Lies of P Guide: “Chapter 6: Rosa Isabelle Street” Walkthrough

Lies of P Guide – Rosa Isabelle Street

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Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance

White Lady (Boss)

Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

Estella Opera House Garden



Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance

After heading through to Rosa Isabelle Steet from Hotel Krat, walk through the open gate and proceed along the linear path, repairing the Stargazer on the way.

Keep moving up the street, taking out the puppets along the way until you reach a slightly larger area. From here, turn left and walk up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, break the barrels to pick up 1x Fable Catalyst. Turn right and head up the stairs to the higher floor, where you’ll find another puppet and 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment.

Go back down the stairs and follow the path all the way along. Slip down the stairs to the left, where you’ll be able to grab 1x Cluster Grenade.

Head back up the stairs and circle around to pick up the collectible, The Witch’s Tower and Princess Poster. Jump down and follow the path along to the main road we took a left on originally. This time, keep moving forward and take a right at the boxes (pictured below). Dodge-roll through and you’ll find 1x Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool nestled behind the carriage.

At the far side of this large area, you’ll be able to grab 1x Crescent Moonstone on top of a trunk. From this location, turn back and follow the path leading out into a bunch of alleyways.

At the end of the pathway you’ll find Artist’s Doodle. You’ll also notice a wooden bridge leading into a house. Be careful here as there are new suicidal enemies we’ll be facing. They’re Harley Quinn-looking puppets that will rush forward and explode on impact. Either back up and rush away before they explode, or get in close and slash away, killing them before they explode.

There’s also a maid puppet in here too so be sure to take that out afterwards. There’s another on the balcony outside, so quickly dispatch this when you head outside. You’ll also be able to grab 1x Sharp Pipe, and press the button opposite to lower the ladder down to the ground floor.

Don’t go down the ladder and instead head back into the house and take a left. Drop down to the lower level, and collect Special Report! Foreigner’s Confession from the bed.

Outside you’ll find some new enemies, coming in the form of horrific possessed babies. These work the same way as the half-puppets in the Workshop level but they have more HP and some nastier strikes. A good idea is to back up and wind up a really strong attack, hitting them when they’re grouped together for maximum damage.

You’ll be able to pick up 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment from where you first fought them. Head out the room and this time, go up the staircase. There’s a door there you’ll be able to unlock, which links back to the earlier section of the house. There’s also a safe here which holds 1x Legion Plug.

Turn back and head down the stairs to the ground floor. There’s some more maid puppets here and behind the bar, grab 1x Saw Blade on the suitcases.

Head outside and take a right, circling around the carriage. You’ll find 1x Resplendent Ergo Fragment there. Move along the street, being sure to dodge and weave as we have new projectile enemies, including static puppets that throw bombs and soldiers that will launch rifle shots at you.

On the left, behind one of the bomb puppets, you’ll find 1x Attribute Purification Ampoule. Now, it’s not essential to complete the next section and move further along the track, as the gate in the background (pictured below) can be opened from the other side and that will link up this level and avoid a fair amount of backtracking.

However, there is a chest back there holding 1x Dancer’s Curved Sword Blade and 1x Dancer’s Curved Sword Handle so either way, it’s worth tackling at some point.

Back up the street, turn right and follow all the way down to the arena. Interact with the puppet under the spotlight and you’ll get some dialogue from the White Lady. Also, we’ll have a new foe to face.


White Lady

Mini Boss – White Lady

White Lady plays out very similarly to the fight earlier on with the Elder brother in the Brotherhood boss battle. White Lady’s tactics are to lunge forward, strike a few times, back up and circle. She also has a couple of two hit-combos while she also counters your strikes if you keep pummelling away. She can, however, be hit with Rear Fatal Strikes.

You need to use a combination of parrying and dodging here, but equally a great tactic is to run around in circles. In doing so, White Lady won’t hit you with her sword lunge forward, but if you goad her into striking, you’ll be able to get behind and hit with a Rear Fatal Strike.

This tactic works surprisingly well (although it may make you dizzy from constantly running in circles) but it shouldn’t cause you too many problems.

1x The White Lady’s Locket 1x The White Lady’s Mask  

With the White Lady defeated, head through the newly opened gate to the left of this arena. At the top, collect Rose Estate Incident collectible from the lady with a green dress lying deceased on the ground.

Head forward and to the left slightly from this location, into the courtyard. Open the gate to your right. This links back up to the street featuring all those bomb enemies and riflemen mentioned earlier.

There’s also a red butterfly in the courtyard holding 1x Crescent Moonstone, and 1x Dim Ergo Chunk on the other side near a flowerbed. 

With the newly opened gate to your left, circle back on this path and collect 1x Dim Ergo Fragment behind the wall. Turn left at the green lady collectible, head up the stairs and under the bridge. Repair the stargazer.


Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

Take a right at the Stargazer and speak to the main in a suit. He will discuss about his beloved and how he’s been separated from her. Her body is on Rosa Isabelle Street, and thankfully on the same route we’re about to take through the sewers so you’re not in danger of missing anything.

Head down the ladder and into the sewers. There are a few more ladders here, so progress down the next two and take out the puppets at the bottom. Now, there are two routes ahead – one leading straight on and the other to the right.

