Light The Night – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Body Was Dragged

Episode 3 of Light the Night picks up one year before the incident on July 14th 1987. It’s Yu-En’s birthday and as a treat, his friends encourage him to show up at a club. Light, to be precise.

Business at Light is booming, with tables full off businessman and the various women all working hard to please these guys. Sue arrives to see Yu-En and the others, learning about his birthday. She sorts them out some complimentary drinks but Aiko is not happy. Rose notices this and calls her out for hiding in the back.

When Aiko shows to entertain their table, it turns out these students recognize her. She’s a journalist student but it’s Yu-En who acts chivalrously in the wake of his friends teasing her about this line of work.

Just like the incident beforehand, Yu-En winds up drunk outside the club later on, slumped over. Sue arrives and greets him but as they talk, Yu-En leans forward and kisses her.

Back in the present, October 6th 1988, Wen-Cheng realizes that whoever the killer is, they dragged the body pretty far through the woods. There are drag marks and it seems whoever did this is pretty strong.

Two months before the incident is where we jump back to, deliberating showing Aiko dragging Yui-En back to her apartment. This seems to be a red herring but there’s hostility between them, especially when Yu-En chokes her out and constantly calls her Sue. He’s clearly in a drunken stupor but Aiko isn’t exactly thrilled with what’s transpired. When he mentions Chiang-Han’s name, it confirms that Aiko now also understands what’s happening with Sue.

In the morning Yu-En is sober and apologizes for strangling Aiko. He also implores the young woman to keep everything a secret about the illicit relationship brewing between Sue and Chiang-Han. Rose still doesn’t know.

Rose is brought back to Zhongsang Police Station where she reluctantly confirms that Wu Shao-Chiang is her husband. He needs to pay up for damages to a car thanks to an accident but Wu is broke. Adding fuel to the fire, we also learn that he showed up earlier on to see Tzu-Wei (their son). Of course, this entangled drama catches the attention of Wen-Cheng, who contemplates whether there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

While Sue and Chiang-Han are hooking up, Rose comes over, showing off her new red shoes. The same red shoes, I may add, that the victim in the present was wearing. Anyway, Sue manages to hold her nerve as Chiang-Han skulks out the apartment and leaves the pair in peace.

In the present, Mr Ko shows up to examine the body. As he does, Wen-Cheng and the others find the other red shoe in the woods. What will the coroner say about the victim? We’ll have to wait and see!

The Episode Review

The third episode of Light the Night continues to move this illicit affair into the spotlight, squarely moving the show into melodramatic waters. It works pretty well though in the context of this series, with plenty of interesting characters at the foreground of this one. However, the opening scene did seem to hint that this would be more gritty and hard-hitting akin to Beyond Evil.

Either way, Light the Night has been an engaging watch and there are a lot of characters in this that could be the victim – or the one responsible for killing them. It’ll be interesting to see how everything comes together, but for now things are left on a tantalizing note for the future.

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