Light The Night – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Red Shoes

Episode 4 of Light the Night reveals a massive obstacle to the investigation into the murder victim. The Typhoon has caused a lot of damage and it’s hard to see exactly what happened. However, Wen-Cheng is convinced that Light are involved in this – especially given the business card found on the deceased. As we soon find out, Wen-Cheng and his men purposefully built a relationship with the club to dig for more info, believing they’re a key part of this investigation – and that of the drug bust they’ve been involved with.

We then jump back to August 11th, two months before the incident takes place. Using informants planted inside the club, Wen-Cheng learns about a drug deal about to go down. For now, they keep playing their parts well, even receiving an invite to Rose’s birthday party too.

After-hours, Sue confronts Ah-Chi over what she knows. If you’ll remember, several episodes back she made a snarky comment about knowing a secret. Sue interprets this as her illicia affair with Chiang-Han.

The reality is, Ah-Chi doesn’t know about this and she’s got a grudge against Sue for her getting cozy with Nakamura. In fact, she’s green with envy and outright admits that she wants to kill Sue. The thing is, Ah-Chi grew affectionate toward her client, crossing that boundary between personal and professional. At home, on the cusp of owing a lot of money and potentially getting in serious trouble, she checks a photo of her and Nakamura, beginning to weep. On the back holds a beautiful note about getting to know one another.

The situation between Sue and Yu-En continues to escalate. Aiko gets involved too and confirms that she moved Chiang-Han’s tobacco into Sue’s locker. This is, of course, a play to rile her up but when Yu-En finds out, he’s not happy. He calls her out for meddling ion his business. In exchange though, she questions why he’s still involved in a woman that doesn’t care about him. He has no answer.

Rose also finds herself stuck in familial issues, with Wu refusing to divorce her. When she shows up at his office, she learns he’s had to leave on a last minute business trip. He has left her a note though, promising to make everything up to her and Tzu-Wei.

Meanwhile, Wen-Cheng and the others do some research on Hana (aka. Li Shu-Hua) and learn she actually stabbed her boyfriend in anger in the past. Li knows this as he joins Hana out on her private meet, which he believes is a drug run. However, when he flashes his badge and checks the bag, he finds a bag full of birth control gear, including needles. Each shot is effective but why were there five vials? Well, the woman Hana was dealing with happens to be a prostitute, which explains a lot.

Mr Li. is clearly guilty about this misunderstanding though and decides to go out for a drink with Hana after-hours to apologize. When he shows up at Light, Hana is busy with customers. Unfortunately these shady guys include one with a particularly grim scar across his forehead.

It turns out Hana used to be a prostitute for Kuo-Piao and she’s clearly uncomfortable with how touchy-feely he is. When he smacks her across the face, Rose demands he leave. Just before he goes, he promises that they’ll meet again.

We then cut back to 1984 at Taipei prison. This is the date Rose leaves after serving her sentence, and she’s immediately greeted by Sue and her son. Together, they head to Light, which is still under renovation. They agree to be joint owners as a slick rotating shot helps to catch us up to where we’re up to on this timeline.

Remember the red heels from last episode? Well, things get a whole lot more complicated when Rose gives gifts to the girls – including both Aiko and Ah-Chi – in the form of red high-heeled shoes. When the club receive photos of the day with Nakamura on the golf course, Rose looks through them in the dressing room. However, among those photos happen to be several of Sue and Chiang-Han.

The Episode Review

Oh no, it is well and truly on now! Who planted the photos? And who snapped them in the first place? It seems like there’s more secrets about to be revealed and the plot has certainly thickened into a delicious, goopy mess now.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, it really could be any of these girls, which makes things all the more delightful to watch. It’s incredibly unpredictable and different to work out exactly who’s behind all of this. It’s unclear who the victim is and why they were killed, with these red shoes working to complicate matters further.

As we cross the halfway point of this one, the door is left wide open for where it may go next.

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