Lies of P Guide: “Chapter 8: Barren Swamp” Walkthrough

Lies of P Guide -Barren Swamp

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Barren Swamp Tram Station

Barren Swamp Entrance

Barren Swamp

Barren Swamp Ravine

Boulder-Rolling Cave

Boy Puppet (Optional Boss)

Green Monster of the Swamp (Boss)

Barren Swamp Nest

From the Grand Exhibition Conference Room, head all the way through the linear hallways back outside again. Next to the tram, our old comrades the Black Cat and Red Fox are back. We’ll have some dialogue options and if you gathered some gold fruit, you can hand that over to the Red Fox should you wish. If you do, they’ll give you a record called Quixotic and a new gesture, Beg.

Interact with the gate in front of the tram and then head inside. We’ll be transported to the Barren Swamp, and a considerably more difficult leg of our journey.

Barren Swamp Tram Station

Head down the stairwell and into the the doorway. Straight ahead you’ll be able to grab 1x Resplendent Ergo Fragment. The door to your left will then also have Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide IV on the table. Head outside and activate the Stargazer.

Barren Swamp Entrance

From the Stargazer’s location, proceed forward and pick up 1x Gemini’s Iron Protection to the right. There’s another of those awful tinpot robots here, and it’ll be a more aggressive version of the one we faced on the path leading up to Moonlight Town. Be sure to use Fulminis and watch out for its Fury Attack.

Defeating this foe will net you 1x Star Fragment. However, it will also respawn when you use a Stargazer, so be mindful of that. Proceed down the linear path, and be sure to take out the dog enemies with a strange cog on their head. These guys will explode on impact if they’re allowed to charge, so prioritize these first in group fights.

On the path, pick up 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment, being sure not to fall down the pit to your left. Follow the path as it curls around, being sure to take out any enemies that show. Behind the cart is a gun-wielding soldier so be mindful of that. Inside the chest ahead, you’ll find 1x Belford Superior Insulation Converter.

Keep moving along this pathway and you now want to dash forward when you reach a more open area. There are several soldiers waiting to shoot you from a higher vantage point, and taking it slow will almost certainly result in death. However, you also want to watch out for traps littered across the ground too.

Next to one of the bear traps on this path, you’ll find 1x Dim Ergo Chunk. Circle around the path, and inside the water you’ll find 1x Attribute Resistance Ampoule and, on the far side, 1x Dim Ergo Fragment.

Be careful in the water though as it will cause Corruption the longer you stay in.

Proceed up the path and by the boxes next to the campfire, grab 1x Special Purification Ampoule. Watch out for the boulder that’ll come flying down after you. At the top will be another Killer Clown Puppet, only this one is actually electrified.

It’s an incredibly tough foe and just like the one at the Opera House, you want to be patient, keep a distance until you’re confident you can dodge through the punches and hit, and try to Stagger it if you can. Inflicting burn damage is a great shout but similarly, using any throwing objects is a good option too.

Destroying this will net you 1x Star Fragment. Once it’s defeated, head up onto the higher level and take out the soldiers, being sure to grab 1x Legion Magazine behind them,

Continue along the original path, and head over the wooden bridge. Be careful not to delay here as the bridge will collapse if you stay in the middle so you want to dodge roll over to avoid falling.

Head inside the tower and you’ll have a choice of two paths. One will lead down to another optional tin-robot with an axe next to burning coals (killing it will net you 1x Star Fragment) or heading up. If you head down, you’ll also be able to grab 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment and 1x Throwing Cell.

Head up the tower, defeating the soldier puppets on the way. When you reach a beam sticking out, don’t climb across this yet, head up and take out the next three puppets, two of which being soldiers with guns. On the higher platform where the sword-wielders are, grab 1x Special Resistance Ampoule.

Now, circle back down the tower again, cross the beam and grab 1x Half Moonstone.

