Liaison – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

An Eye for an Eye

Alison, Gabriel, Samir, and Myriam steal a van from tourists to get to London as episode 6 of Liaison begins. During the car ride, Gabriel expresses his astonishment at what Alison did to Nathalie. It seems like even he did not know the truth but Alison defends herself. She says that within, she felt Gabriel loved Nathalie and not her. Gabriel emotionally refutes that suggestion and accepts that he infiltrated their group as part of a project. Even though he denies it, Gabriel’s reactions to Alison and all that he has done till now point toward that fact.

How does Didier “convince” Sabine to give up the password?

In the next sequence, we see Sabine bidding adieu to Pierre as he goes to school. His nanny, Elena, is with him. Sabine waves goodbye from her balcony. When Elena and Pierre head downstairs and start walking toward the road, Didier intercepts them. Sabine does not see them at first but is aghast when she sees Didier putting both of them in a car.

Before she can get there, the car has taken off. This is how Didier forces Sabine to give up the passwords for the EU cybersecurity space to Antropa.

Why does Alison ask Gabriel to leave the house?

Alison brings the others to her house. Albert is there and without asking questions, for now, he takes them in and calls Richard. Until he comes, they can rest up. Albert is not pleased to see Gabriel in the house as he knows about his history with Alison. When he starts playing the records he sees Alison took from him, she goes down to inspect. When it plays, Gabriel and Alison get closer, almost kissing.

Albert arrives right in the middle of their moment and angrily moves to hit Gabriel. He is too sharp for the ordinary lawyer and easily overpowers him, twisting his arm. Alison screams at Gabriel, asking him to stop, and throws him out of the house. It is a wanton act of desperation from her as she knows her closeness with Gabriel will always see her gravitate towards him. In Albert, she has a life of warmth, stability, and protection. And it does seem that she has feelings for her current fiancé. But with Gabriel, the connection is something more complex and passionate. That is why she throws him out of the house, after being drawn to him in an instant even as she knew Albert was nearby.

Moving on, Richard finally comes with the cavalry to the house. Colin, his bodyguard and the person we suspect is on Antropa’s payroll, overhears Alison and Richard’s conversation. She tells him that Samir can only open the USB drive, whose copy she gave to the French to bring back. Myriam and Samir are taken by Richard, but they are placed in the car with Colin, who immediately texts someone that he has them.

Sabine becomes greatly upset and fearful when she video calls Pierre and sees one of Didier’s men guarding her son and Elena. They still do not know they have been kidnapped.

Sabine and Didier head toward the airport for the meeting in London. On the way, Albert asks if Alison slept with Gabriel and asks why she never told him about Gabriel. Alison ruefully accepts she isn’t a good person but she tried to be for Albert. He takes her in his arms and reaffirms his love for Alison.

Sophie and Dumas too have come to London. Hobbs greets them and thanks the pair for coordinating this collective mission. They are all aware of the Antropa meeting but have different motivations regarding it.

While the French wants to extradite Didier, the British want to find out conclusive evidence about who is the British mole in Antropa. The French do not seem comfortable with the idea that Hobbs wants to apprehend them only after she determines the mole is present.

What mission do Dumas and Sophie give Gabriel after Hobbs restricts their involvement?

Gabriel arrives at their office just then. Sophie feels Hobbs’ reluctance to move is due to the fact that she is inexperienced and scared her first big mission could be screwed up. She is extra careful about the details when she should be bolder. Dumas and Sophie ask Gabriel to gear up and secretly break into the Antropa premises.

He is the one tasked with extracting Didier from England and taking them back to France. Sophie and Dumas will not be telling about the secret mission to the English. Completely blindsiding them might not be the best option.

What does Miller reveal to Bob about Antropa’s future?

Francis Miller, the CEO of the company, arrives at the office. He has explosive news for Bob, his man on the ground. The French have been able to decrypt the USB files from Samir and Antropa’s dirty deeds are exposed to the world. They have 24 hours to liquidate the companies and transfer the assets under a new company’s name – Bob is the man tasked to do it.

As for Didier, Miller says he has been compromised and no longer of any need for them. When he delivers on his obligations with the password, they will abandon him.

Why is Alison kidnapped by Antropa?

Alison receives a call from Richard asking her to come in. When her car does not start, she picks up a taxi. She is shocked when the taxi heads in the opposite direction of the Home Office.

Alison spots a mobile jammer on top of the dashboard, hinting to her that the cabby is Antropa’s man. They have actually kidnapped her to make it seem like she is the mole in the British government. The police are constantly watching the entrances and exits. Hobbs’ reaction in the next moment confirms the ploy as they momentarily believe Alison is the mole.

What happens to Sabine and Samir after they complete their tasks for Antropa?

Sabine tries to alert the EU that she was entering her password under duress but her cleverness is caught. She is taken into a separate room to enter the password on a new computer. Didier, Miller, and Bon stay back in the main conference room. Sabine enters the passwords and we see Samir too has decoded the files. Both of them are being taken to be killed.

We see Samir bidding an emotional goodbye to Myriam and Hicham foreshadowing what he will do next. He sacrifices himself to allow Sabine and Myriam to get away.

Gabriel is handcuffed by Antropa personnel when he is discovered snooping around their premises. Chaos breaks out at the base level and Bob is called out to intervene.

Alison and Gabriel are in the room with Colin, Miller, and Didier. She retrieves the gun from Colin’s holster and shoots him dead. Gabriel and Alison manage to escape and the latter also takes Colin’s phone. They meet Myriam, who happens to be hiding in one of the trailers downstairs. She gives them Hicham and goes out in front of the Antropa thugs to create a distraction.

Who is the mole in the British government?

Alison and Gabriel escape with Hicham. But they are not able to get too far. They realize the baby is a liability and hand it over to a hiding Antropa employee, who is a regular instead of one of the goons. Didier, Miller, and Bob get into a helicopter to escape, since their task is completed.

Gabriel and Alison reach a stage where they are cornered by the thugs. They share a deep and passionate kiss before Gabriel throws her into safety behind the exit door, which can only be opened from Gabriel’s side. He fights the thugs alone.

A distraught Alison finds her way out, unable to see if Gabriel survived. She gets a signal outside and immediately calls Richard. He was expecting Colin but is surprised to find Alison at the other end. To make sure their call is secure, he asks Alison to press the “hash” button on the phone.

The moment she does, we see the helicopter carrying the Antropa personnel explode mid-air. It turns out that Richard was the mole, and he wanted to work with Antropa all this time as it best served the interests of the British people. But when he realized that was not the case, he got rid of them.

He appreciates Alison’s ability in such situations and offers her to join him. Alison declines his offer when he says it is not imperative for her. As the dead bodies are wheeled out, they are all covered and Alison looks around to see if Gabriel survived. Sophie and Dumas believe he did not and walk away. But Alison bumps into Gabriel and they embrace, indicating that they will start a life together.

The Episode Review

The finale of Liaison was quite pacey by comparison to the rest of the series. There was tangible tension to the scenes and storytelling, as well as a few surprises too, completely changing the course of the story. However, Richard popping Antropa mid-air did not make too much sense. He did not give a reason why Antropa had turned toxic to British people, something that has been a consistent weakness of the show.

Eva Green and Cassel had some great moments between them though, and this seems like the best ending for their characters. Perhaps if the makers had led on with this dynamic, the show could have settled better with viewers. The finale was somewhat above average than the rest of the episodes but independently, it carries the series’ shortcomings and pitfalls.

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