Light The Night – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Illicit Kiss

Episode 2 of Light the Night begins at Zhongsang Police Station, three months before the incident. Wen-Cheng receives a call confirming a guy called Pai Lung is dead. Now, his wife happens to sport puncture marks up her arm, confirming she’s a drug addict. Wen-Cheng is convinced that she’s storing drugs inside his body but she’s quick to deny that. Instead, she claims they received some bad drugs that caused his death.

Following the encounter between Sue and Chiang-Han last episode, Sue is called out by Hsiao Hao in front of everyone, who’s quick to point out she’s been drinking with Rose’s ex. It certainly catches her off-guard. Rose though, doesn’t happen to be present. It doesn’t stop Sue from handing over an envelope full of money to Rose. Money from Chiang-Han she’s rightfully owed. She’s torn up about her relationship crumbling apart and is left reeling.

Things aren’t much better at home, as tensions between Rose and her sister escalate. It turns out Rose actually did a stint in prison in the past, presumably taking the fall for her current husband (whom she’s separated from) called Wu. This has caused a rift to grow in the family.

Meanwhile, big spender Mr Nakamura is due to be transferred. This is grave news for the women at Light, especially as it means they’re no longer going to get big pay-outs anymore. The women put on a brave face, but it’s clear this is a devastating blow. Ever the opportunist, Ah-Chi pounces on this and begins giving Nakamura a massage in the changing room, crossing boundaries. Thankfully Ms Sue shows up and manages to take her way before anything untoward occurs.

At the club that night, Wen-Cheng shows up with a whole bunch of detectives, determined to search the club off the back of a tip about drugs. Rose is not happy but with a search warrant already in place, there’s not much she can do about it. The culprit happens to be Yuri, who heads off to the bathroom to get rid of her drugs. Thankfully the officers don’t find anything, but it’s certainly a close call.

Wen-Cheng’s failed drug search doesn’t go unnoticed. His superior, Sun Ming-Chang, berates him for bad intel and implores him to be more careful going forward.

Sue meets back up with Chiang-Han and hands over the envelope of money. He’s a smooth talker and continues to try and win her over, holding her hand and smiling while this occurs.

Another wildcard at the club happens to be Ha Yu-En, a guy who’s involved with Aiko. He shows up for a drink, showing of stacks of cash. After dark though, he confronts Sue and reveals that he was the one who watched her and Chiang-Han kissing at the bar together. “I saw everything.” He says, as Sue hurries away. When she leaves, Aiko appears with an umbrella. Did she hear everything?

The Episode Review

Oh dear! The illicit relationship between Chiang-Han and Sue continues to escalate and it seems that this is the catalyst for the murder we’ve been seeing in Taipei. Or is it? There’s already been a fair amount of progression on our storyline and the quick reveals, along with extra mysteries and secrets, helps to keep this thriller moving at a lively pace.  Quite who this mystery woman is out in the woods remains to be seen but it’s fair to assume it’s definitely one of the women from the club.

Light the Night has been a decent watch so far, although the show is just starting to slip into more soapy and melodramatic waters. The mystery and investigation is taking a backseat for now, but it appears this is an intentional ploy to build character.

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