Lies Hidden in My Garden – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Lies Hidden in My Garden starts with a flashback from when Seung-jae and Soo-min first met. After meeting each other at a bus stop, Seung-jae invites Soo-min to his house since Joo-ran is not home. When he is down in the kitchen getting her a drink, Soo-min finds Seung-jae’s family portrait with Jae-ho’s photo. She breaks the frame which leads Seung-jae to rush to his bedroom.

Soo-min claims that she could actually be Seung-jae’s mom, implying that Jae-ho was hooking up with her. She gets up to leave when Seung-jae pushes her off the staircase and she is left unconscious at the foot of the stairs. The charm from Soo-min’s phone falls off. Seung-jae then calls his father who tries to hide Soo-min’s body in the closet.

After Joo-ran comes home that evening, she senses a thumping noise but Jae-ho distracts her. Seung-jae digs a grave in the backyard and buries Soo-min’s body there. Joo-ran soon starts noticing the stench but both Seung-jae and Jae-ho gaslight her by lying about the latex glove. On the night of Yoon-beom’s murder, Jae-ho digs up Soo-min’s body from the backyard and disposes of it in the forest. He uses the bag that Yoon-beom had left in his house.

Present-day Joo-ran asks Seung-ho to go to his room so that the couple can discuss something in private. She wonders why Soo-min said something like that to Seung-jae but Jae-ho claims that she lied. Jae-ho tells Joo-ran that Soo-min was sent by Tae-gyung to threaten and extort money from him and adds that she’s the one who’s lying. Joo-ran is shocked that Jae-ho was treating a human being like an object after he disposed of Soo-min’s body.

Jae-ho tells her that all he did was protect his son and asks her to let go of the issue. Joo-ran tries to take Seung-jae to the cops to confess his guilt about murdering Soo-min. Jae-ho stops her though, claiming that Seung-jae is not as weak as her but that everything they built over the years will be over. Jae-ho will never have a future and adds that he only wants to protect his family as the man of the house.

Jae-ho talks down to Joo-ran and asks her to be understanding of their family. Just then, Joo-ran gets a call from the police station. Jae-ho drives Joo-ran to the station but on the way, spot Sang-eun walking to the station herself.

In the car, Jae-ho claims that Yoon-beom had recommended the fishing reservoir to bury Soo-min’s body but adds that he was killed that very same night. He adds that Yoon-beom picked up Soo-min’s phone when he dropped it off one day after being drunk. Joo-ran is worried that Sang-eun will tell the cops about the phone but Jae-ho is sure that she won’t do anything of the sort because it will cause her trouble. Jae-ho leaves after wishing Joo-ran good luck with the interview.

A flashback shows him talking to Soo-min in the parking lot where he had said that kids like her should have never been born. Soo-min is shocked at the implication. Present-day Sang-eun tells the cops that she was suspicious of Soo-min having an affair with Yoon-beom which prompted her to look for her. Outside, the other detective asks Joo-ran a similar question and the two women have the same responses about having Soo-min’s phone as well as meeting Tae-gyung.

The cops ask why Sang-eun hadn’t just given them the phone if she was sure it was linked to Yoon-beom’s death. Sang-eun claims that she wanted to keep her husband’s alleged affair with a minor a secret from the public. Meanwhile, Joo-ran sees photos of Soo-min’s dead body and is startled. The detective asks Sang-eun if Yoon-beom killed Soo-min and then died by suicide out of guilt. Sang-eun is not sure that would be true.

Outside, Joo-ran asks the female detective about the date when Soo-min was reported missing. The cop tells her that it was the day before her body had been discovered. The male detective tells Sang-eun that her husband’s death will be ruled as suicide implying that she would not get any of the insurance money. Outside the station, Joo-ran and Sang-run meet for a chat.

