Let’s Talk About Chu – Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 begins with Chu and Hsaio growing closer. They go on dates, party together, and spend a lot of time getting to know each other. They’ve developed feelings for each other and often have sex. However, Chu sometimes feels guilty because she’s worried about hurting Ping’s feelings, even though they’re not exactly a couple. 

Meanwhile, Maio experiences itching in her vaginal area. She decides to consult a sexologist and is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted fungal infection called Condylomata Acuminata. Maio informs the doctor that she’s not currently sexually active and suggests they retest.

However, the doctor explains that Condylomata Acuminata is a slow-growing fungal infection, and she may have contracted it during past sexual encounters. Maio becomes furious and blames Nan, as he’s the only person she has ever been intimate with.

In another scene, we see Ping having dinner with his mother, who keeps urging him to ask Chu to be his girlfriend. She reveals that she chose to be with a married man (Ping’s father), hoping he would leave his unhappy marriage for her. However, he never did, making Ping’s mother lead an anonymous life. Thus, it’s natural that she doesn’t want Ping to run after someone who only sees him as a second choice.

The next day, Chu attends her colleague’s birthday party with Hsaio by her side. Several girls at the party try to flirt with Hsaio, but he doesn’t seem interested. Later, Ping arrives at the party, and many of the girls there recognize him because of Chu.

This is Ping’s first meeting with Hsaio. Hsaio also reveals himself as Booner, which surprises Chu because she thinks Booner is just an everyday pervert. Hsaio explains that he uses that name in European countries because many Europeans struggle to pronounce his real name. After the party, Hsaio and Chu head back to the hotel where Hsaio is staying. They’re both drunk and end up being intimate.

The entire Chu family gathers at the dinner table again, where Miao drops the bomb that she’s divorcing Nan. Everyone is shell-shocked, especially when they hear that their mother has already prepared the divorce papers. However, Nan is nowhere to be found and refuses to accept any call or text from any of the family members. Much to everyone’s surprise, we learn that Nan is currently in Taiwan, prompting Chu and Yu to plan an impromptu trip to Taiwan. 

Yu returns home to find Henry waiting outside. Henry tries to convince Yu to rekindle their relationship, but Yu remains firm and ignores Henry’s pleas. Meanwhile, Wei is in the library, feeling upset because Lin is still giving her the silent treatment.

Despite Wei’s efforts to dilute the tense situation, Lin remains silent. As the story progresses, Wei and Yu are in Taiwan searching for Nan. When they find Nan, they see him with other women across the road. Nan leads the woman to the Royal Birds Hotel, bringing the episode to an end.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 of Let’s Talk About Chu is a rollercoaster ride of changes! Finally, we get to dig into the story of Maio and Nan, a couple who were kinda pushed aside in the last few episodes. But now, their story gets the spotlight it deserves.

It is revealed that Nan is indeed cheating on his wife. Maio has also made up her mind to file for divorce, so you can bet things are going to get pretty intense when she finds out about Nan’s infidelity.

Meanwhile, Chu seems to have her eye on Hsaio, which is causing some tension between her and Ping. Looks like Ping might finally spill the beans about his feelings for Chu, especially since he’s been watching her and Hsaio getting cozy. 

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