Lies of P Guide: “Chapter 11 Part 1: Arche Abbey (Inc. Laxasia Fight)” Walkthrough

Lies of P Guide – Arche Abbey Part 1

Mission List (Tap to jump down the page!)

Black Seaside

Arche Abbey Entrance

Door Guardian (Boss)

Arche Abbey Outer Wall (First Stargazer)

Arche Abbey Outer Wall (Second Stargazer)

Black Cat (Optional Boss)

Arche Abbey Broken Rift

Laxasia the Complete (Boss)


Black Seaside

Here we go then, it’s the big one. It’s all come down to this final mission to stop Simon Manus and save the world (or destroy it) depending on what choices you’ve made up to this point.

After speaking to Sophia, there’s a long trek over the expanse of the Black Seaside. You’ll need to progress forward toward the tower in the distance, while also interacting with each of the glowing figures along the way.

This helps to not only flesh out more of the background story for these characters, but also gives a whole bunch of Ergo Chunks too. Be sure to zig-zag on the path as you go and keep moving the camera from side to side.

There are numerous corpses along the way that give off Dim Ergo Fragments or Hidden Moonstones too. If you’re unsure where to go next, spin your camera around and check for the next blue (or red for the final one) glow.

As you approach the entrance to the Abbe, be mindful of a Stargazer nearby to repair. If you don’t, and you end up dying, then you’ll have to trek all the way up the Seaside again, which is super annoying.


Arche Abbey Entrance

From the repaired Stargazer position, proceed up toward the Abbe. There will be numerous little Dim Ergo Fragments littered along the way. However, there are also four ballistas shooting missiles down, two Scorpion minibosses and a whole array of other nasty foes.

It’s completely up to you how you tackle this, but given it’s optional and the ballistas will continue to fire, it’s a good idea to rush past, take out the ballistas and then come back to fight these guys. 

In terms of what’s outside, the Abbe, you’ll find 1x Hidden Moonstone, 1x Attribute Purification Ampoule, 1x Dim Ergo Fragment, 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment and 1x Crescent Moonstone from the corpses.

There’s also 1x Shot Put right in front of the burning goblets at the front entrance walls too. 

Head up the stairs and toward the left-side of this entrance. On the way, on the table to the right (pictured above) you can grab the collectible, So Said Pistris II. Next to the stairs on the left side of the entrance, you’ll also find 1x Shot Put. Finally, there’s 1x Star Fragment behind the statue’s head on the next staircase up.

Proceed up the stairs and grab 1x Acid Abrasive to the left of the big stairs to our next destination, which happens to be a boss fight.


Door Guardian

Boss Fight – Door Guardian

Door Guardian is a big, lumbering foe that’s incredibly slow but also very hard-hitting with his moves. He’ll use a move where he’ll roll toward you after punching down, so you want to watch out for that. He has a jumping fist strike, a Fury Attack where he’ll elbow the ground and roll top the side, along with simple swipes from side to side.

The idea here is to target the right leg (the one that’s not armoured) and try to strike with strong attacks and anything that will stagger. When it drops to its knee, you can get in and do huge damage with a Fatal Strike. You may need to do this three or four times in order to thwart this guy. However, you also need to watch out for Shock being inflicted and crippling your stamina.

If that wasn’t enough, when Guardian gets down to 50% health or less, it’ll become way more aggressive and start jumping around the arena. Furthermore, its elbow drop attack will be joined by two rolls – one to the side and one forward. You want to watch out for both and hit at the opportune time when it’s trying to get back to its feet again. 

Otherwise, this is a fight you want to goad Guardian into striking while dashing around the arena. Don’t dodge-roll but instead hold dash and circle the Guardian, waiting for him to use the Fury Attack before hitting with a charged strong strike or two.

You can also use Shot Puts and Saw Blades against this leg in particular which helps him go down quicker. A few hits from Guardian will almost wipe your health out if you haven’t been levelling your health up to really high levels, so be careful.

