Light The Night Episode 8: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Victim Revealed

What happens between Sue and Aiko?

Episode 8 of Light the Night begins with Sue and Aiko interrupted by a doorbell. It’s September 13th and out of all the people to show up, it’s Mr Nakamura. Aiko shows her face and claims Sue is kind and welcoming. Just before she leaves, Aiko shoots some nasty glances Sue’s way. This conflict is far from over.

Alone, Nakamura asks for Sue’s companionship. He wants her to join him across to Japan for his business trip. She smiles warmly and says thank you, leaving her a lot to think about. Aiko meanwhile, heads back to the dorms, where Yu-En learns she’s leaving the club. She also breaks the news to him about Sue outing her and ruining her family life. Aiko bemoans getting involved with Sue and sobs, eating her food alone.

Who steals from Light?

That night, Light is broken into and robbed. When Rose, Ya-Ya and Yuri show up, they’re all shocking to see the place a mess. Police inevitably jump in too but aside from the money, there’s nothing else missing. There’s also no sign of forced entry either, which seems to hint – especially according to Wen-Cheng- that this was an inside job.

Ya-Ya immediately incriminates Ah-Chi, pointing out that she has a motive given she owes money. Now, Ahi-Chi doesn’t care about stealing from Light, instead she has her sights set on taking advantage of Nakamura. After spiking his food that evening, she ends up sleeping with him.

So who did steal from Light? Well, it’s actually Frank and Yuri, which would seem pretty obvious given what we’ve learned across the season. They needed the money to make up for Sue taking the drugs away, and for them this seems to square their debt.

Does Sue decide to go to Japan?

Sue finds out about Ah-Chi sleeping with Nakamura. That morning she happens to be waiting at the bottom of the stairs for her calmly. She’s made her mind up too and she’s going to leave for Japan with him.

Ah-Chi’s day turns from bad to worse though when Wen-Cheng brings her in for questioning. They ask her about the break-in but she throws it over to Aiko, claiming she has a grudge and a valid reason for stealing.

We then cut two weeks before the incident. Sue speaks to someone behind bars and promises that he’ll get out soon. However, she’s going to leave for Japan. When she heads back to the club, Nakamura arrives and proposes to Sue in front of everyone. As you may expect, this goes down an absolute treat with Ah-Chi. She sits in stunned, jealous rage as he produces a diamond ring for her.

What happens on Sue’s last day at work?

We then cut forward again, right on the eve of the typhoon hitting. With the country in a state of flux, Light is completely deserted while the rain pours down outside.

It’s Sue’s last day of work and there are no customers. Things are tense, especially as Sue delivers her speech to a silenced room. “Here’s to you. My best friend,” Sue says, raising a glass to Rose. She sits and nods to her best friend, gulping down her drink too. It’s unclear though whether they’ve actually patched up their differences. As a group photo is snapped, barely anyone is smiling.

Who was murdered?

In the present we cut back to see Wen-Cheng learning the truth about the murder. The victim was killed from a hard blunt weapon. It’s definitely a homicide but who is the victim?

Well, Rose shows up and looks over the victim, who’s revealed to be Sue. Rose is pretty distraught, sobbing and struggling to control herself as she looks over her best friend. Are these crocodile tears though or ones of genuine concern? We’ll have to wait and see, as the first part closes out with numerous unanswered questions hanging over this one!

The Episode Review

So there we have it folks, Light the Night concludes its first part with a tantalizing reveal and plenty of questions leading into the second half when it releases next month.

There’s definitely enough to like here, although Light the Night does fall into melodramatic waters quite a lot, which may not be to everyone’s taste. However, there’s undeniably a tantalizing mystery here that will keep you glued until the very end.

So who killed Sue? It could be any number of people in truth, from Ah-Chi and Rose through to Yuri or Aiko. If there’s one thing this show has absolutely nailed it’s the unpredictability factor. For that alone, this has been a really enticing murder mystery.

What will happen next though I wonder? Thankfully we don’t have too long to wait to find out.

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  1. Does anybody have knowledge of when part two will be aired? Some sites are saying Dec 3,2021-on Netflix-however the drama is not showing on Netflix ( part one is but not two).

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