Lies of P Guide: “Chapter 11: Arche Abbey Interior & Final Bosses” Walkthrough

Lies of P Guide – Arche Abbey Part 2

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Arche Abbey Upper Part – Inside

Red Fox (Optional Boss)

Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal Bridge

 Simon Manus, Arm of God (Boss)

Nameless Puppet (Secret Boss)


With Laxasia defeated and the Stargazer on Ascension Bridge fixed, proceed forward into the double-doors ahead. There, you’ll find Sophia captured in a strange room here she’s clearly been experimented on.

One of the big final choices is now upon us, and Sophia will ask us to make a choice. You can either Let Her Live or Give Her Peace. Should you choose Give Her Peace (which we did) she entrusts her Ergo to you and you will change once more.

If you choose not to help Sophia (Let Her Live) then you won’t get her Ergo, nor will you be able to change your visuals to include the grey hair either. Furthermore, Sophia will continue to suffer in her tormented state.

From Sophia’s location head to the right and into the dining room. In the larder just off from there, you’ll find 1x Half Moonstone on the table.

With this collected, head off to the left path, through the sitting room and up the stairs. There will be a few different puppets in here, including flame-breathing warriors and sword-wielding puppets. The flame-breathers are tricky customers as they explode on impact when defeated, so you want to back up quickly after hitting the killing blow.

Take all of these out and at the end of the pathway, grab 1x Full Moonstone of the Covenant. Take the path to the left and repair the Stargazer.


Arche Abbey Upper Part – Inside

Proceed forward from the Stargazer and enter the chamber to the right. Go all the way up the winding steps to the first landing, where you’ll find a doorway straight ahead with a sheet over a stretcher. Nestled round the corner to the right is 1x Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

Once you’ve grabbed that, go up the next zig-zagging staircase and grab 1x Half Moonstone at the top of the landing. There will also be two sword-wielding soldiers to take out as well.

In the next room, you’ll have more puppets to contend with in what looks like a server room. Pick up 1x Special Resistance Ampoule from the side and be sure to destroy the flame-breathing puppet too. 

Go down the next stairs and watch out for the maniac infected in the room next to the chest (which holds 1x Quartz). This infected will lash out wildly with its sword so you want to wait for the combo to finish and then get in nice and close to hit it with big attacks.

From the stairs we just descended, turn right and go down the next stairwell.

There are a few more sword-soldiers down here and also 1x Fable Catalyst by the flaming goblet. Proceed out the doorway and you’ll be faced with a much larger arena with a few more flame-soldiers. There’s also an electric-wielding soldier in the doorway on the far side of the room so be careful of this.

However, first up we want to circle around the stairwell to the right, hugging the wall closest to us to avoid falling down. Here, you’ll be able to grab 1x Half Moonstone.

Adter defeating these guys, follow the path and turn left, up the ladder. This rooftop section is tricky, and after grabbing 1x Full Moonstone of the Covenant, you want to watch your footing as you cross the wooden beams. After the first, go up the winding stairwell and turn left. Pick up 1x Gemini’s Emergency Protection and proceed to the right.

There are machine gunners along this route and they can do some serious damage. You want to dash along the wooden beams, hugging the wall, and then line up to cross the smaller beam, before dodge-rolling toward the gunner on the other side and taking him out. Behind him happens to be 1x Electric Blitz Abrasive.

Turn back and hug the wall to the left (pictured above) to take the next gunner out. Behind him happens to be 1x Special Purification Ampoule. Cross the beam back to the other side and grab 1x Cat Dust.

Now, climb up the next ladder and follow the stairwell all the way round until you come to a chamber with two routes. Do not go left just yet. Instead, turn right, grab 1x Full Moonstone from the boxes and activate the lift to take us back down. This links back to the earlier Stargazer and cuts out so much backtracking, especially after unlocking the gate and allowing us safe passage back.

From the lift, head along the linear route until you come to a really large staircase winding round. At the top happens to be Red Fox. And an optional boss fight too.

