Lego Ninjago: Dragons Rising – Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Merge: Part 1

Lego Ninjago: Dragons Rising Episode 1 begins with Arin practising Ninja moves in front of his parents before a storm breaks out. Arin gets rescued by the ninjas before they can head out to save his parents, but just then Arin’s entire city disappears and he sees a different city on the horizon. This is called the Merge. Green Ninja’s mask falls from the sky into his hands.

Arin builds a new life in the new city. The scene cuts to Arin distracting the dogs while Sora scavenges for scrap parts. Unfortunately, the robots arrive and chase the two. Sora sneakily hacks their system, allowing Arin to leave a pie and flee.

Returning back, Sora uses the gear to complete the SA-Mark-1 and hopes to win the competition and the prize money. They discuss how they can spend the money on living better lives. Just then, tremors through the ground.

The scene shifts to Lord Ras warning Rapton about his task on a video call. Post that, Rapton cribs about the call to his subordinates.

The next day, Sora and Erin approach Mr. Frohicky to enroll in the Mech Masters 5000 competition. Mr. Frohicky talks to them in a condescending manner, comparing theirs to other mechs. Erin offers a fresh pie instead of the entry fees. Mr. Frohicky initially resists but gets tempted and lets them enter in exchange.

Just then, Kreel arrives and Sora gets into an argument challenging each other. Kreel instructs one of her servants to sabotage Sora’s mech while she is gone. The scene cuts to a dragon escaping from a crate at Rapton’s base.

The race begins and Sora brawls the other mechs during the race and destroys most of them. She plans to save the turbo boost for when necessary. Just as they are in the straightway, the tiles from the floor burst out, knocking out Kreel’s mech.

Just then, the little dragon pops out from the ground followed by Rapton and the guards. Arin suggests they finish the race, but Sora recognizes the guards and decides to save the dragon from them.

The guards eventually catch up with the little dragon. Right before capturing it, Sora arrives, grabs the dragon and makes a run for it. She attempts to use the turbo boost, but it malfunctions and causes the mech to dismantle and fall off a bridge.

Just before they can hit the ground, the dragon grants Sora powers, allowing her to reassemble the mech in midair and fly off. Arin and the dragon take down the guards but just then, Lord Ras falls out of the sky and attacks the three of them and captures them.

Sora and Arin find themselves handcuffed and being transported by a train. They discuss their mystical experience. Just then, Green Ninja arrives from the roof.

The Episode Review

This episode introduces the main characters of the show and gives us a rough idea of the direction it is heading in. The episode introduces Arin, a Ninja enthusiast, and his new best friend Sora, a smart techie. The two stumble upon a little dragon who they see fleeing from the tyrannical Imperium and help it escape.

The show is primarily aimed at kids and ticks all the boxes to be one. The characters are strongly on brand with the Lego toys and the animations are characterized by the bright and vibrant colors used in them. I cannot be the only person to notice that Lord Ras’ mask looks just like Marvel’s Black Panther. The purple accent confirms it further.

The show also seems to be going in the ‘and in the end, everything works out perfectly’ manner, and given it is a kids’ show, it’s fairly understandable. 


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