Liar Liar – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Good Night

Episode 8 of Liar Liar commences with Hiroto and Sarasa receiving a call from Sarasa’s doppelganger. She challenges Sarasa to defeat Hiroto in the ASTRAL challenge and the victor gets to be the real Sarasa. She also threatens to strip if she refuses the challenge.

Hiroto pleads with Kagaya to help him win the competition as the stakes are high. He needs to eliminate 3 other commanders before the third day and prepare to win against the doppelganger. She agrees to help him in real time.

Hiroto also discusses the abilities he would use the next day. He plans to use the abilities of the Indigo Star and the Green Star and one more ability in addition. Yuki reveals the Replacement ability which she has been saving for a special occasion.

The same night, Sarasa calls Hiroto and expresses her pre-event jitters. She confides in him about the Ouka kids that keep staring at her and how she won’t get to speak to Hiroto. He wishes her good luck and proceeds to call someone asking for help.

On the first day of ASTRAL all the teammates assemble at the location and the Augmented Reality is set up for the games to begin. The team starts by experimenting to capture a base. It gives them an insight into how the game must be played.

The team use their first few minutes to understand the working of the game by experimenting. Enomoto figures moving east will be the best idea so as to cover maximum distance. They also decide to make use of the spells released at bases at regular intervals.

Akizuki wonders how much the freeze time is for spells. Nanase suggests they can find out as she uses it on Enomoto. Yuki tries out the conceal spell which turns out to be 2 times the movement value.

At the end of day 1, Ouka Academy holds the most area and Eimei Academy has the most supporting votes.

The team discusses their rivals as they sit around the table for dinner. Just then Kugazaki walks by taunting Hiroto about wanting revenge. Yuki warns Hiroto about the Holy Knight Brigade being a formidable opponent.

Yuki also mentions Shinra High School and their top player Kirigaya Touya-Sama, the Absolute Monarch. She tells Hiroto about Kurugugi Senri from Tsuyuri Girls Academy and her infamous One Shot Kill move. Kurugugi overhears the discussion and threatens Hiroto.

Once she leaves, Yuki reminds Hiroto about the doppelganger and that she has managed to drag Hiroto into her fight with Sarasa.

After dinner, Yuki and Akizuki quarrel over sharing the room with Hiroto while Nanase and Enmoto refuse to share a room. Sarasa breaks up their quarrel stating that boys and girls must use different rooms.

Later that night Hiroto wakes up and finds Enomoto asleep. He decides to go for a bath, and upon returning he sees a little middle-school girl trying to reach for some candies. He decides to buy her a few and the girl is taken aback by the stranger’s kindness.

The two start talking. She informs him that she is here for the MTCG as her older sister works for Libra. She also mentions her different colored eyes. She asks Hiroto to play with her and they visit the arcade. He also wins a toy for her and towards the end, she feels sleepy. Hiroto carries her back to her room. Half asleep, she requests him to pick up dinner for her from the buffet.

On the second day, Hiroto and his team run into the Ibara Academy team with their leader Yuikawa Kanade. He offers to form an alliance with Eimei Academy to restrain from invading each other’s areas. Just then, Nanase attacks one of Ibara Academy’s boys as she finds something suspicious.

Yuikawa calls off the deal and Enomoto jumps into battle to help Nanase.

Later that day Enomoto scolds Nanase for charging into the enemy area without a plan and boasts he is the one who protected her. Nanase feels offended and tells Enomoto to never talk to her, before running away.

Day 2 ends with Ouka Academy still with the largest area and Eimei Academy leading in supporting votes. Eimei Academy has also managed to collect 12 Bases.

The Episode Review

This episode marks the commencement of the ASTRAL inter-academy competition, highlighting two out of the five competition days.

Notably, the screenwriting quality has undergone a remarkable enhancement compared to the preceding episodes. This chapter effectively explained the game rules while placing greater emphasis on the unfolding events, significantly enhancing the viewing experience in contrast to the previous ones.

Furthermore, the episode introduces several top-tier players from competing academies, thereby setting the stage for potential confrontations in upcoming chapters.

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