Sang-eun reveals that Jae-ho had Soo-min’s phone before Yoon-beom had it which makes Joo-ran wonder if she’s divulged this to the cops. Sang-eun claims that she hasn’t and leaves when she gets a call. Joo-ran follows and then drops Sang-eun off at the nursing home before driving away with Yoon-beom’s belongings that Sang-eun left in her car. At the nursing home, Sang-eun learns that her mother had tried to slit her own wrist.

The nurse tells Sang-eun that her mother’s prescription bills are yet to be paid. Sang-eun breaks down in the laundry room but gets a call from her landlady. The woman asks Sang-eun to vacate her apartment within a month. Just then, Joo-ran shows up to drop off Sang-eun’s belongings but her mother recognises Joo-ran.

On the same day, Jae-ho signs a contract to build a children’s hospital. He is hanging out with his colleague, Geon-wu, who asks Jae-ho if he knows anything about Soo-min. Jae-ho denies knowing the girl and leaves. That night, Sang-eun asks if she can stay with her aunt but the woman starts making excuses. Sang-eun tells the woman she will find a way and leaves to go home with Yoon-beom’s phone, leaving all other items at the bus stop.

Joo-ran gets back home and finds that Seung-jae has already left the house with his clothes. She tries to call him but cannot get through. Hae-soo is at Joo-ran’s door and tells her that she knew where Seung-jae was. She drops Joo-ran off at the apartment Seung-jae had rented. Joo-ran talks to his mother inside the studio apartment and tells her that this was the place where they will be living. He tells Joo-ran that he was not going to go back home and adds that he recalls his father killing Soo-min.

A flashback shows that after falling off the stairs, Jae-ho hid Soo-min in the closet of Seung-jae’s room. Soo-min had crawled out of the closet and was trying to get out but Seung-je left for school promising to be back soon. Joo-ran had come back home early and heard the noises from his room. However, Jae-ho distracts Joo-ran and gaslights her into thinking she was hallucinating the knocks and bangs.

After Joo-ran leaves the house, Seung-jae calls in sick from school and rushes back home to look for Soo-min. He sees Jae-ho digging up a grave in the backyard, trying to bury Soo-min inside. Seung-jae watches his father choke Soo-min to death before burying her.

Present-day Joo-ran and Seung-jae sob together as Joo-ran blames herself for not being more trusting. She had heard the noises Soo-min made and would have been able to save her if she hadn’t given in to Jae-ho’s gaslighting. Seung-jae tells his mother that Jae-ho has definitely killed Soo-min.

At her apartment, Sang-eun tries to unlock Yoon-beom’s phone and is shocked to see photos from inside Jae-ho’s house. She opens the backup from Soo-min’s phone and notices the photo from a similar location. Sang-eun finally puts two and two together as she learns why Yoon-beom was asking for 500 million won from Jae-ho.

Since Soo-min’s phone has evidence from inside Jae-ho’s house, it’s easy to prove that the last location she was alive at was Cornelia – the bungalow the Park family lived in. Sang-eun wonders who she could pick as the person to blackmail Joo-ran and Jae-ho. The episode ends with Sang-eun arriving in Cornelia the next day.

The Episode Review

The show is on its last legs and it has actually just started getting interesting. It is really easy to hate Jae-ho but with so much lying and gaslighting going around, I cannot help but doubt Seung-jae. It is possible that he too was lying and trying to trick Joo-ran. I still cannot comprehend what happened to the teacher that Joo-ran attacked the night of the party though.

There is so much left in the dark and I hope the show does not end without answering all the lingering questions that fans are undoubtedly thinking about. The way the camera kept panning to the crack on the staircase from which Soo-min had fallen off was really commendable. Now as Sang-eun is finally free from all blame, her trying to blackmail Jae-ho would only end up with Yoon-beom’s case being reopened and herself being investigated.

I wish for Joo-ran and Sang-eun to pair up and frame Jae-ho for the death of Yoon-beom and Soo-min from the evidence that they have. That would serve as a fitting punishment for Jae-ho after all his mental manipulation.

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