Liar Liar – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

A Dead Heat and Determination

Episode 3 of Liar Liar starts the next morning, as Rina shows up at Hiroto’s academy feeling kind of bummed that he did not text her the night before. Their conversation is interrupted by someone seeking revenge on behalf of the empress. Hiroto confidently accepts the challenge and sets the game for Sunday.

Rina and Hiroto then decide to meet for strategic planning. Upon arriving at the dorm, she is shocked to see Shirayuki, who knows about Rina’s lie as she used to serve the Saionji family. There seems to be a sense of hostility between the two.

This is a strategy planning meeting, and Kugasaki has selected a self-made 27-form game. The game entails collecting cards numbered 0 to 19 spread out across the region to make a hand of five and complete numerically. Shirayuki devises a plan to obstruct opponents’ movements and gain an advantage, even if numerical adjustment is used.

Hiroto faces a significant challenge due to the huge rank gap in abilities. Considering this, Shirayuki advises him to select Numerical adjustment, Luck, and Display Bug.

Sunday finally arrives, and it’s time for the game to begin. Right at the start, Hiroto’s luck ability places two high-value cards closer to himself. However, Kagusaki has already managed to pick up 2 cards, which generally shouldn’t have been revealed yet. This means he is using the Explore ability.

Hiroto realizes that 5 minutes of the game have already passed, but more cards haven’t been revealed yet. It becomes evident that Kagusaki is using Explore to look up all the cards and collect every one of them before they even appear to Hiroto. This could mean he won’t get to see any more cards throughout the game. Kugasaki’s goal is to collect 18 out of the 20 cards to guarantee victory.

Hiroto manages to collect the 14 cards, but Kagusaki also uses Emergency Mobilization to have his men block public transport. Luckily Headmistress Ichinose got Urasaka to offer Hiroto a bike ride. He finds the next card over the ledge of the third floor and ends up falling 2 stories and passing out while collecting it.

Upon regaining consciousness, he is gravely injured, with blood flowing out of his forehead. However, it’s not time to give up, as Hiroto still burns with the desire to find his friend and protect Rina’s lie. Taken aback by his determination, Rina tells him the absolute truth. Sarasa wasn’t really kidnapped. She wished to go to a normal school, so Rina made it look like she was kidnapped and took her to the mainland.

Hiroto has come too far into the competition to back down. He devises a plan to use the Rule Breaker ability to manipulate the game. When returning for the reveal, Kugasaki has collected 18 cards, whereas Hiroto has only 2.

However, Hiroto has a trick up his sleeve. He buys Kagaya some time to hack by stalling the final judgment. He then reveals that he used Rule Breaker to change a rule, stating that the game ends if either side runs out of cards in the reveal stage.

Enraged that the battle has ended in a draw, Kugasaki discards his cards to prepare for a rematch. Just then, Hiroto points out that the rule change wasn’t really Rule Breaker; it was the Display Bug ability. Now, Kugasaki has run out of cards while Hiroto still has the one card he didn’t discard.

This wins Hiroto the game. He is still gravely injured and is rushed to the health care center.

The Episode Review

In this episode, a new character named Kugasaki is introduced, providing a formidable challenge for Hiroto and the company. Kugasaki initiates a game that involves collecting 20 cards scattered throughout the region. Utilizing his abilities, Kugasaki gains a significant advantage, leaving Hiroto with just 2 cards out of the 20. However, Hiroto cleverly employs the Display bug to deceive Kugasaki and secure a victory.

Although the episode delves into various abilities, some of which may not directly influence the outcome of the game, it occasionally becomes too detailed. The cuts and sequence also appear a bit haphazard, affecting the flow of the story.

Nonetheless, the episode effectively showcases Hiroto’s unwavering determination. Despite facing challenges, he refuses to give up on the match, even after sustaining injuries. He remains committed to his promise to himself and Rina, adding depth to his character.

Overall, the episode presents an exciting confrontation, but it could benefit from refining certain aspects to enhance the storyline’s clarity and coherence.

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