While striking its weaker leg, be careful of its stomps. These are similar to the Puppet of the Future’s attacks, so hopefully you should have the timing down by now. Otherwise, stay patient, keep a distance and the big guy will go down.

1x High Level Alchemist Badge    

With the High Level badge now gained, head up toward the back of the room and stand on the corresponding platform. Use the badge and you’ll be granted access to the next level.


Arche Abbey Outer Wall (First Stargazer)

Repair the Stargazer at the outer wall and head up the stairs. You want to be careful here as there is a Ballista further on that will relentlessly pummel you with bullets if you’re not mindful of its location. 

There’s a big Infected Brute at the top of the next two sets of stairs, and you’ll want to to and taunt it to follow you down the stairs if you can, out the way of the ballista. Failing that, you can hide behind the different battlements and pop out to strike the Infected at opportune times, being careful to avoid Ballista fire. 

Oh, and you also want to watch out for falling in the water too which will be an instant death. The Infected are weak to fire and you may get lucky and see the Ballista strike the Infected brute. Destroying this guy will net you 1x Star Fragment.

Behind its starter position, at the top of the stairs, use the High Level badge again on the platform.

In doing this, it will allow us to pass safely with new bridges raised. Return to the Stargazer and proceed over the bridge. When you emerge back in the open again (and this goes for every level of extended exposure to the outside from here to the Ballista point) you want to be quick and avoid getting hit. If you do, the sheer blast will knock you off the platforms and into the water.

After crossing the first bridge, head up the ladder and scramble across to the projectile infected. Take this guy out and climb the next ladder. You need to be careful here as there’s another infected with huge hands that will pummel you if it gets the chance. It’s also blocking your path too.

You want to dodge backwards when you get its attention and try to entice it back to the ladder. Failing that, you can try to dodge roll past but you may be caught in the crossfire from the Ballista. When you climb the next little stairwell, scramble over the exposed platform and grab 1x Star Fragment from the corpse. There’s also another infected here so take that guy out.

Be careful of Decay but hug the wall and hurriedly scramble round and take the ladder up to the next level. Just before you do though, just round the corner (to the right of the ladder) you’ll find 1x Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool.

At the top of the ladder, take a left and take out the infected. There’s an exposed beam sticking out holding 1x Star Fragment but you want to be careful here as the Ballista can get you and knock you in the water.  With that in mind, you want to first head to the end of the platform and push the button to lower the ladder.

This will connect back up to the point of the Stargazer and avoid a lot of headaches crossing over that exposed water. 

Turn back and head all the way back to the ladder we just climbed up and this time, turn right (or straight on depending on your perspective!) At the top of the next section, you’ll find 1x Special Resistance Ampoule. Behind the Ballista, there are several dog infected enemies. Tak these guys out and be sure to destroy the Ballista as well as the soldier next to it. Just behind the Ballista, you’ll find 1x Saw Blade tucked in the corner.

Head up the next large staircase just beyond the Ballista point, and grab 1x Cluster Grenade next to the barricade on the right.

On this next bridge section toward the Abbe, you’ll find two Scorpion mini-bosses. It’s worth stressing that these guys can be avoided if you wish, but a good idea if you want to tackle them, is to avoid a fight with them both and try to goad the one patrolling our section of the bridge away from the main combat arena and halfway down the stairs.

This is a great point to fight and if you can stay on the low ground, you can get under its strikes and attack away. Killing both these guys will net you 1x Star Fragment a piece. There’s also a chest partway along this bridge, holding 1x Veteran’s Amulet.

Head for the other side of the bridge and climb the ladder to the right. Climb to the top and repair the Stargazer.


