiro is convinced that Ichiban has Hawaii covered, hence why he sent him over there. He knows that with Ichi nearby to Akane, she’ll be okay and won’t be hurt. As for him, Sawashiro is here to see the Second Great Dissolution through to its bitter conclusion. In other words, he’s going to turn Captain Ebina’s false plan upside down, right from under his nose.

As for Nele Island, it’s a place rife with toxic waste, something that Bryce is charging an arm and a leg for to control. Ebina is just money-hungry and he also seems to be currying favour with politicians too, allowing Nuclear waste to be passing between the two countries, all done legally if this new back-room legislation is passed.

Will our group be successful? We’ll have to wait and see as this relatively short chapter comes to a close.

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