Let’s Talk About Chu – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 begins with Yu having a wet dream about Henry and then waking up with a hangover in the club. He decides to go home, and there, he finds a copy of the loan agreement he signed when he joined the club. These documents say Yu has to pay back the loan plus 10% interest within a week, or else the club can take action against him.

Yu is shocked to see the numbers and, without squandering precious time, gathers all the money he has before rushing to the club. He hands over nearly $400,000 to them. The manager doubts he’ll be able to pay the rest, and Yu admits he can’t. However, the manager offers him a final opportunity.

Yu is taken to a much more affluent and expensive club to win big. Both parties strike a deal stating that the manager will take 80% of whatever Yu earns. Yu doesn’t disappoint and wins a whopping $886,000, paying off all his debts in one go. Someone connected catches Yu in action and asks him to visit the club again.

Meanwhile, Wei is still feeling sad and doesn’t know what to do. She still wants attention and feels lonely. Wei notices that Lin is getting tons of texts from someone at the golf club and suspects Lin to be cheating on her. Wei’s need for attention doesn’t go away, and now she feels more worried and insecure.

Eventually, Wei decides to join a professional yoga club where they help people who feel sexually deprived. Wei is happy to connect with others who are going through the same thing. Wei is discovering more about herself and feels more content and relaxed.

As for Chu, she makes a smart choice and decides to report the video rather than use it to grow her YouTube channel. Chu now plans to move on, focus more on herself, and meet new people.

While on her way to buy condoms for videos, she runs into Ping, who is now working at a medical store because his father cut off his cards, and Ping is struggling to find a job. Chu couldn’t be more happy to see Ping finally becoming responsible and taking charge of his life rather than depending on his father’s allowance.  If you don’t know, Ping is the same man Chu is having casual coitus with.

Now that Yu has paid off all his loans, he’s free, but he’s still not ready to quit gambling. He teams up with the club manager to try and earn more from the bigger clubs. The next night, they return to the club as invited, but this time, Yu loses everything. Since the manager has no control over Yu, he tells Yu to stop and even accuses the winner of cheating.

This angers the winner, who has been accused of cheating before. With the help of his friends, he beats up Yu badly, leading to a fallout between Yu and the manager. As the episode nears its end, the focus shifts to Chu, who receives a text from someone called Booner, and the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

The Episode Review

Since the series takes its time to develop plots, the third episode could be setting up future dramatic events. Even though Yu has paid off his loans, he’s now in a conflict with the wealthy gambler, and we see him plotting revenge.

There might also be problems arising in Wei and Prof. Lin’s relationship. Additionally, we should keep an eye on what happens with Bonner, the person who messaged Chu. These setups could lead to some intense and exciting episodes in the future.

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