Lies of P Guide: “Chapter 7: Grand Exhibition” Walkthrough

Lies of P Guide – Grand Exhibition

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Grand Exhibition Plaza

Grand Exhibition Gallery

Champion Victor (Boss)

Grand Exhibition Conference Room


Grand Exhibition Plaza

Picking up where we left off, head under the bridge and into the plaza. Proceed forward up the right staircase toward the Grand Exhibition and pick up 1x Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant. There’s a locked gate to the left and a sword-wielding soldier to dispatch. Once he’s been killed, head back down the opposite staircase to the one we just ascended. Proceed forward to the lamppost.

Pick up 1x Dim Ergo Fragment and then head left, in the next area where, you’ll have a couple of sword-wielding soldiers and a dog enemy to tackle. Destroy these and pick up 1x Crescent Moonstone. Keep moving to the right, and then forward toward the Grand Exhibition.

head through the gates but don’t go up the staircase just yet. Instead, circle around the building to the right. Take out the dog puppet and round the back, you’ll find a menacing tall puppet wielding a spiked mace. It’s a tough foe, and your best bet here is to use Fulminis and electricity which it’s weak too. Destroying it will net 1x Star Fragment.

On one of the benches in this courtyard is 1x Special Purification Ampoule. Now, head back to the staircase and ascend to the top. Proceed round from the right, and pick up 1x Legion Magazine. Keep following the path round and head inside the tram.

Pull the lever inside at the far end and we’ll be taken into the heart of the Grand Exhibition. Although we can use the front door, this is a much more convenient way as it means we can scout the area. 

At the end of the tram ride, vacate and follow the winding path all the way round. Push the button next to the end of the balcony and release the ladder down. Descend down and repair the Stargazer.


Grand Exhibition Gallery

From the Stargazer position, head back to the front doors and pick up 1x Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant. You can also open the front doors if you haven’t already to connect everything up.

From the Gallery floor, head forward and pick up 1x Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool from in front of the menacing robot that will awaken. This foe has a number of different moves, but its weak to electric. Defeating it will net you some ergo but tellingly, not a Star Fragment. It’ll also respawn when you use a Stargazer too!

Also in this area is 1x Dim Ergo Chunk behind some collapsible boxes on the left. Just beyond that (in the next area to the left) is 1x Chain. Head back to the Stargazer and this time, take a left and head for the “Grand Exhibition” (pictured below).

Grab 1x Crescent Moonstone from the desk but just before that, check the wall on the right. You’ll find an entrance behind the curtain leading to 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment. Next, proceed forward and take out the soldier puppet opposite to the left, and sneak behind the curtain to find 1x Half Moonstone.

Proceed beyond this section, taking out the soldiers and the larger robot if you wish. There’s also 1x Attribute Resistance Ampoule behind the boxes in the storage area straight ahead. 

When you’re done, go up the staircase and turn the corner. 

Up here, you’ll find three bomb-throwing puppets and another Shield Guardian. Take out the bomb-throwers first and use the same strategy as before to take out the guardian. However, this will also respawn should you use a Stargazer, just as a heads up.

At the end of this path, behind where the Shield Guardian was, you’ll find 1x Resplendent Ergo Fragment. Head outside (via the door to the right) and destroy the pink butterfly to grab 1x Technique Crank. There’s a ladder to the right leading down to another tough, lanky puppet holding an axe. It’s an optional miniboss but defeating it will net you 1x Star Fragment.

It’s not essential for completing the level but behind the puppet (pictured above) you’ll be able to unlock the gate and it will link back to the front doors of the Grand Exhibition.

However, we now want to move up to the higher level, taking the ladder to the left.

Follow the linear path all the way along until you reach the rooftop area. Immediately dash forward and take out the bomb-wielding puppet. To its right, you’ll find another bomb-puppet and 1x Acid Canister.

For now, take the ladder down and speak to Belle. She’ll encourage you to clear the area so she can proceed on. Well, let’s not disappoint.

Climb back up the ladder and stand in the middle of the rooftop beams, preferably where it makes a + sign. What you want to do is wait for the Shield Guardian to march toward you. When it does, back up to the middle beam and then wait for it to dash. After, circle around and rush up the path it was originally on.

Proceed to the far end and be quick here as there are two puppet-bomb enemies. Take out the one on the right first then the one on the left. On the far side behind the one on the left, grab 1x Star Fragment.

Next, head down the ladder by the right bomb-puppet we just destroyed and press the button to lower the sign and give us a new shortcut. Pick up 1x Acid Abrasive from the doorway and proceed inside. 

Grab the collectible Resurrection! Champion Victor has returned! and move past the ominous exhibition of puppets.

In this next larger square area, we’ll have several robots to face, along with a couple of sword-wielding puppets. Dispatch all of these and collect 1x Shot Put, and open the chest opposite to grab 1x Legion Caliber. There’s also 1x Dim Ergo Fragment from behind the boxes next to the staircase we just descended.

Go through the double-doors that will open from a second robot pushing its way in, and head up the staircase to the right.

Up here you’ll have evidence of strange experiments but proceed onto the metal walkway and turn left. You’ll have another ringing phone here with another riddle, and depending on where you are and how many you’ve answered, you’ll gain a Trinity Key or a clue. We’ll tackle all the Trinity Key clues in a separate article!

Head to the end of the red carpeted area and into the next room, where a new gun-wielding abomination will be waiting for you. Honestly, these guys look like the scientists from Crash Bandicoot. They’re also pretty easy to beat too.

