Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now Review – An endearing and absorbing documentary

An endearing and absorbing documentary

Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now is an intimate and eye-opening examination of one of the more charismatic and unconventional popstars in recent times. Between his hilarious social media posts to his heartwarming and gut-wrenching songs, Lewis Capaldi is a raw talent.

How I’m Feeling Now is an apt title for this documentary in many ways, as it explores Capaldi’s psyche, how he feels regarding his skyrocketing fame, how he stays grounded and what’s next for the talented singer. There’s a good deal of emphasis on mental health in here too, typified by Lewis’ Imposter Syndrome.

Anyone who has experienced this will tell you it’s hard to put into words how it makes you feel. No one else can really say anything to change your perception of a life that feels like you’ve just snuck into rather than earned. But there’s no question that Capaldi has earned his place in the music world.

The documentary chronicles the young man’s journey from a scrappy teen working in bars, where only one or two people would turn their heads and pay attention to his lyrics, to dominating the scene, selling out big stadiums like the O2 Arena and having millions singing along to his lyrics. All of this came about thanks to a performance that Spotify grabbed hold of and made viral, helping to catapult Capaldi into eventually becoming a Grammy-nominated pop star.

Between these two areas of focus is a more conventional and slightly cliched storytelling trope in place, as Capaldi works through material for his second album. He riffs, plays with different vocals and tempos, along with adjusting pitch, keys and everything in between. There are plenty of hashed out calls to the label, along with some pretty damning assessments of music lovers too, with one particular statement (not from Capaldi) claiming that people just want “more of the same rather than something new”.

Thankfully, Lewis Capaldi has never been one to rest on his laurels, nor is he an artist that needs masses of auto-tune and bells and whistles to mask any vocal inadequacies. Instead, this revealing documentary shows a very eccentric but altogether grounded and relatable young man, someone who deserves all the success in the world.

How I’m Feeling Now is not the best documentary it could be, but it’s an endearing and absorbing watch all the same, that should satisfy even the biggest skeptics of Capaldi’s music.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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