Arche Abbey Outer Wall (Second Stargazer)

From the Stargazer location, head inside and all the way along the linear pathway until you reach an exterior area. Don’t drop down just yet but instead, stay on the balcony and head to the right. Be mindful of an infected hiding round the corner, but at the far end of this section, you’ll find 1x Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

To the far left of this balcony you’ll find a locked door, which can be opened further in this level. For now, drop down to the lower platform, and try to hit one of the Infected leeches with a dropping strike if you can

From this lower platform, head to the far end and drop to the slightly lower platform. Don’t tumble off the edge, but keep an eye on the lower levels and try to fall to safe distances, using this route:

Before reaching the Decayed lower platform, try to jump on the egg-sacs below to immediately get rid of the Decay in the area. Be mindful of the infected leeches that are lurking about though! You’ll also be able to grab 1x Acid Abrasive from the very edge of this platform.

Be careful though as there’s a mini scorpion here that will knock you back and can easily swipe you off the edge! On the far end of this platform is a ladder leading up, just next to 1x Fable Catalyst to collect.

At the top of the ladder, head into the room on the right and grab 1x Bundle of Old Letters.

Outside this door and into the next area, you’ll find a much more open and expansive chamber to explore. Save going up the stairs for last, as that’s toward out destination. Instead, start with the first door on the left. Next to the fiery goblet, you’ll find 1x Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool. As soon as you grab this though, Disruption dog enemies will arrive in the room. 

The second room spans the next three doorways. You want to avoid the two on the left, as both are rigged to explode with bomb barrels behind. Instead, follow the red butterfly into the room. On the way, you can pick up 1x Half Moonstone. There are more Disruption dog enemies in here so be careful that your Disruption meter doesn’t fill too quickly. 

Before entering the area, it’s a good idea to use a Resistance Ampoule to negate its impact. Deeper in the room, between two benches, you’ll find 1x Dim Ergo Crystal.

With all of this collected, now we can climb the stairs. At the very top, circle around and run all the way to the far end. There’s a machine gun wielder further up that will shoot when it spots you.

At the end, you’ll find a door we can unlock which links back to the Stargazer, preventing us from having to drop down and tackle all those infected on the route here. 

Turn back and head to the top of the stairs again. This time, proceed into the next chamber and up the stairs. Pick up 1x Shot Put from the broken balcony and be mindful of these Disruption dog enemies too. When you emerge back outside again, destroy the machine gunner and turn left.

In this next chamber, take the first left and pick up 1x Special Purification Ampoule. There’s also another Disruption dog that you’ll need to be careful of. Head back out and continue on to the far end, where you can grab First Discovery, Camille from the ground.

Take the stairs up and you’ll find another Scorpion mini-boss lurking about. The holes in the ground lead back to earlier parts of this level, so try to avoid falling in if you can. Once this guy is down, the door it comes from holds 1x Acidic Great Curved Sword Blade and 1x Acidic Great Curved Sword Handle.

 Head out and continue forward, until you come to a staircase. Now, head to the top and manoeuvre the camera to watch for a lower platform at the top we can jump down, and then safely to the lower platform.

Down here, you’ll find 1x Special Resistance Ampoule and 1x Full Moonstone of the Covenant.

Back on the staircase again, continue on and hug the wall to the right. You’ll find an inaccessible passage to later on in the level but avoid this for now. Head in the door to the right and proceed up the stairs. Be careful as there are timed mechanisms on the wall that will push the rock out and knock you off the edge,

For hilarious results, head up past the first and goad the infected down and watch as it’s pulverised by this.

Head all the way to the very top of this staircase and head back outside. There will be a platform we can stand on where we can use the High-level Alchemist Badge.

This will then open the bridge and the way forward at the very bottom of this tower. Head down and cross over. You need to be careful as there’s another Ballista lurking about, along with another mini scorpion too. Behind the Scorpion, you’ll find a chest holding LADA F390 Frame.

Head forward and up through the next area. Instead of turning left, turn right instead and follow the battlements all the way along. There will be a button we can press t lower the ladder back to the Stargazer and make our life easier.

To the right of the ladder, you’ll have a precarious drop down if you want to get the next two collectibles on the other side.

