Lego Ninjago: Dragons Rising – Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Merge: Part 2

Lego Ninjago: Dragons Rising Episode 2 begins with Green Ninja arriving to help Arin and Sora. Just then a guard arrives and a sword fight breaks out between Green Ninja and the guard. After defeating the guard, they face Rapton and a few guards on the roof. As they engage in combat, Arin displays his Spinjitsu techniques. Unfortunately, Sora’s powers aren’t working. Arin figures it’s because she is away from the dragon and heads over to free it.

Returning back to the others, the dragon grants Sora her powers once again. Just as she touches the guard’s swords, all the swords there turn into bombs. The four of them quickly flee the site. Green Ninja is impressed by Arin’s Spinjitsu and Sora’s elemental powers. Sora suggests they need to find and warn the dragon’s herd as the Imperium intends to capture them all. 

The dragon makes a structure with rocks, and they realize it’s his home. They make their way to the Spinjitsu monetary to find more information on the dragon’s home. They find the location to be too far away and plan to use the Destiny’s Bounty airship to travel. Sora begins working on the incomplete engine.

In the meantime, Arin has a discussion with Green Ninja about the Imperium and everything that happened after the merger.

A flashback rolls of Lloyd having a conversation with his master, who panics about the merger. Lloyd explains that later he realized that the merger was somehow related to the Source Dragons. Lloyd reveals that Kai was also with him, and the two of them would seek out merge quakes and use their elemental powers to close them.

Lloyd expresses his joy in finding the two of them, and Arin suggests that he be their master. Just then, Sora completes fixing the ship, and the group takes flight. They arrive at the three peaks but are met with resistance from the dragon hunters. An Ariel fight erupts, damaging the thruster of the airship.

Fortunately, a dragon grabs the air ship midair and brings them to safety. In the meantime, Rapton and his guards attack the other dragons and hold them down. The dragon doesn’t trust Arin and his friends, but Riyu protests the attack. The group reassures her that they mean no harm.

The group engages in combat against the guards and helps the dragons escape. Rapton grabs Sora’s arm and holds her over a cliff in his hovercraft. Just then, Matriarch emerges from the valley and blows him away. The guards shift focus to the Matriarch and tie her down, awaiting Lord Ras.

Lloyd steps in, fights off a few of the guards, and tries to convince the dragon to grant him elemental powers like Riyu did. After some convincing, the Matriarch grants him elemental powers, allowing him to combine them with Spinjitsu and create a massive tornado. He uses it to overwhelm and sweep away the opposition.

Lord Ras hears about it and calls his men to retreat to the sites.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 focuses on the union with Green Ninja as they embark on a journey to find the home of Riyu. The episode makes many more revelations, including the fact that dragons can grant elemental powers to people.

The episode also delves into more detail by providing us with context for what happened with the merger. A short flashback also reveals the existence of Kai, who is out on a mission related to solving the merger. This suggests that there is a parallel storyline running, and we can hope for a convergence somewhere down the line.

Most of the pieces relating to the merge are still missing, but the revelation adds more meaning and depth to the show reassuring it will be more than just a ‘magically everything works out’ show.

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