Liar Liar – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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How does Hiroto plan to defeat Miss Hundred Faces?

Episode 12 of Liar Liar begins with Hiroto meeting up with Sarasa to discuss their strategy. He requests Sarasa to hide while he discusses a plan with his teammates. They decide to play a game within Astral to win against Miss Hundred Faces.

On his way back, he comes across Shiina, who drags him along to play video games. Shiina appears unaffected by their rivalry, making Hiroto question if she really is Miss Hundred Faces. She expresses her intentions to get into high school and the help she received from someone called Mikado. Hiroto tucks her into bed before leaving.

How does Hiroto win the Crossboard Competition?

The final day of ASTRAL begins with Hiroto and Sarasa reviewing their progress face-to-face. Hiroto reminds Shiina about the initial challenge and the rules she had set. He claims that he doesn’t have to face either of them and simply runs away to avoid losing. However, that contradicts his intentions to win ASTRAL. Hiroto proposes playing a different game called Crossboard instead.

Shiina agrees to play the Crossboard and Hiroto explains the rules where they have to try and capture each other’s spaces. He challenges both of them to destroy all of Eimei’s spaces to claim the title of Empress.

They begin with the match using their options to conquer or encroach on an area along with the options to Collect, Disrupt, or Move. Despite having only 2 spaces Hiroto doesn’t Conquer their areas and simply uses Encroach and Disrupt.

Sarasa realizes that with only 2 spaces of Eimei, neither of them can conquer as a wrong prediction of the core ensures the other person’s victory. Just then, Shiina’s area begins to increase taking up Ouka Academy spaces without her even making a move. Hiroto realizes this is the doings of Kurahasi using corrupt copies to take over Ouka Academy’s spaces.

How does Hiroto expose Kurahashi’s hacks?

Just then, multiple spaces begin to turn into Eimei Academy spaces and Hiroto reveals that Enomoto and Nanase coordinating to capture spaces after using a wild card entry. Kurahashi isn’t happy with their progress and decides to call Kirigaya to handle them. Kirigaya however declines to help claiming he doesn’t want to get into any trouble.

Just then, Shiina isn’t able to move autonomously and starts touching zones to simply make them hers. Hiroto realizes Kurahashi has taken full control of her, and Hiroto uses his ability-tracking ability to confront Kurahashi, claiming he will expose him. Just then, Shirayuki bursts through the wall along with many other furious players and makes him surrender.

How does the ASTRAL competition end?

Shirayuki takes control of the board and turns the entire board green. Shiina admits her defeat but also feels guilty about her actions. Hiroto decides not to say anything as it isn’t his place to pass judgment. Kazami appears and asks Shiina about her experience. Shiina claims it was an amazing experience and Kazami expresses her happiness with the answer. Kazami doesn’t hold her ties with Kurahashi against her.

Sarasa takes a few spaces for Ouka Academy to balance it out. Hiroto has a reunion with his group, and they celebrate their victory together.

The Episode Review

Episode 12 marks the end of the first season of Liar Liar. The ending is fairly diplomatic but fails to deliver the punch. The main antagonist Kurahashi’s character has had very little screen time throughout the season and wasn’t built up strong enough to make his defeat impactful. Shiina’s character is quite likeable, so the season goes on to give her an overwhelmingly wholesome ending.

The anime repeats a few mistakes it has been making throughout by providing too much information for it to make sense. A lot of unnecessary information overshadows the critical points that make the incidents coherent. Overall, with certain tweaks, the anime has an amazing premise and is incredibly fun to watch.

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