Proceed forward to begin with, collecting 1x Gemini’s Emergency Protection and jump down the gap. There are a lot of enemies down here and be mindful of them dropping from the ceiling too.

Eventually you’ll leave the sewer pipes and find yourself in a much bigger area. Immediately head for the ladder on the opposite side and climb. Unlock the gate at the top and collect 1x Star Fragment. This leads us back to the arena we faced White Lady in.

At the bottom of the ladder we just climbed is another big brute, similar to the fight outside the Workshop Union. It’s quite tough with its punches but it’s also weak to electric so keep pummelling it with Fulminis if you haven’t re-equipped this yet after the Brotherhood fight. After defeating it, you’ll bag 1x Star Fragment and potentially 1x Fire Abrasive too (the drops alongside the Star Fragment are random).

Head down the tunnel whence it came, defeating the puppets and collecting 1x Quartz from the chest.

Circle all the way back to the original Stargazer and this time at the sewer pipe, take a right and go all the way to the other side. When you come back out to a narrow alleyway, there’s a really tough headless puppet here to face.

The trick with this foe is to parry several blows and then dodge-roll through the last, getting behind and blasting with Fulminis. It’s weak to electric but it also has a ton of health too so you need to be careful. The worst move here is an 8-combo strike, followed up by a Fury Attack where it’ll launch forward and flail with both arms.

If all else fails, you can pummel it with Throwing Cells, mixed up with Fulminis. Defeating this foe will bag you 1x Stat Fragment.

At the end of the path, climb the ladder and over the bridge, turning left. At the end of the road (pictured below) you’ll be able to open a gate back to the earlier Stargazer that will cut out all that trekking through the sewers.

You’ll also be able to grab 1x Crescent Moonstone. From the Stargazer position, head up the stairs take out the maid puppets. Be aware that the section pictured below has two suicidal Harley Quinn puppets down there so be ready to take these out quickly!

After dispatching these guys, pick up 1x Sawtoothed Wheel and head up the stairs. Be careful as there will be a rifleman standign waiting for you as you approach the second set of stairs. If you intend to rush up, be mindful that there’s another suicidal puppet waiting on the next staircase! Dispatch this, move to the right and around, taking out the puppet.

You’ll then be able to pick up 1x Resplendent Ergo Fragment next to its location. As you approach the bridge, there’s a whole bunch of barrels and boxes on the left. Head round the back and you’ll be able to grab 1x Special Purification Ampoule.

Head over the bridge, pick up 1x Gemini’s Iron Protection next to the rifleman and then quickly manoeuvre yourself as another rifleman will burst out the wall.

Behind the rifleman though is another interior area, with more of these baby puppets and a safe. Inside the safe is 1x Arch Heavyweight Frame.

Head out the building and down the next staircase. 

You’ll immediately see the remains of that man’s wife lying beside a smaller staircase. Head over and interact with her, and you’ll be able to pick up a Wedding Ring. At this point, you can return to the man at the entrance to the sewers and hand him back the Wedding Ring we just collected.

You’ll have a choice of lying or telling the truth, but either way he’ll hand over the Wedding Ring and a new gesture. At the top of that small staircase, on a little balcony area, you’ll find 1x Electric Blitz Canister. At the bottom of the staircase, you’ll have two routes to go.

One leading toward the flames (our destination) and one with a sneaky staircase next to in the distance (pictured below). Head for the staircase and you’ll be able to collect 1x Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant and unlock a gate leading to an earlier section in the level, right at the start of the Rosa Isabelle Street section.

When you’re ready, head for the flamethrower-wielding puppet. You can actually take it out with a rear Fatal Strike too. Once you do, hug the left wall. Do not walk in the middle of the street. A horrific Clown Puppet at the back of this section will throw a burning ball down the road. We’ll get to that clown shortly but for now, pick up 1x Advance Crank from the side of the cart.

A good idea here is to tun out to the middle of the road and then run back behind the cart. There are quite a few bomb-throwing enemies and riflemen that will show up and easily pick you off if you’re in the middle of the street. 

The idea here is to whittle down the numbers, while simultaneously keeping an eye on that large puppet in the distance. After taking out two of the riflemen, proceed to take out the electric bomb puppets too. Once they’re down, head on the right and pick up 1x Legion Magazine from the balcony.

At this point, a great tactic is to run like your life depends on it. Yep, sounds like a pretty terrible plan right? The idea is to goad the Mad Clown Puppet to vacate its starting position and follow you partway down the road.

When it’s nearby to the theatre, run around the puppet and up the staircase to the left or right. There’s also 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment on the way up you can collect. There’s a Stargazer right at the top of this staircase in the middle of the courtyard. If you can get there quick enough, you’ll be able to activate it and initiate a handy fast-travel point for tackling the mad clown puppet.


Estella Opera House Garden

From the garden, you’ll be able to find 1x Electric Blitz Abrasive on the bench, 1x Attribute Purification Ampoule in front of the statue (behind the Stargazer) and 1x Special Resistance Ampoule just to the right of the opera house.

When you’re ready, push open the double doors to the opera and we’ll be ready for the next challenging part of this game, leading up to a horrifically difficult boss fight.

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