If you gave Black Cat a Golden Fruit earlier in the game, you can do the same with Red Fox and the path forward will open without conflict. Similarly, if you ran past Black Cat without fighting earlier on, you also get a choice here too.

Red Fox will ask for a Golden Fruit to heal her brother and it’s strongly advisable to accept. This fight is annoying and arguably one of the hardest in the game. It’s also completely unavoidable if you don’t have any fruit to give. However, if you want to fight Red Fox, or are forced into it for lack of fruit, you’re in for quite a challenging.


Red Fox

Optional Boss Fight – Red Fox

Admittedly, there are going to be two camps for this fight. On the one side, people are going to find this quite easy and not understand what all the fuss is about. On the other side, some are going to have real trouble here.

The arena is small and you can easily get caught on the side of the walls thanks to Red Fox’s big Fury Attack and fast moves. You want to parry more than dodge, and bide your time to hit back. Going on an offensive flurry will almost certainly deplete your stamina and the chances are, you won’t even get a hit in either.

Red Fox moves fast, zipping around but pausing after each combo for a second to regain her own stamina. If you try to move in and attack, she’ll back up and pick you off.

The first half of the fight, she’ll use simple lunges and two-hit combos and it’s a good idea to guard against both of these. Her Fury Attack is a simple twirl and lunge forward, and isn’t too much to worry about. The opportune time to strike is basically just after she’s hit her one or two-strike combo. Hit back with two or three hits of your own and allow your stamina (and health) to regenerate.

When she gets to 50% health or less, Red Fox will up her intensity and aggression, closing the gap quickly and using her deadly Fury Attack. This will see her pause, glow red, and then come at you with a nasty flurry of attacks, one after another. There are five or six lunges in total, followed up by two horizontal slashes. All the while this will close the gap on your location. Your best bet is to run away and get out of range so Red Fox can’t hit you with these, then dodge-roll or parry the final two blows.

You can use the throwable item tactic here, and if you do then it’s a good idea to use Thermites and Fire Canisters, as burn inflicts the most damage overall. You can also follow this up by igniting your blade on fire, and with all this burn damage, Red Fox’s health will whittle down incredibly fast.

Attach the Stamina Recovery and Damage to Humans Amulets too and be prepared to guard a lot.

Another good tactic is to lure Red Fox away from the door and into the much larger chamber at the bottom or the stairs. Again, be careful not to get stuck on the edges of the corridor and try to stay length-wise so you can always back up or circle around and head back up the stairs.

Fulminis is a good choice for Legion Arm technique here, and in the first half of this fight in particular, you can use this to guard against Red Fox’s attacks. Even a small burst (if it’s levelled up to 3 or higher) will stagger Red Fox back and interrupt her attacks. Likewise, Puppet String will do the same.

Finally, use some Cluster Grenades and Saw Blades when Red Fox is really low on health to try and get the edge and take her out,. Otherwise, watch out for the Fury Attack and hit back with a couple of swipes at a time.

1x Red Fox’s Mask    

With Red Fox defeated and the way forward open, head through the doorway and open the cell at the far end to free Geppetto. He’ll ask you if he’s a trustworthy father, giving you a choice to lie or tell the truth, before giving us the Arche Abbey Passageway Key to the door just to the right of his cell.

Use the key and in the next room, climb the ladder and repair the Stargazer.


Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal Bridge

Proceed just past the Stargazer and collect 1x Sharp Pipe from the ground. Turn back around and from the Stargazer, head left.

Follow the pathway along, sticking to the outer rim of this platform. Dash-jump over the gap and open the chest to pick up 1x Assassin’s Amulet.

Turn back and tuck in to the walled passage. Take out the assassin puppet ahead and cross the bridge. Take out the next sword puppets and the flame-breather beyond, and be sure to pick up 1x Acid Canister on the way. 

At the top of the stairs, we’ll be back outside with a lovely view of exactly how far we’ve come on this island.

Just beyond this viewpoint, to the right, drop the ladder down to the earlier Stargazer. Before proceeding, stand to the left of the button and drop to the lower platform so you basically land on the metal beam. In doing so, you’ll be able to head across and safely pick up 1x Star Fragment on the rooftop above the Stargazer we earlier activated.