Line up against the rock that curves inward and drop down to the beam. Balance across to the other side and you’ll be able to grab 1x Acid Canister. Now, the jump to the right is a bit tricky but you basically want to dash forward, jump over and avoid falling off the edge. On the end of the beam is 1x Electric Blitz Abrasive.

Remember the door we turned right to get to the button to drop the ladder to the Stargazer? Well, we want to now turn right and head up the stairwell on the outside. At the top of this platform you’ll find a machine gunner and that pesky Ballista. Take them down out and climb the ladder to the left.

Head up the big stairwell and you’ll now be in a new, vertical area with numerous floors and goodies to uncover. Fist up, go left all the way round to the other side, taking out the machine gunner as you do, and collecting 1x Full Moonstone.

Take a right and go down the stairs. Take out the infected hiding behind the pillar and proceed across the wooden pathway. You basically want to follow this linear path, dropping down levels as you do until you reach the ground level of the arena.

At the very bottom of the level, in the middle of the open area, you’ll find 1x Acid Canister. There’s also a Trinity Door down here and an elevator to the left. Unfortunately, there’s also a big muscly brute that drops down to say hi too. Ignore him and head into the lift. This will take us all the way back up to a higher level than the one we started on. Head outside and across the wooden platform to the other side. 

Don’t turn right just yet but instead circle around to the left. At the end of the passage you’ll find a button we can press to lower the level down back to the starting position of the arena, avoiding a lot of backtracking and descending.

When you’re ready, from the ladder position, curl around the walkway and through the linear passage into a new arena for an optional boss fight. 

Even at this point, if you’re pushed into fighting (explained below) it can be avoided if you rush past and head out the doorway to the left and up the stairs to the far end, taking the elevator up.


Black Cat

Optional Boss Fight – Black Cat

Inside this large chamber, you’ll have an optional boss fight to contend with. If you have the Gold Coin Fruit in your possession, you can actually skip this completely by handing it over and allowing us on our merry way. However, you can still choose to refuse doing this and engage in the battle.

If you don’t have any on you however, we’re pushed into fighting this guy. The Black Cat’s move-set feels similar to Eccentric from the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, but a far tougher version. It will lunge at you quickly, with some devastating moves that will knock you down and punish you if you’re not careful.

You also want to use your parry a lot more in this fight, while blasting with Fulminis (if you can) is a good option. There’s still a  good opportunity to hit with throwable objects here, with Shot Puts and Cluster Grenades an excellent choice if you choose to go that way. 

This foe is not easy, and out of all the human fights we’ve faced up until this point, this one is arguably one of the toughest. The arena is quite large though so be sure to dash around and dodge-roll through the nastier lunges. He predominantly only strikes forward, with the odd swipe to the side, so if you can, dodge-roll twice to get behind him and hit a Fatal Strike.

Eventually he’ll go down but this may cause some problems given parrying will be difficult without a heavy weapon.

1x Black Cat Mask 3500 Ergo  

With the Black Cat defeated (or run away from), activate the lift and let it take you up to the higher level.


Arche Abbey Broken Rift

Proceed forward into the larger arena and here you’ll notice a whole bunch of larger areas joined together. There are some tough high-level bosses in here, including the returning Boy Puppet too.

From your starting position, head into the second room to the left and collect 1x Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant. The chamber beyond that (straight ahead) will hold 1x Dim Ergo Crystal and another stairwell leading to the right, deeper into another chamber.

Next to the locked gate on the left will be 1x Fire Abrasive. Circle around the chamber and in the door to the left will be 1x Attribute Resistance Ampoule. Behind that is another stairwell which links up to the original room near the Stargazer.

It’s worth pointing out at this point that it’s very easy to get turned around in this section as all the areas are almost identical in the way they’re set up.

Eventually you’ll find a room with a ladder on the far end leading to a higher level. Just to the left of that, you’ll be able to grab 1x Fable Catalyst. Climb the ladder and pick up 1x Electric Blitz Canister. Continue on the path forward and you’ll be able to drop a ladder, which links back to the original Stargazer and will mean the first chamber we enter, we can immediately turn right and climb back to this position.

