Liar Liar – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Chocolate and the Devil

Shirayuki and Headmistress Ichinose have a meeting at her office as episode 4 of Liar Liar begins. Hiroto had gained the Indigo star from his battle with Kaguzaki. Ideally, this does not happen as the regular white stars get replaced with colored ones. But if there aren’t any, a colored star is added altogether. This means there is a possibility Hiroto can become an all-colored seven-star.

During a walk along the corridors, Hiroto overhears Shirayuki practicing a speech from one of the rooms. She leaves Ouka Academy to join Eimei Academy. After delivering the joining speech, the class teacher announces the mock games for the inter-academy contest selection. This game mode will not involve an exchange of stars; it is a last-man-standing game.

During the break, Shirayuki and Hiroto decide to come up with a strategy to secure the winner’s position. They are interrupted by Akizuki Noa, a girl from the third year. She tries hitting on Hiroto, knowing he’s the most popular student around, but Shirayuki advises Hiroto to stay away from Akizuki given her reputation as the six-star little devil.

Hiroto then heads over to Headmistress Ichinose. She has gone through a lot of trouble getting Shirayuki transferred to Eimei Academy and needs something in return. She proceeds to inform Hiroto about the Green Star that has been stolen in transit. It is believed to have the power of some perception-altering ability and can be very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Ichinose believes the person who stole it will come after Hiroto during the event, and she needs his help to root out the culprit.

The day of the trial tournament begins. Hiroto and Shirayuki avoid as many people as possible. Unfortunately, after the lecture, the jamming fails to block the challenge sent by Akizuki.

Later that evening, Kagaya works on developing a new application to avoid receiving challenges. The application takes any invitation received by Hiroto and transfers it to Shirayuki’s device, so Shirayuki accepts them instead. It also has an emergency bail feature, which can only be used once.

The next day, Shirayuki engages in a game on behalf of Hiroto. During this time, Hiroto just needs to avoid contact with anyone as Shirayuki is already engaged in a battle on his behalf. He runs into an ally and receives a call from her that almost 200 students are closing in on his location looking for a battle.

Hiroto begins to make a run for it but unfortunately he runs into Akizuki. The two of them fall, and Akizuki holds him down so he cannot flee. The students close in on Hiroto, but Shirayuki reaches there just in time to send him a request and occupy the slot. Akizuki’s plan is still successful as now many students have seen Hiroto actively avoiding battle, putting his name in a questionable position.

Later that evening, Shirayuki realizes they do not have any cutlet sauce for dinner and leaves the dorm to buy some from the store. A few minutes later, Hiroto receives a call from Akizuki. She has held Shirayuki captive and is going to use her to expose Hiroto’s truth.

The Episode Review

In this episode, the storyline reveals two new types of stars: the Indigo Star and the Green Star. We are introduced to one more rule – that as a 7-star student, one cannot gain white stars, but one can still acquire colored stars and potentially become a 7-star student. This gives viewers an idea of the trajectory the storyline might take. It is also quite intriguing to consider the abilities that different colored stars could hold.

The episode also has the students inching closer to the truth of Hiroto’s actual ranking. Akizuki is portrayed as a very capable character and she already manages to expose part of the truth to the students.

The episode ends with her kidnapping Shirayuki and forcibly pitting them against each other in a game, leaving things wide open for the next chapter!

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