Head up the ladder we just lowered and turn right. Before crossing the bridge, there’s 1x Advance Crank right on the edge of the exterior platform. Across the bridge and up the metal staircase is an acid-spitting brute, so take this guy out (and net 1x Star Fragment) or run past and continue on. 

Balance over the beams and proceed out to the exterior again. There will be a series of stairwells along the way to the left, and chest holding 1x Legion Caliber on the right. The left is our destination though and there’s a mixture of machine gunners and sword soldiers here. On the way, grab 1x Dim Ergo Crystal, 1x Acid Abrasive and 1x Balance Crank.

At the end of the pathway, you’ll find yourself in what looks like a church. Head all the way to the left out the little alcove and pick up 1x Vivid Ergo Crystal. At the front of this church, grab the collectible, So Said Pistris III.

Head up the stairwell to the left and repair the Stargazer. Before you do anything else, turn back and pick up Simon Manus’s Confession from the table.

With the Stargazer repaired, it’s now time to tackle the final boss. Prepare yourself, this is another two phase fight and not for the fainthearted!

Boss Fight – Simon Manus, Arm of God

Phase 1

Here we go then, final boss time. The first phase of this fight is a good taster for what’s to come. Manus is a little more subdued in this phase, and you want to use this time to get used to his clubbing blows with that large mace of his. He swings it around wildly but the timings are weirdly spaced out compared to previous bosses.

Instead of a simple rhythm, Simon Manus uses a two-strike combo to basically comb large areas of the arena with the mace. He’ll also lunge forward with the club, giving a window of a few seconds to strike should he miss.

He does have a nasty jumping Fury Attack, where he’ll fling himself in the air and then splash down to do big damage, but you can always dodge roll to the side away from this after dashing.

Once Manus is down to about 50% health, he switches things up and will use a few new moves. The most notable is also used in Phase 2, where he’ll bring the mace down on the ground and send rippling green flames out to damage heavily. He’ll also be a little more aggressive and start using that two-strike combo a lot more.

It’s worth using Fulminis to try and get Manus into a Staggered state, as the Fatal Strike will do a decent amount of damage. Flamberge is also a good choice here, and the trick ultimately is to try and get Manus into a state of either Burn, Decay or Shock to really make every blow count. 

You’ll be using a lot of stamina with the dodge-rolling and dashing to close the distance for strikes, so make sure you come equipped accordingly. The Stamina Recovery Amulet, the Weight Lowering Amulet and the special Blue Guardianship Amulet are excellent to give you a boost here. Soon Manus will go down and Phase 2 will begin.

Phase 2

This is where the fun begins. Manus has now ascended to God-like status and that’s bad news for Geppetto’s puppet. The move-set will now be very magic-heavy, with moves that require you to keep moving around the arena. This is a rather large area though so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

There’s two sets of Disruption missiles to watch out for, which are easily the worst parts of this fight. They can very easily raise your Disruption meter in a matter of seconds and kill you. While you can use a Resistance Ampoule, those few seconds could see Manus close the distance and knock you down, so it’s a risky move. Instead, dash to the side and get away from the missiles.

The second Disruptions see Manus launch out a whole bunch of orbs to the edge of the arena. The first half of the fight, they won’t do anything but after Manus is down to 50% health, they’ll start honing in to your location, and you’ll need to dodge-roll out the way.

While this is going on, Manus will use his usual two-strike combo, the mace-blow into the ground and a few brand new moves. The first will be a pulse wave across the arena, which will knock you off your feet. The second, will see Manus slam his fist into the ground and then shockwaves will pulsate up from your location, meaning you need to keep moving.

Finally, there’s a special move of sorts, where the hand of God will descend from the sky and cause a huge shockwave out from its initial location. You can avoid this by dashing to the other side of the arena, as far away from this move as possible.

Much like Phase 1, the idea here is to strike at the opportune time, and that ultimately comes after the two strike combo. The timing, again, is very weird because there’s a bit of a pause between strikes but you should eventually nail it. However, this combo will come in a few different forms.