On the third balcony to the right of the ladder’s position, you’ll find a larger Infected there and a chest holding 1x Mechanical Cryptic Vessel. The second walkway (between the chest and the ladder we just lowered) is where we want to go.

Watch out though as at the end of this pathway will be stairs leading up and another Jester puppet. Honestly, the game throws absolutely everything at us at this point, with so many high-level mobs at this point.

Take this joker out and at the top of the stairs, turn to the right and lower the lever to open the gates in the previous chamber. Just beyond this, you’ll find 1x Star Fragment.

Head back down the stairwell we just climbed and all the way to the far end. Go in a straight line and then drop down into the chamber that’s just opened. Inside, you’ll find 1x Special Purification Ampoule and a Boy Puppet waiting to give you a big ol’ hug of death. Take this guy out (or run past it, either way) and climb up the ladder.

At top, follow the wooden balcony around. Destroy the red butterfly to grab 1x Balance Crank on the way.

Go up the stairs and then take out the next set of infected on this walkway. Be careful that you don’t slip off the edge, but if you have some heavy weapons in your possession, you can actually swipe at some of these goons and knock them off yourself, which is hugely satisfying.

Climb the ladder behind the electric conjuring goon and up the next stairwells. There’s 1x Half Moonstone to the right. From here, follow the linear pathway along and go down the stairs. 

At the end, will be a button we can push to lower the ladder back to the earlier Stargazer. There’s also 1x Resplendent Ergo Chunk right on the end of a beam too. Be careful though as there’s a machine gunner higher up that will hit you when you gfet too close.

Back up this path, where we originally went down to activate the ladder (pictured above) turn left and just round the corner, is another larger goon that happens to be guarding 1x Attribute Resistance Ampoule. Take this guy out and then take the path to the right. You’ll find several machine gunners on the way.

This next section (pictured above in the distance) is a little tricky. You essentially want to move quickly to take out the gunners, while simultaneously watching out for infected and falling to your death. From the location of the far gunner, you’ll find 1x Attribute Purification Ampoule.

The other gunner is an unconventional Disruption spewer, and if you move too slowly, your Disruption meter will fill fast. A good idea is to dash over the beams and then dash-jump over to the stairwell to take this guy out quickly.

With all these guys down, circle back to our starting position and head down the stairs. There are more Disruption dog enemies down here and also another machine gunner lurking near the edge of the platform. The idea here is to take out the dog enemies quickly, while simultaneously keeping yourself protected from gunfire outside.

Take out both gunners after the Disruption dogs, and from the platform outside grab 1x Cluster Grenade. The chest on the other side holds 1x Red Fox’s Amulet.

Continue along the wooden pathway outside, taking out the sword wielding goons as you do. At the bottom of the ladder, you’ll be abler to grab 1x Full Moonstone. Circle around this platform and you’ll come to an optional section that holds a chest with 1x Quartz in. There are numerous platforms that drop to the ground that will kill you instantly if you get hit. 

To make matters worse, there’s also a machine gunner on the far side too, just to make things that much more difficult. You essentially want to rotate your camera so it’s almost isometric. Time your runs through, don’t get too greedy and stay patient against the machine gun fire, guarding if you can. On the other side is a lever to stop the falling spike traps, granting you safe passage back.

Continue along the linear pathway to the left, following the wooden stairs back up. Here, you’ll be able to grab 1x Saw Blade but watch out as a tough infected Brute will burst out the wall and mean business. Destroy this guy (or run past) and ascend up the next two ladders. In the large, brightly lit chambers, head all the way into the doorway to the left of the elevator and grab 1x Body Carcass Fluid.

When you’re ready, lift the lever and finally, after a long climb, we’ll be at the halfway stage of the level.

Arche Abbey Prayer Room

We’ve finally arrived at the first of several end-game bosses. The first occurs immediately outside the double doors. Repair the Stargazer and be sure to stock up on any gear you may need. When you’re ready, push open the double doors and it’ll be onto the big boss of this area.


