Lethal Vengeance by Robert Bryndza: Book Release Date, Page Count & Plot Details

Lethal Vengeance

Lethal Vengeance

Robert Bryndza is an international bestselling author renowned for his gripping crime and thriller novels, which have sold over five million copies. His debut novel, The Girl in the Ice, reached number one in multiple countries and has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. Bryndza has been nominated for prestigious awards, including the Goodreads Choice Award for Mystery & Thriller. Get ready for his upcoming release, Lethal Vengeance, certain to captivate readers with its thrilling storyline. 

What is Lethal Vengeance About?

Detective Erika Foster is faced with a series of gruesome murders that shake the city of London. When a politician is found dead in his bed, initially dismissed as a natural death, Erika suspects foul play. As more victims are discovered, all tied with the same knots, she realizes a serial killer is on the loose. As Erika and her team dig deeper, they encounter five identical female suspects caught on CCTV footage. With an elusive sex worker holding critical information and powerful figures trying to cover up their involvement, Erika races against time to untangle the web of evidence and protect the city from further harm. 

When Will Lethal Vengeance be Released? 

Lethal Vengeance is expected to be released by Raven Street Publishing on 08 February 2024 in the UK and US. 

What is the Page Count? 

Lethal Vengeance has a page count of 462. 

Where Can You Pre-Order Lethal Vengeance? 

You can pre-order Lethal Vengeance through Barnes & Noble ($19.99) in the US and Waterstones (£9.99) in the UK. 

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