Lies of P Guide: “Chapter 5: Path of the Pilgrim” Walkthrough

Lies of P Guide – Path of the Pilgrim

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Path of the Pilgrim

Tomb Slums Entrance

Infected Warrior (Boss)

Hobbler’s Bridge

Return to the Stargazer at the Archbishop’s Altar and proceed through the doorway. Follow the path all the way along and lift the lever in the elevator. Exit and pick up 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment from the other side of this room. Proceed outside, past the ominous swinging cage and we’ll be in our next area.


Path of the Pilgrim

Proceed forward and take out the new infected dog-enemy. This one has a couple of tentacles that will launch projectiles at you, and will remind Dead Space fans of the Lurkers! Be careful in this area as there are several bear-traps that will cause you to be inflicted with Break if you step on them. Next to the first is 1x Special Purification Ampoule.

At the fork in the road, turn left and circle up to the gravestones. Interact with the gravestone and pick up Smiling Bunny Mark. Continue back on the main path and activate the Stargazer next to the locked house.

Keep moving down and collect 1x Hidden Moonstone behind a cart that will be broken by another of these projectile infected enemies. Proceed to the right and circle around, being sure to dodge the bear traps to open a chest holding 1x Acidic Crystal Spear Blade and 1x Acidic Crystal Spear Handle. Be careful though as an infected puppet will drop down as you approach the chest and blindside you.

Circle back up the pathway again and this time turn left. Keep moving along and at the burning barrel, collect 1x Dim Ergo Fragment. There’s also 1x Saw Blade on the overhanging platform with the tree to the left of the main path.

As you continue on the path down, you’ll have a choice of two directions – the left and shorter path or to the right, which is longer. There’s also a monstrous bear enemy here. It’s not essential to defeat, but if you do it’ll net you 1x Star Fragment.

It’s a tough foe and will strike hard with its claws. Be careful not to be cornered, and bide your time between strikes to get behind and knock it down. It also has a horrific Fury Attack where it’ll splash down on the ground in front of you. If you can, imbue your weapon with fire via the grinder and try to inflict burn damage for bonus points.

The bear is located on the path to the left so you can always circle around to the right and avoid it for a bit, grabbing 1x Fire Canister as you do. Be careful of the bear trap straight ahead and collect 1x Chain just beyond under the bridge.

If you keep moving along this path, you’ll be able to pick up 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment and find a path either moving up to the right (which connects back to where we first saw the bear) or straight down. Keep moving forward and take a right when you reach a lake.

Collect 1x Hidden Moonstone and 1x Legion Magazine on the ground and be sure to defeat all the enemies. There’s also a pink butterfly here which will net you 1x Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant. Continue on the path down and we’ll  be in a brand new area.


Tomb Slums Entrance

Proceed into the little town and immediately head forward and to the right. Inside the building you’ll find 1x Attribute Resistance Ampoule. Behind the wooden fence panel is 1x Dim Ergo Fragment.

Collect this and be sure to take out the infected puppets too. Among them is another of these big brutes but it’s thankfully not any more powerful than the previous ones we’ve faced. It also has a charging Fury Attack too so be mindful of this. Killing it will net you 1x Star Fragment.

Our destination is just beyond this, so dodge-roll through the barrels and proceed over the rooftops (pictured below).

The other side of the first rooftop, you’ll find a jagged edge sticking out which holds Wanted: Black Rabbit Brotherhood. Head over the rooftops, and then across the wooden bridge. Follow this path along and then hug the wall as you reach the ruined building. 

Climb down the ladder and proceed forward to the elevator inside. Lift the lever and when you emerge to the higher level, collect up Scribbles of Slum Resident and knock the lock off the front door. This will then connect up to the earlier Stargazer at the start of the path, which is super useful.

When you descend back down again, you’ll find a monstrous infected boss to take out. We’ve marked its entry point with an X on the map but also, if you follow the arrow up, you can collect 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment on the other side of the boss at the top of the pathway.

Now, the next boss is optional but although it’s difficult, it’s weak to fire and holds a key to a useful room that will net you some good rewards so it’s highly advised to tackle this.


Infected Warrior

Mini Boss – Infected Warrior

This  Infected Warrior holds a monstrously large sword and it likes to use it for high damage attacks. It will also bring in a couple of little infected puppets too that can easily throw you off your game-plan. 

It’ll use several different attacks, including a particular favourite where it’ll spring into the air and slam down with its club on the ground. There’s also a double-spin attack, where it’ll turn twice while swinging the club all around. There’s also a four-combo hit too so count the strikes before moving forward to attack.

It’s very quick and will easily run to break the gap if you get too far away as well. It’s Fury Attack is also quite damaging, which will see it lash out a few times. Furthermore, it’ll also favour using two jump attacks in a row on occasion, so be careful.

In terms of strategy, it’s a good idea to attach the Flame Grindstone to your weapon just before fighting as if you inflict burn damage. This alone will whittle away Warrior’s health very quickly. The Fulminis can be useful but honestly, it’s worth steering clear of this due to Warrior’s speed.

It may take you a few goes but if you can burn Warrior with simple strikes rather than strong attacks, and dodge-roll through the nasty jumping attack, you should be able to take it down.

1x Slum Shack Key    

With the Slum Shack obtained, open the door behind the boss (pictured above) and open the chest, which happens to hold 1x Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter.

Follow the path the boss originated from all the way, taking out the infected that spring up, until we reach a new area.


Hobbler’s Bridge

On the bridge, take out the infected but at the broken cart, don’t move any further and instead, hop down the gap to the lower level.

Down on this lower level, pick up 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment and then 1x Saw Blade from the other side of the bridge. Turn back around, walk over the walkway and take a left.

Climb up the ladder and proceed forward. We’ll have another big fight upon us. This is another big Infected brute but it actually looks worse than it actually is. It doesn’t have a lot of health and it’s very front-heavy. It’ll strike hard but also rush in one direction and take an absolute age to turn around and face you.

The idea here is to keep a distance, let it rush toward you, dodge-roll out the way when it gets near a wall and then strike from behind. Rinse and repeat. 

Defeating this guy will net 1x Attribute Purification Ampoule and 1x Star Fragment.

With the foe down, head inside the gate this foe arrived from and turn right. By the burning barrel, you’ll be able to pick up Sweepers Branch Office Newspaper Archives.

Head up the stairs and collect 1x Legion Magazine from behind the boxes. In this next area, we will have to vertically descend but you need to be careful not to fall too far and lose HP!

First up, head up the ladder to the left and circle around, balancing over the beam to grab 1x Special Resistance Ampoule. There’s also 1x Dim Ergo Fragment on your way down too. At the very bottom, we’ll officially be in Brotherhood territory. Proceed forward and activate the Stargazer.

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