Lies Hidden in My Garden – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 8

The season finale of Episode 8 of Lies Hidden in My Garden starts with a flashback of Joo-ran in Jae-ho’s office. She recalls the time he proposed to her at her sister’s funeral and his promise to protect her for the rest of their lives.

The next day, Joo-ran meets Hae-soo but there is no bruise on her arm. Hae-soo tells Joo-ran how she had witnessed her husband die and the two women learn that they share similar experiences of people dying.

Does Joo-ran betray Sang-eun?

Jae-ho calls her asking if they need any groceries and Joo-ran does not mention the charcoal briquette, betraying Sang-eun’s plan. The next day, Sang-eun arrives at Joo-ran’s house as per their plan to kill Jae-ho.

However, he attacks Sang-eun with a needle and leaves her unconscious. Jae-ho rushes outside to the garden to dig up a grave to bury Sang-eun when she starts to wake up inside the house.

Why does Joo-ran betray Sang-eun?

The episode moves to a flashback from before the moment Seung-jae tells the truth to Joo-ran. Joo-ran tells Jae-ho that Sang-eun had learned the truth about Seung-jae’s involvement in Soo-min’s death. Jae-ho continues to gaslight Joo-ran and tells her that if Sang-eun survives, she will continue to blackmail their family for money.

Instead of taking accountability for killing Soo-min himself, Jae-ho claims that they will have to get rid of Sang-eun in order to truly help Seung-jae move on. The couple decides to kill Sang-eun while Jae-ho gaslights Joo-ran into believing that they were doing all this to help their son.

What does Joo-ran do to help Sang-eun?

While Jae-ho digs up the grave to bury Sang-eun, Joo-ran spots Sang-eun waking up. She hands Sang-eun a scalpel, asking her to pretend to be unconscious until it is the right time. Jae-ho comes back inside to bury Sang-eun but Joo-ran distracts him. She calls him out for lying about the fact that he killed Soo-min and pinned the blame on Seung-jae.

Jae-ho continues to defend his actions and tries to gaslight Joo-ran into doubting herself. In the meantime, Sang-eun tries to free herself but Jae-ho notices her move. He starts beating her up as Sang-eun struggles to fight back. Sang-eun attacks Jae-ho in the face with the scalpel.

Who kills Jae-ho?

Jae-ho attacks Sang-eun, throwing the scalpel away. However, as Jae-ho attacks Sang-eun, Joo-ran slits her wrist and asks Jae-ho to stop everything. He slaps Joo-ran and claims that she would be worth nothing if she were to live alone. Joo-ran stabs him with the scalpel and runs to the top of the stairs.

Jae-ho follows her to the top and the couple fight. Meanwhile, Hae-soo sees Sang-eun struggling from the glass walls of Joo-ran’s house and calls the police, trying to get inside to help her.

At the same time, Jae-ho claims that Young-ran died because Joo-ran was so selfish. He tries to tame her and asks her to be complacent but Joo-ran fights back. Joo-ran pushes Jae-ho off the stairs and he bleeds out of his head, dying instantly.

What happens to Joo-ran?

The cops interrogate the death of Jae-ho and Joo-ran confesses that she killed her husband. She claims that Jae-ho had killed Soo-min while her son, Seung-jae had witnessed the murder. Joo-ran tells the cops that Jae-ho had also killed Yoon-beom.

She adds that Sang-eun was at their house to confront Jae-ho for killing her husband but adds that Jae-ho was trying to kill Sang-eun. The cops counter-interrogate Sang-eun and tell her about Joo-ran’s confession.

What happens to Sang-eun and her baby?

A flashback shows Sang-eun visiting Joo-ran in prison, asking if she was trying to kill her too. She wonders why Joo-ran saved her instead of killing both Jae-ho and her when she had the chance. Joo-ran tells Sang-eun if Sang-eun had not approached her at Yoon-beom’s funeral, she would still be living the lies that Jae-ho was feeding her. Joo-ran asks Sang-eun to live her life to the fullest.

Sang-eun finally gets the money from Yoon-beom’s insurance because his death was ruled as murder. A few years pass by and we see that she has a baby boy and works at a local grocery store. She sends a photo of her baby to her mother who is still in the nursing home.

How does Lies Hidden in My Garden end?

After serving her sentence for killing Jae-ho, Joo-ran is finally free and lives a happy life in her house with a backyard. The show ends with Joo-ran having dinner in the garden with Seung-jae, her mother, and Hae-soo while Sang-eun lives happily with her son.

The Episode Review

This show is really one of a kind but it is leaving me with so many lingering questions. For example, there is nothing about the woman with scratches on her hand who had booked a room in a hotel at the same time that Sang-eun’s mother was admitted to the nursing home.

The timeline of the show is all over the place and it makes the ending very confusing. While Joo-ran could have easily killed Jae-ho all by herself, it was selfish of her to involve Sang-eun in the fiasco.

Knowing how much Sang-eun had already suffered at the hands of her husband, it was a pity that Joo-ran still tried to have her killed when the woman was only helping her out. There is so much to unpack with this show and you can read out thoughts in the season review.

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