Climb all the way to the top of the tower and you’ll find a minecart and a lever. Pull the lever and the minecart will shoot down, opening up a brand new passage back to the original Barren Swamp Entrance Stargazer. Handy! 

Before following the mine cart down, instead circle around and climb the ladder next to the door we just exited. At the top will be a guardian puppet with a flaming sword. We’d recommend doing the same but in truth, it’s not too challenging. It has well orchestrated moves, with obvious wind-ups for its sword swings.

It’s also weak to electric and after an overhead swing, it does delay for a second or so. It’s a good idea to blast it with Fulminis between strikes too. Behind it will be a chest with Recharged Amulet inside.

The path to the left of the minecart will hold our next destination, s head down the track and turn left. Speak to Alidoro there to tell us about a horrific swamp monster lurking about. He’ll also have some gear he can sell us too.

Proceed across the wooden bridge and grab 1x Electric Blitz Canister from the other side.

Keep moving along the linear pathway, taking out rake-wielding puppets and dog enemies on the way. There’s 1x Crescent Moonstone to grab on the path too. Oh, and watch out for bear-traps!

Under the tree, on the ramp overlooking a much larger area, you’ll find 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment. There’s a fair few collectibles to grab but it’s recommended to head straight for the tower. There’s a ballista at the top firing off bullets and if any hit you, they’ll do massive damage.

On the way, next to the electrified larger puppet, you’ll find 1x Sharp Pipe. Zig-zag up to the tower and grab 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment from in front of the boxes at the bottom of the ladder.

Climb the ladder to the top and take out the soldier and the ballista. The reason why is because the ballista does not respawn, so if you prioritize this first, we can then freely explore the area. There’s also a chest up here holding 1x Live Puppet’s Axe Blade and 1x Live Puppet’s Axe Handle.

Head back down the tower and proceed all the way toward the dam. On the way, you’ll be able to grab 1x Dim Ergo Fragment from the fences and inside the water, near the dam wall, you’ll find 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment. There’s an alcove to the left of the entrance to this area too, holding 1x Attribute Purification Ampoule. The location is pictured below.

Our actual destination is by the Dim Ergo Fragment collectible, and where you’ll find a solitary puppet with its back turned. Take it out and drop into the water.

Take a right and collect 1x Gemimi’s Emergency Purification. There’s another electrified goon down here, and its Fury Attacks are pretty brutal, However, you can get round that by blasting it with Fulminis and strong attacks, in a bid to stagger it. Once its down, repair the Stargazer and speak to the Broken Puppet.


Barren Swamp

In this new location, be sure to pick up 1x Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant behind the campfire. When you have, proceed forward into the next area. This huge arena will see two Puppets of the Future to take out, plus a ballista tower to contend with as well. We can’t get to the tower just yet, so you’ll need to keep an eye on that while you’re in the arena.

It’s optional whether you want to take these Puppets out, but despite their huge size, they have very slow attacks and you can do a lot of damage with Fulminis and strong attacks.

Watch out for stray puppets jumping into the fight, and be sure to keep moving to avoid being hit with the ballistae. Defeating both of these will net you 1x Quartz a piece, so it’s definitely worth doing. 

On your way to the far side of the swamp, next to an overturned cart, you’ll be able to grab 1x Cluster Grenade.

On the far side of the swamp, next to a lonely soldier puppet and on top of the trash heap, grab 1x Fable Catalyst. There’s also 1x Dim Ergo Chunk toward the left side of the 1x Sawtoothed Wheel in the corrupted water just to the right of the tower entrance.

Furthermore, there’s three butterflies here that will net you Crescent Moonstones. They’re located just to the left of the Puppet of the Future in the picture below:

With all that done, head all the way back to the far side of the arena (opposite side to the tower) and up the ramp, into the house. You’ll find Experiment Report of Order on the red suitcase to the right and 1x Crescent Moonstone from outside on the balcony. 

Descend down the stairs and we’ll have an optional mini-boss to contend with.


