Liar Liar – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

A Fighting Chance in Eyes of Blue

Holding Shirayuki captive, Akizuki hands the phone to her as episode 5 of Liar Liar begins. She requests Hiroto not to try and win the next game. Despite this, Hiroto and Rina sit together and brainstorm a strategy. The two have no clue how to contact the company, but fortunately Kagaya walks in.

Hiroto brings Kagaya up to speed with the kidnapping. Kagaya does not recognize Rina, as she is strangely wrapped in a hoodie. The three of them discuss a strategy to win the Scalene Love Triangle game against Shirayuki. According to the rules, each player starts with 10 cards and plays one card against each other. The player with the superior card wins the hand.

Meanwhile, Hiroto receives a text from Shirayuki with the abilities she plans to use the next day. She plans to use Probability Fluctuation to eliminate randomness and secure Set A, leaving Hiroto with the weaker Set B. Her next ability is Forced Control, allowing her to take control of Hiroto’s moves and putting him at an instant disadvantage. Nonetheless, Kagaya remains determined to achieve victory under Rina’s leadership.

The three brainstorm all possible abilities and cards available in the game. Hiroto realizes that he would need Kagaya to develop the enchant skill to turn things around. Later that night, Rina decides to stay over as it is too late to head back home. She ends up sharing the room with Hiroto and gives him a card that allows him to install any rare ability.

The next day, Hiroto and Yuki prepare for the game. As expected, Yuki uses Probability Fluctuation to obtain the stronger set and then Forced Control to claim 7 cards on her side.

Hiroto also notices that Yuki wastes her undefeatable hero card, reducing the total number of cards to 20. He realizes Yuki just creates an opening for a draw match and she had only mentioned not winning.

With this revelation, Hiroto activates the Afterthought ability to anticipate Yuki’s further moves. They deliberately play cards to ensure Yuki wins all hands, and on the second last card, Hiroto uses his Trojan Horse card. This card returns 50% of the opponent’s collection to the user, resulting in the match concluding as a draw.

Akizuki is greatly angered by this outcome. Hiroto and Yuki confront her about her attempts to defame Hiroto. Yuki knows about the spyware and has evidence of Akizuki tampering with her device. Akizuki confesses that jealousy drove her actions.

Realizing the extent of her actions, Akizuki realizes she had sold her soul to the devil and couldn’t stop there. She contemplates activating the spyware and destroying all data on Yuki’s device. This would lead to Yuki’s expulsion from Academy Island. However, she also knows that such a drastic move would draw attention to herself.

In a desperate move, she jumps behind Yuki, ties her hands, and threatens Hiroto with harm to Yuki. Akizuki demands one more game, but this time it won’t be a trial; it will be a real battle for stars.

The Episode Review

In this episode, it takes off from the kidnapping of Yuki. Akizuki, Hiroto’s new rival, plays yet another ploy, trying to take down the supposed seven-star, this time by kidnapping his assistant and forcefully pitting them against each other.

The episode doesn’t explain what the consequences of either of them winning would be. The two finally manage to sync and pull a draw on the match. Enraged by this, Akizuki once again nabs Yuki and challenges Hiroto to a full-fledged game. Hiroto has a feeling about the Green Star being at play, but the episode confirms nothing as of yet.

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