The same one from Phase 1 is here, but then there’s also a slash forward and around, followed by a forward roll and another sweeping blow. Finally, there’s a two-strike combo that, on the rare occasion, may end with him slamming the mace down in front. For all of these, dodge-roll through both strikes and you’ll be able to get three or four hits in quick succession.

You can also use throwable items here too, with Thermite and Body Carcass Fluid the best options. Everything else only does minimal amounts of damage but if you can get Manus burnt or Decayed, and follow that up by using an Acid Abrasive or Flame Blitz on your blade, you’ll easily get his health down very quickly. 

When he only has a small amount of health left, Manus will intensify his attacks and you need to be wary of this.

1x Fallen One’s Ergo Arm of God  


With Manus defeated, we’ll have one more choice to make, answering him with either “Liberated from Arche Abbey” or “I Gave Her Peace”. Afterwards, Simon Manus will disappear and you’ll have his final words ringing in your ear – don’t trust Geppetto.

Proceed to the middle of the arena and descend down. Geppetto will be here waiting and we’ll have our final choice. Do we hand Geppetto our heart or not?

Should you choose to give Geppetto your heart, the game will end here and we’ll have our final cutscenes and ping our achievements accordingly. However, should you wish to refuse, we’ll have one final fight to take on.

Secret Boss Fight – Nameless Puppet

Phase 1

Nameless Puppet is arguably the hardest boss in the entire game. It’s a tough foe, has insane speed (in Phase 2 at least) and some nasty moves on its side. The first part of this fight is similar to that of Laxasia’s first phase, but it hits harder, is far more difficult to dodge or parry, and it has some awful Fury Attacks.

You want to try and block most of the attacks if you can and hit back with Perfect Guards to try and inflict stagger. You can also dodge-roll through the final move of its combos, which can help. However, it’s unpredictable with which combos it’ll use at any given time.

There’s standard uppercuts and swings to watch out for, while there’s a double-blow where it’ll swing twice and hit with two strikes on the right hand side. Finally, it also uses a leaping attack, slamming down and hitting the ground. This is a great opportunity to get behind it and strike with a few Fulminis or Flamberge blasts to do extra damage.

Eventually though it’ll go down and you can breathe a sigh of relief! Only… not really because things are about to get a whole lot harder.

Phase 2

If you thought Laxasia and Swamp Monster were bad, wait until you see what this guy has up its sleeves. Or, well, electrical arms. On top of all the other moves, Nameless Puppet will now use 2 swords and add in some horrific dash attacks, charged leaping strikes and a corkscrew move where he’ll spin in the air and jump down on your location.

There’s also a big slam attack where he’ll start a Fury Attack and slam down really hard in front of him. You want to try and dash out the way of this either side if you can.

The trick with this fight is to bide your time during strikes. Using heavy weapons and perfect guarding is actually the best way to go but even with upgraded smaller weapons, you can come out of this in one piece. Once you get the hang of his strikes, with about 50% health left, he’ll start getting even more aggressive, using a lot more Fury Attacks and dashes across the arena.

The idea here is to try and time your dodges and parries to perfection, while simultaneously being careful not to get too low on health in case you get caught with a flurry of strikes or dashes.

Once he’s down to about 25% health, you can make life easier for yourself by throwing a whole bunch of Throwing Cells and Thermites in its direction. Following this up with 4 Saw Blades will almost certainly guarantee you victory, but you need to be careful doing this at the right time so you don’t end up getting hit with your guard down.

Finishing The Game!    

With this ending, defeating Nameless Puppet will see a vastly different outcome with Geppetto, who will denounce you as his son and essentially snub you. It’s a vastly different ending and an intriguing one as the ending will show.

Finally the end credits will roll and there’s a post-credit scene where we see another puppet “agent” show up, coming in the form of Dorothy. Is this a DLC? A sequel? We’ll have to wait and see!

Otherwise, breathe a big sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back, you’ve just completed Lies of P!

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