Legion – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review


The Big Bad Wolf

Legion returns this week with a break from the fight with David for a bizarre and hedonistic trip into Syd’s past. We begin with a look at Sydney and her upbringing as a child. This weirdly humorous episode sees Syd grow through the years, living in the relatively safe, quiet countryside with her Mum and Dad. A trickster, going by the name of The Wolf, continues to haunt her through the years, coercing her sister into leaving the family.

Haunted by nightmares of what will come to pass, Syd’s parents worry she’ll want to go back to the mainland and leave them. Whimpering in the night, Syd continues to experience nightmares as David invades them.

We then jump forward in time to the industrialized world; Syd is an older child now. She finds a beating heart in the streets before coming across her sister again. The Wolf now goes by the name of Jerome. Upon returning home, Syd speaks to her parents and they decide to try and save her sister. As they arrive at the Wolf’s lair, Jerome appears and decides the only way to save her is through a rap battle. This incredibly weird episode then takes an even stranger turn as Syd’s Father and the Wolf rap but it’s no good. The man is unsuccessful in getting his daughter back, who decides to stay with Jerome.

Syd then miraculously grows into an adult and returns to the airship. The portal Switch made last time out hypnotically dances around while The Professor patches up the wounded Kerry. The Time Demons arrive soon after but Kerry manages to hold them off for long enough to escape into the portal with The Professor (whom she passes her wounds onto) and Syd.

With little in the way of plot development, Legion’s latest episode feels like a nod to some of the bizarre stylistic episodes of old but with little in the way of urgency or plot development. Tonally, the entire episode swings between humour and light drama but when it comes to the conflict with David and the final fight, there really isn’t a lot here to talk about. The episode feels like a proverbial deep breath before the final push to stop David but with more style than substance, there’s really nothing here other than a reasonably enjoyable, but also pointless collection of coming-of-age scenes.

Still, the final 5 minutes do help set up the conflict to come and with the trio now on the hunt for David, the final fight looks set to explode in a flurry of action.


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