Optional Boss – Owl Doctor

The Owl Doctor is not compulsory to proceed but it is a tasty mini-boss encounter all the same. The Owl Doctor will work similarly to other human enemies we’ve faced thus far. It favours some big attack combos with its bone-cutting saw, but similarly will us a dagger if you back-up too much and leave too much space between you and the Doctor.

It also has a big attack combo that you’ll need to dodge through and avoid. With all of that in mind, you want to dodge-roll through the attack combo and try to get behind Owl Doctor if you can and hit him with a Fatal Strike.

Puppet String is also an excellent choice here to disrupt his attack combo. The Fury Attack in particular is a challenging one so use the Puppet String to disrupt it and try to stagger him as best you can. The space is limited in here, but you can also trap him against the pillar too by using the ol’ circling around trick to make life easier for you.

1x Owl Doctor’s Mask    

Leave the house and hug the left side of the swamp. When you reach the next ramp, head up.


Barren Swamp Ravine

Proceed all the way to the end and you’ll find yourself in a brand new area, overlooking a whole bunch of houses on the edge of the cliff. Go down the first ramp and take out the infected on the way. When you reach a ladder descending down, don’t go down yet and instead, walk over the beam and proceed to the far balcony and pick up 1x Crescent Moonstone.

The next part is a bit precarious but you want to balance across on the beam and then jump down onto the suspended platform with chains around it. Here, you’ll find 1x Fire Canister. Jump to the right  and back to the main platform. Circle around and you’ll be at the bottom of the ladder. 

Take out the infected and next to the breakable boxes, you’ll find 1x Star Fragment. Head back to the ramp we just jumped down to and this time, go own the ladder.

Cross over the wooden bridge and dash to the other side, taking out the infected and another inside the hollowed out house. Inside this interior, you’ll be able to grab 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment. 

Head out the other side and you’ll find a suspended path over to a wooden platform with a chest on.

You want to goad the infected puppets that show up to chase you off the bridge and fight inside the hollowed house, that way you won’t be knocked off the edge and succumb to a cheap death. There’s also a larger infected goon here too, so try to use your Fire Blitz to lace your sword in flames and make this fight a bit easier. Inside that aforementioned chest is 1x Legion Caliber.

Head back over the bridge and climb the ladder by the hollowed house. Take out the infected on top and follow the path around. You’ll be able to repair a new Stargazer in the next room, and also open the door leading to a shortcut back to the swamp area.

Partway down the ramp we just climbed to enter this area, jump down onto the lower platform and grab 1x Special Resistance Ampoule from the lower wooden platform.

There’s also another jump from this location, once you’ve back on the top of the house. Head to the edge and jump down to grab 1x Gemini’s Emergency Protection. However, you want to make sure you are precisely in the middle because the wooden beams will break either side.

With all this done, on the other side of the house, opposite the ladder we originally climbed, head up the ramp and into the cave area.


Boulder-Rolling Cave

Inside this cave, there are a number of rolling boulders that can do serious damage if they hit you. You’ll want to time your runs accordingly to avoid being hit too often (or at all if you can help it!)

From your starting position, wait for the boulder to roll down the gap and then grab 1x Special Resistance Ampoule next to the aforementioned gap. Head up the path, and immediately wait at the rock sticking out on the left (marked with an X in the picture below)

Wait for the boulder to pass and head out, running up and to the left as soon as you can. Head up the ramp and take out the infected. Wait for the next boulder to pass and head straight across to grab 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment. Next, pass up the route the boulder drops from, being sure to stay on the left-side of the path if you can. Be careful not to fall down here!

There are a couple of red butterflies on the way up, holding Half Moonstones, and a few more infected too. At the next pathway over the bridge, hug the rock sticking out the ground and wait for the boulder to pass before continuing.

