Let’s Talk About Chu – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Let’s Talk About Chu kicks off with Wei at her Yoga institute, where she’s exploring her body more. Through her daily lessons, Wei understands the importance of sex and how to experience maximum pleasure during intercourse.

We also see Wei make some new friends and end up having sex with one of the guys from the institute. If we’re to quote Wei, the sex was “awesome” and definitely the best one she ever had. Wei feels delighted and energized, but deep down, she’s scared of being caught. 

Meanwhile, Maio enters Chu’s house without warning, using her keys, and is shocked to see the mess her daughter has been living in. Miao starts tidying the house while Yu is asleep in another room, unaware of Maio’s presence.

Maio enters Yu’s room to clean and slips on some lube on the floor, hurting her back. Yu wakes up when he hears Maio screaming in pain and rushes her to the nearby hospital. However, Yu has to leave Miao at the hospital entrance, saying he has important things to take care of. 

Henry is anxious because Yu isn’t replying to his messages or calls. Henry blames himself for ruining a happy relationship by marrying a girl he doesn’t even like. As the story moves forward, we see a huge fight breaking out between between Maio and Nan, resulting in the latter leaving the house. Maio attempts to call or text him, but Nan doesn’t bother to respond.  

Chu is exploring new relationships and meets up with Hsaio, an old friend who’s working on his startup. They have dinner together, during which Chu talks about her ambition to become an online sex therapist while Hsaio shares about a new sponsor for his business.

The date goes smoothly, but as they walk back home, Ping notices them. They happen to pass by the medical store where Ping works. Ping feels a bit jealous but can’t do anything about it since they’re not exactly a couple. 

Wei is having a hard time overcoming the guilt of cheating, so she arranges a date for herself and Lin, hoping it will help her feel guilty. However, on their way, the car runs out of fuel, and it turns out Wei forgot to fill it up. Lin is understandably upset but tries to find a solution. Wei is overwhelmed with guilt and eventually confesses the truth about her infidelity.

This makes Lin furious, but he tries to keep his cool to avoid making the situation worse. Lin calls a cab, and they decide to head back home. Along the way, Lin calls a towing company for the car and refuses to go home with Wei. She doesn’t protest, knowing he’s hurt.

At the same time, Yu returns to the club manager and says he’s ready to play again despite what happened the day before. The manager tries to talk him out of it, but Yu insists. Finally, the manager agrees and takes him to meet his old boss, Big Boss.

Yu starts playing, and, as usual, he wins almost everything. Big Boss is impressed and brings in more money for them to continue playing. However, suddenly, they hear police sirens. Everyone in the club panics and tries to escape getting arrested.

The manager and Yu grab the money they’ve won and hide in an attic. This is where the situation gets interesting, and both Yu and the manager end up getting intimate, marking the end of the episode.

The Episode Review

The series is really shaping up nicely after the first three episodes. It’s building on the setup, giving us a deeper look into the character’s emotions. Now we know what they’re all going to be dealing with.

The twist with Wei cheating instead of Pro. Lin was unexpected, but it adds a whole new dimension to the ongoing story and likely sets things up for some intense. Episode 4 also brings in a fresh face, Hsaio, and from the looks of it, it is possible that Chu might have a thing for him, which could cause some tension between Ping and Chu. 

Things are definitely getting interesting with each episode.

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