Laxasia the Complete

Boss Fight – Laxasia the Complete

Phase 1

Laxasia was teased back in the Grand Exhibition level, and now we finally get to see what she’s all about. And she is one tough customer. There are two phases here, each requiring a very different tactic to come out of in one piece. Attaching any electric resistant gear is a bonus, while using Flamberge and Fire Blitz weapons are excellent choices.

Fulminis also works quite well in the first phase, given Laxasia’s relatively slow and orchestrated moves, but you need to time it right because she can still do huge damage if she catches you.

There are several big moves that you want to watch out for. The first will almost certainly result in her running to close the distance, jumping in the air and striking down with her sword. There’s another variation of this though where she’ll do a two-strike combo moved into a Fury Attack that ends with an overarm swing down.

There’s a huge combo that comes in two waves here, which works as a two swing, a four swing and then a double swing round horizontally. You want to back up as much as possible and dodge-roll through the final horizontal swings to get in close and get some good strikes in.

Try to avoid hitting from behind, as Laxasia will be protected by the shield on her back. You can break this with enough force, but honestly it’s better to attack from her side.

Laxasia also uses lightning-based strikes, including a strike forward where she’ll impale you, do constant damage and then fling you back. When she winds her sword back horizontally, be careful not to get caught with the lunge.

There’s also another electric-based move where she’ll ripple across the ground with electric currents and then burst out for damage. Keep a distance, or if you’re lucky enough to be on Laxasia’s side of the blast, pummel away.

If you do manage to stagger Laxasia, be sure to keep a distance when she drops to her knees, as she’ll fling the sword forward and into the ground, doing extra damage if you’re in the way. 

Laxasia’s moves here are quite easy to dodge once you get the hang of her move-set, and her slow wind-ups between moves gives you lots of opportunity to get in and attack quickly.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is horrible. It’s easily one of the most challenging boss fights in the game and Laxasia will have lulled you into a false sense of security with phase 1 right? She’s lightning quick here (no pun intended) and has some horrific moves that will easily inflict electric shock damage on you.

The fight will always open with her conjuring lightning bolts and then flinging each at you in turn. While you can dodge, if you can try and get in some perfect guards here, you can actually fling the lightning bolts back at her. Laxasia will then fly down and slam at your location, doing both physical and shock damage too.

She will be on the ground on occasion and while this is the opportune time to strike, you want to time this just right because Laxasia will use some new strike combos. She’ll blink in and out of view toward you, catching you off-guard if your reflexes aren’t razor sharp.

She’ll also drop lightning bolts across the ground toward you. The best time to strike is when she’s not electrified and has powered down. This is only for a few seconds though, because she’ll likely power back up and engage in her nastiest move, where she’ll use her shield as a battering ram and fly around the arena in semi-circles. The third is a Fury Attack and will nail straight at you.

Your best times to strike are actually Perfect Parrying those lightning bolts back at Laxasia when she returns to the sky. If you can time these right, you can get a good three or four strikes in at a time. You need to try and survive as long as possible on the ground, and distance isn’t a great choice either because Laxasia can easily bridge the gap.

If you intend to go the route of using throwables, your Specter is a great tool to use as a damage sponge when Laxasia’s attention is turned. You want to use your Wishstone to grant extra HP to him too so you can nail Laxasia with as many throwables as possible. Thermite and Body Carcass Body Fluid are the way to go here, joined by using Saw Blades. 

Throwing Cells will only do minimal damage and your Legion Arm is pretty useless in this fight too. However, if you intend to go it alone, bide your time and be careful with Laxasia’s electric strikes. Eventually she’ll go down, bringing this incredibly tough fight to a close.

1x Sad Zealot’s Ergo    

With Laxasia defeated, and cheers all round from players that manage to defeat this foe, repair the Stargazer and prepare for the final leg of our journey. What a mission this level is!

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