Liar Liar – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Silence and Change

Episode 7 of Liar Liar begins with Akizuki in the headmaster’s office at Seijo Academy. He insults her for not being able to win against Hiroto and threatens to make her his slave. Just then, Hiroto walks in and reveals that everything has been captured on camera and broadcast to thousands of students.

The next day, Headmistress Ichinose addresses the students about the previous night. She goes on to congratulate Hiroto and Akizuki for their performance in the competition. She also arranges for them to play against each other to determine who will be the academy’s ace.

Initially, Akizuki confesses to using illegal means to win against Hiroto and expresses her wish to step down. However, Hiroto shows that everyone has forgiven her and instead steps down, allowing her to become the academy’s Ace.

Headmistress Ichinose goes on to announce the five representatives of the May Inter-Academy Battle.

Later that day, Hiroto goes for a walk with Sarasa. He discloses to her that he received the Green Star from Akizuki. Sarasa takes Hiroto to an ability shop that is specifically for couples only. Sarasa clarifies that she could only enter with a partner, which is why she brought him along.

The two enter the store, and the store owner immediately addresses her as Lily, one of her aliases. Sarasa admits that he is her boyfriend. The store owner then challenges them to hold hands if they are a real couple. After observing the two squabble, the store owner lets them proceed.

Upon returning home, Yuki welcomes them back and asks about the date. She also offers to prepare dinner, but they agree to take a shower first. Yuki suggests that the bathroom is spacious enough for all three of them to shower together.

Hiroto and Akizuki unwillingly agree and proceed to take a shower together.

The next day, Hiroto and Yuki head to the strategy meeting with the Inter-Academy Battle members. On the way, Akizuki approaches him, suggesting they are a perfect match since they keep running into each other. However, Yuki dismisses her.

They finally reach the classroom and start the meeting. Yuki explains the first game known as ASTRAL. The game lasts from Monday to Friday, with each divided into 10 periods. The game takes place in District 0, which is divided into 1 million spaces with scattered bases.

Capturing multiple bases forms a polygon between them, and the goal is for a team to maximize the area they control. The bases also release usable skills called spells, but they are followed by a freeze time during which the player cannot take any action.

She also explains the five player positions, which should be assigned while avoiding overlap. To win, a team must either dominate all areas or eliminate all other teams, determined when time runs out. She proceeds to explain the significance of life points, which lead to the elimination. The maximum is 5 life points, which reset at the end of each period.

She also mentions the MTCG game that will be played simultaneously. The top prize is a wild card that can be used to join their chosen team as a sixth member.

The team starts assigning positions. Hiroto needs to take the commander role, despite its drawbacks. However, these drawbacks are actually beneficial, as they align more realistically with his actual skill level. The teammates quickly pick the roles of Spy, Guardian, and Soldier. At the last moment, Enomoto calls for the commander position.

They engage in a discussion about their intentions to become the commander. Enomoto agrees to let Hiroto be commander on one condition that Hiroto must eliminate 3 other commanders by the end of the third day, or else transfer the commander position to him. Hiroto agrees to this condition.

The Episode Review

This episode focuses on the upcoming May Inter-Academy Battle, where Hiroto encounters another 6-star student, Enomoto. This introduces yet another ability that seems to be specially crafted as an escape mechanism. Putting that aside, we finally have a chapter that doesn’t revolve around a game.

Here, we see an unusual development in the relationship between Hiroto and Yuki, specially after she learns about the date with Sarasa.

Given the set of rules provided, we can anticipate a cutthroat competition within the teams. Watching the rules come into play together will create an entertaining game.

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