Lies of P Guide: “Chapter 7: Lorenzini Arcade” Walkthrough

Lies of P Guide – Lorenzini Arcade

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Lorenzini Arcade

Underground Spiked Brute (Boss)

Jester Puppet (Boss)


Lorenzini Arcade

We’re finally at Lorenzini Arcade and we are officially just over halfway through Lies of P. From here on out, things are going to get tough. Tougher than before? Absolutely. 

Proceed down the linear path and approach the infected puppet. As you do, another will burst out the shop window to the right. After dispatching these puppets, enter the open doorway to the left and pick up 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment.

There’s a new type of infected here with a huge stinger for a tail. These horrible guys will pierce you and drain your health if they get a chance. But they do have a small amount of HP, so do be mindful of that.

Proceed forward in the main atrium and repair the stargazer.

From the Stargazer’s position, don’t proceed forward down the path with an infected at the end alongside some wooden boxes. Not yet anyway. There’s a locked door down here we can’t open without a key. 

Instead, proceed directly forward down the path with a plant to the right.

At the end of this passageway, there will be another of those spiked armed infected that was lurking around in the Malum District Inn. If you ignite your blade with flames, it should be quick to defeat this guy, just watch out for its front-facing attacks. When it’s defeated, head into the house on the left with the door on the ground. 

Inside are more infected with also 1x Radiant Ergo Fragment. Head back out and proceed into the next area. Here, you’ll find a body on the ground next to a gate, holding 1x Lorenzini Arcade 1s Floor Key. Turn around and head all the way back to the Stargazer and turn left.

Proceed to the end of the path and open the locked door with the key we just gained. Proceed down this pathway and take out the infected that will crawl up from the hole in the ground. Watch out here as there’s another drain-tailed infected hiding to the left. Take these out and proceed through the hollowed out wall.

Go down the stairs and out into the next area. Instead of proceeding down into the water, shimmy across the rock platform to the right, collecting 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment and dispatching the projectile infected as you do. 

In the next room, take out the puppets and destroy the yellow butterfly. Head up the stairs but watch out, as another of these headless puppets will come rushing at you. Destroy this enemy and then grab 1x Star Fragment from the edge of the ledge. Jump down to the platform below (being careful not to drop too far) and proceed into the basement.


Underground Spiked Brute

There’s a spiked infected brute here, which plays out as a slightly more aggressive version of the one we faced in Malum District. Like that fight, there is a slight cheat here to make things easier. His spinning attacks, shoulder barges and heavy, spiked club blows are brutal if you get caught by them, but our tactic should avoid that too much. 

Before we dive into that, take a left and circle around behind the ramp down to pick up 1x Fable Catalyst. 

As for the spiked brute, you’ll notice that there are a fair few pillars in this room and some barrels too. If you can, try to goad this brute into destroying as many of these barrels as possible, dodge-rolling out the way of its charging attacks. The last thing you want is to get stuck in a small area and with these barrels gone, that should be avoided.

Next, you want to hug one of the pillars and keep moving in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise motion so the spiked brute is on the other side of the pillar. None of its combos will reach you and you’ll be able to pop out and hit it with a couple of slashes and return to the other side of the wall.

It’s also weak to fire and its Fury Attacks are basically nullified with this approach, as it’ll spin but get caught on the pillar and won’t move nearer to you.

Wiuth the spiked brute down, you’ll be granted LADA F250 Frame.

Head through the newly opened gate and up the stairs into the house. To your left, pick up Monad Charity House Concert, and then take out the infected in the hallway. Ignore the locked gate to the left for now, and pick up 1x Gemini’s Iron Protection from the boxes to the right. 

Head up the next set of stairs and you’ll notice some monstrous infected behemoths patrolling the hallways.

Now, depending on how your fight with the spiked brute went, you may be out of Fire Blitz (which these are weak to). Given how slow and lumbering these brutes are, a good idea is to run past the first, collecting 1x Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant from the ground as you do.

In the next joining corridor, before turning left destroy the boxes to grab 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment. At the end of the next corridor to your left, you’ll find another of these large brutes. Rush past and enter the door at the very end on the left. 

Inside the house, go straight forward and turn right. There’s a locked door here which links back up to the earlier Stargazer. Opposite the locked door is a fountain with a merchant selling gear. There’s also 1x Arcade Underground Passage Key too. Next to the merchant is another door we can unlock, which links back up to the earlier passage to the underground.

Circle back around, and with the fountain to our back, take a left and proceed into the bathroom with overgrown plants. There’s a collectible in here, Scandal! V, the Tragedy Behind the Flamboyance.

Now, with a clear path back to the underground and a Stargazer to regroup from, we can tackle the large brutes. These guys are quite easy to take down, so add flame to your sword and watch out for the strong punches. Defeating them will net you 1x Star Fragment a piece. 

Head back to the underground, through the passage, and open the gate.

In here are a fair amount of infected. Take a left and proceed down the hallway. Halfway, you’ll come to a puppet that will try to ambush you and a staircase leading up. Head up here and unlock the gate, which links back to the entrance of the Arcade. 

Back in this hallway, proceed forward and take out the Decay-churning egg-sac. This will eliminate the decay in the area. At the end is 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment. The doorway to the right, happens to hold another Collectible by the tables called The greatest show on Earth is coming! and there’s also 1x Crescent Moonstone.

Head down the stairs and prepare yourself as things are about to get hectic. You’ll notice caged doors holding back the infected and 1x Dim Ergo Chunk by some barrels.


Jester Puppet

Mini Boss – Jester Puppet

This isn’t a boss fight per-se but Lies of P has a habit of making its mini-bosses tougher than the area bosses. Go figure! With the jester puppet there are a few different tactics to take. If you have Electric Blitz and Fulminis, use both of these to whittle down its health as its weak to electric.

You can also run around until the infected burst out from their cages and rush back to the entrance of the room. If you’re lucky, these infected will focus exclusively on the Jester and actually knock off about half of its health. Then you can head in and mop up the rest. You’ll also gain Ergo from the jester killing the infected!

There’s also the usual trick of using Throwing Cells alongside all of this, but the pillar trick won’t work for this guy; he’s way too quick.

He has a whole bunch of different attacks, including rushing forward, slamming its clubbed mace down and spinning around the battlefield. You can try to perfect guard through these attacks, and its weapons will eventually break, but his timings are unpredictable and that’s difficult to do.

The final tactic, alongside using Electric, is to lure the Jester back up the passage we just arrived from. He’ll grow tired and turn around to his starting position, letting us get a few more hits in. It’s basically the same tactic as the Pirate puppet in the Opera House but a bit tougher as it does have a big reach. Either way, this will be a tough foe to defeat! Defeating it will net you 1x Hunter’s Amulet.

With the way forward unlocked, proceed into the next area with all the kegs and grab 1x Balance Crank from the ground and 1x La Bleiwies from the left of the staircase. 

Head up the next two flights of stairs, defeating the infected as you do. At the top, turn right and unlock the gate back to the Stargazer. There’s also 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment here.

Turn around and proceed all the way through down this long pathway and open the door at the end. We’ll now be back outside, so keep moving forward and we’ll be in our next area.

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