Grab 1x Electric Blitz Abrasive on the way, and circle around to pick up 1x Dim Ergo Chunk. From where the boulder drops on this level, you want to go straight across and drop to the lower platform. Wait for the boulder on the floor below to pass and then head across to the edge of the platform, grabbing 1x Fire Abrasive. 

Wait for the boulder to pass again before rushing all the way up and to the right. There are some infected in here, along with a menacing bear to take out in a room to our left. Before we tackle that, pick up 1x Attribute Purification Ampoule and then back outside the cave, go and drop the ladder down, which will connect up to our earlier Stargazer from inside the house.

The bear itself is relatively straightforward, so try to inflict electric or burn damage on it and dodge-roll across to avoid its strikes and hit from behind. Try to stagger it as well for maximum damage, and keep pummelling away, being sure to watch out for its claws. You’ll gain 1x Star Fragment. Open the chest and pick up 1x Arch Disruption Cartridge.

Back outside again, head down the linear path but before continuing up the dirt track, take a right and follow the path outside the house around.

Be sure to dash over this walkway as an infected will burst out from the house and try to knock you off the edge. At the end of this exterior area, pick up 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment. Inside the house will be another Widow Infected, the same styled one as we faced at Malum District. Take this foe out with fire and then open the chest opposite her to pick up 1x City Longspear Blade and 1x City Longspear Handle.

When you’re ready, proceed along the dirt track up and you’ll find a monstrous new optional boss to face.


Boy Puppet

Optional Boss – Boy Puppet

It’s worth emphasizing that this is an optional boss because the Boy Puppet is a very troublesome and tough enemy. It hits hard, has a nasty Grab attack, where it’ll hold on and slam you against the ground, and it moves quickly. There’s also a big splash move too that’s difficult to time a dodge for.

It is weak to electric and equipping your amulet to inflict maximum amount on puppets is a must. Fulminis is a good option but it can be tricky to pull this off, especially during this Boy Puppet’s big strikes.

A good idea is to attach the Electric Blitz Abrasive we found earlier and do damage that way. Its special Grab attack is very hard to dodge, and projectiles (especially Throwing Cells) are particularly useful here to try and do maximum damage from afar.

Eventually it’ll go down but in terms of strategy, keep moving and doing simple strikes rather than strong attacks.

1x Leaping Amulet  1x Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant  

With the Boy Puppet defeated (or run past, whichever method you’ve chosen!) head for the next tower. Inside the doorway right in front of you, you’ll find 1x Dim Ergo Fragment. Go down the path to the right, circling around and defeating the puppets.

On the ground level, pick up 1x Dim Ergo Fragment and lift the pulley by the door to open up the route back to the earlier swamp level where the Puppets of the Future were located.

Go back up the winding stairwell and this time, turn left outside and up the wooden foundations and the ladder. At the top, take out the soldier puppet and destroy the ballista.

You’ll find a ladder on the far side, so climb down this to the lower level and outside, pass across the wooden bridge.

Barren Swamp Bridge

At the next wooden bridge, you’ll have a short cutscene to show birds flying away. It seems to be an earthquake but it’s definitely not! Proceed over and repair the Stargazer. Pick up Sentry’s Notebook next to the Stargazer and circle around to speak to Rookie Explorer Hugo, who happens to be waiting by a gate.

This is Hermit’s Cave, and it’s an optional secret area we can follow by giving Venigni a Cryptic Vessel, and then following specific instructions from there, including getting halfway through the next chapter, buying items from the shop and more. We’ll tackle that in a separate guide. 

For now, return to the Stargazer and proceed down the linear path ahead. There’s a Specter pool and arguably one of the toughest fights in Lies of P.


Green Monster

Boss Fight – Green Monster of the Swamp

Phase 1

Green Monster of the Swamp has some nasty attacks and it’ll almost certainly start the fight by disappearing underground and tunnelling to your location and poking up. Don’t target the monster and instead, dodge back as soon as you see it reaching your position.