Anyway, destroy this and head down the staircase. Take a right and you’ll be in a much larger area with a tram being used as an exhibition piece. There are a few gun-wielding enemies here and their machine gun fire can be brutal, so watch out for this.

A good idea is to head through the tram doors ahead (and inside you’ll find 1x Crescent Moonstone), and then back out the other side, using this as a shield of sorts to prevent too much gunfire getting through.

Outside the tram, you’ll find 1x Sharp Pipe from one of the metal tanks at the rear of the tram and two pathways to go. Instead of following the signs to the Grand Exhibition, you want to take the path to the left of the front of the tram (pictured below).

At the top of this staircase is a menacing sword-wielding abomination. It uses a flurry of strike combos, and it also has a siren ability that sends out a shockwave of Disruption, so be careful of that! You want to dodge around its blows and make note of this foe too because it plays out very similarly to another boss later in the game.

Destroying this guy will net you 1x Star Fragment and potentially extra goodies but this is random. On the spot it was originally on, you’ll be able to grab Order of Kroud Report collectible. There’s also a chest up here holding 1x Legion Plug.

Drop down off the balcony and we’re finally ready to tackle the Grand Exhibition.

In this next area, you’ll find a set of double-doors that are locked and a larger arena area holding a menacing brute. It favours splash attacks and large fist attacks, but if you dodge-roll around the splashes and hit with strong attacks, it can be staggered quite easily.   

Head up the staircase to the left and press the button to lower the ladder. This will link us back to the Grand Exhibition Gallery and will allow us passage from the path leading straight forward from this location.

Straight ahead we’ll have another big boss but before tackling that, grab Crumpled Baptist’s Doodle.


A Brief Interlude For Hotel Krat

Should you teleport back to Hotel Krat at any time during this chapter, there will be a brief cutscene, and it’ll seem like P is changing to something that’s almost human. Your appearance will differ slightly too.

You can speak to Lady Antonia here, and there’s a mini-story involving her puppet servant, Polendina, behind the desk who is growing affection for Antonia. You can choose to show off the wedding ring when you talk to him in the courtyard or not, and your choices will work toward whether you get the “Lie” or “Truth” ending.

Also, and this wasn’t tackled earlier in the game until now, but if you use the Taunt, ‘Show Off Clothes’ in front of Antonia, she will grant you with 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment.

Finally, when you’re ready, head back to the double doors at the end of the passage in the Grand Exhibition, right at top of the ladder we just descended, and prepare for a big boss fight.


Champion Victor

Boss Fight – Champion Victor

Phase 1

Out of all the bosses in the game, Victor is arguably the easiest of them all. He’s big, strong, but very obvious with his wind-ups and move-set. He tends to favour several simple moves that mirror some used by Parade Master all those chapters ago.

He has several punches that he’ll slam down into the ground with, and also has a couple of rushes, where he’ll run across the arena at you. He has some punches, that will see him launch in the air and slam down at your location (which are easy to dodge) and a Fury Attack where he’ll shoulder barge forward.

The worst attack is his five strike combo but given this is quite slow, you can dodge-roll through every strike and hit back with your own.

A good idea here is to go in by using your Flame Blitz and, if you’ve decided to add it to your arsenal, Flamberge Legion Arm. Hitting Victor with burn damage is an excellent tactic given his obvious wind-ups and if you can burn him while he’s rushing around, it’ll do extra damage. You can also stagger him too with big strikes but this section isn’t too difficult.

Phase 2

When Victor hits 50% or less health, a short cutscene will ensue and Victor will jump in with renewed vigor and much more powerful strikes. His move-set is largely unchanged but be careful not to get hit with his grab attack. If he does, he’ll punch you several times, throw you on the ground and stamp on you. This will do a lot of damage.

He’ll also have a coupe of rush attacks, usually with shoulder barges in your direction, and a double-fist slam to the ground. Wait for him to slam the ground and then get in close for a strong attack (in the hopes to stagger) or with a couple of simple strikes. Be careful though as he does tend to strike out with his fist if you stay too close.

When he’s down to about 25% health, Victor will go on a bit of a frenzy and his shoulder barges will be joined with a new three-combo rush where he’ll charge at you three times, then on the fourth, he’ll jump voer and slam his fist down. On this fourth, you can get two or three hits in.

If you choose to call a Specter in for this fight too, it will considerably speed things up as with Victor’s back turned, you can get in nice and close and pummel away with strong strikes for a quicker stagger opportunity.

1x Reborn Champion’s Ergo 12852 Ergo  


Grand Exhibition Conference Room

With Champion Victor defeated, a strange spiked warrior will pierce the abomination from afar and kill him outright. We’ll then be graced with a cutscene featuring Simon Manus, the self-proclaimed man with a cure. We’ll have a choice of lying or telling the truth, but for the purposes of this guide, lie and tell him “Hope of a cure” rather than “monsters”.

He’ll see through the lie but also be impressed by your tenacity. Simon will hand over the Saintess Mary Statue Gallery Key too which will open the earlier doorway locked off in this area.

Heading inside, you’ll meet the Saintess of Mercy statue, where you can respec your level, P-Organ, or Legion Arm with the cost of Gold Coin Fruits.

Once that’s done, repair the Stargazer and head back to the hotel. Teleport back after levelling up and using your ergo, and we’ll be onto the next leg of our journey. Oh, and do be sure to grab any gold fruit as we’ll need it for the next mission.

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