Let’s Talk About Chu – Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 begins with Chu getting a call for a collaboration from an influencer named Kelly, which leaves her ecstatic. As for Ping, he decided to leave his job at the medical store and start working at a bike restoration center, where he finds joy in his work. In the following scene, we see the manager (Lee) dealing with the loss of his grandmother, and Yu helps him with the funeral arrangements. 

Meanwhile, Wei receives a tense call from an unknown number. Without hesitation, Lin hands Wei the keys to the car, advising her to leave. Wei tries to contact her siblings, but her calls go unanswered, given they all are busy with their respective gigs. Chu is on a shoot with Kelly while Yu is helping Lee prepare for his grandmother’s funeral.

As the story progresses, we learn that the random call that Wei receives earlier is from her mother, Miao, who’s currently on her way to Taiwan to convince her husband to return home.  

Meanwhile, Chu joins Kelly’s podcast, where they discuss about sex. Kelly’s candid questions push Chu to reconsider her thoughts and beliefs. Through this conversation, Chu realizes that her idea of separating love from sex might only work when someone is single.

After the podcast, Chu feels down because it’s the first time she’s had to really test her beliefs. She hops in a taxi and heads straight to meet her father now that he’s back in Hong Kong. Chu sees Nan with other women and realizes how tough it must be for her mother to see her life partner spending time with his mistress.

In that moment, Chu feels her mother’s plight and realizes what Miao might be going through. When Chu confronts her father, she figures out why she’s afraid of being in a committed relationship, even though she loves Ping. Why can’t Chu confess her love? It’s because she’s scared of being abandoned, just like her mother.

We notice Lee Yueh reuniting with his sister after a long time, but instead of a warm welcome, the woman lashes out at him because of her brother’s company. We learn that the grandmother had left all her property to Lee and nothing for her granddaughter, sparking a fight between them.

Lee accuses his sister of abandoning their grandmother in her hour of need and calls out her audacity to demand a share of the property as if she deserves it. Seeing Lee boiling with anger excites Yu, and as expected, they end up having sex in the funeral after everyone leaves.

The episode concludes with Yu and Lee reminiscing about their childhood memories after their intimate encounter.

The Episode Review

Episode 7 sets the stage for the big finale! It’s like the calm before the storm, getting us all geared up for the final showdown in the last episode. In episode 7, Yu and Lee take center stage.

Throughout the series, they seemed kinda self-centered and focused, but now we’re seeing a different side to them. More or less, they’re becoming the couple we’re rooting for.

For Episode 8, we can expect some high-level emotional drama, especially from Chu and Wei, as they both now know what it feels like to be cheated. The sisters will give their all to mend their parents’ relationships. Whatever the case, episode 8 is going to be a tear-jerker. 

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