From there, it’ll have several big attacks when it’s back on solid ground. It’ll swipe from side to side with its claws, and rise up on its hind legs and shout before attacking again. This can also sometimes be dealt with a three-strike combo; both fists slamming down and then both into the ground together. The worst attacks come from its tentacles, where it’ll twist around and whip out in front of it.

There’s also a particularly nasty Decay vomit attack, where it’ll blast out jets of acid in front of it which will inflict masses of Decay damage. With minimal health left in phase 1, it’ll start getting more aggressive so try to take it out quickly to start Phase 2.

You want to ignite your blade with fire, and come prepared with Thermites and Throwing Cells in your possession. The latter for the second half. For the most part though, this first phase isn’t too much of a problem, especially if you manage to inflict burn which will eat away at its health.

Be sure to dodge-roll through the big slams down, and take the time to learn these attacks as well to try and save as many Pulse Cells as possible for what’s coming.

Phase 2

With the Green Monster seemingly defeated, it’ll retreat… but only so far as to grab a bunch of armour and turn itself into a brand new armoured version of itself. This new foe is awful and comes armed with some horrific attacks.

Most notably, it’ll now have three brand new move-sets for you to learn, as it’ll constantly rotate its body to allow different dominant limbs to take to the battlefield. Each of these require a very specific strategy to come out of this in one piece.

With both tentacles in the air, this is the prime-time to strike (pictured above). The Monster will jump around the battlefield from side to side, pausing momentarily for a slight break. It’ll also use a variation on the King of Puppet’s strike down, with a charged fist into the ground. These usually come in a combo of two or three so dodge roll through.

Be careful of the jumps as well because oftentimes, he’ll splash down on your location and quickly switch up to its more monstrous form.

With its dominant fist on the left, the Green Monster will turn into a crab-like creature (pictured above) and start hitting very hard with its pincers and smaller limbs. Your best bet here is to avoid rather than attack. If you can get round the back while the Specter is still in play that’s great but it’s best to dodge and avoid everything during this phase.

There’s also a third variation here, which looks similar to the first, which comes when it’s around 50% of health or less. This one will use a variation of attacks, with tentacles flailing and more charge attacks, with both fists slamming the ground as it charges on your location. This comes in waves of three at your location and is an ample time to strike after the third.

If you’re really struggling with this one, use your Specter to save your Pulse Cells and gear for Phase 2 and you can always come equipped with tons of Thermite and Throwing Cells (as detailed above) to get an edge on this boss. The second phase in particular is challenging and you’ll need to learn three separate sets of moves here to stay alive.

Watch out for the crab moves, and try to time your dodges away from the charge attacks. When it’s down to 50% health, it’ll end up way more aggressive again. Here, you want to use your throwing items if you’re going for that strategy, or keep your wits about you and use a combination of Fulminis or Flamberge to take this guy out.

A fully-upgraded Puppet String is also quite handy here as it can nerf the fight a bit and make things easier for you, disrupting some of Green Monster’s attacks when you strike. Eventually it’ll go down but it’ll certainly take a while!

1x Puppet Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo 1x Golden Ergo  


Barren Swamp Nest

With the Green Monster dead, repair the Stargazer and speak to Alidoro in the entrance way. He’ll congratulate you on your efforts. Head inside the cave and drop down onto the lower ledge to grab 1x Acid Canister. 

Proceed down the linear path, taking out the puppets as they show up. On the next level down, by the burning coals, grab 1x Legion Magazine and 1x Dim Ergo Fragment. There’s another puppet pirate here too so if you dispatch that, you’ll gain 1x Star Fragment.

Continue along the pathway, defeating the puppets that show and head up the ladder. At the top, continue along the ominous pathway with the red blinking lights.

[screen 30]

In the sewer area that follows, go all the way to the left and collect 1x Saw Blade from the far end of this corridor. Be careful of Decay damage though!

When you’re ready, go to the right and toward the carriages. In doing so, you’ll find yourself in very familiar territory.

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